Jack Van Impe cites GCM Watch article on TBN censorship incident

You have probably heard by now that noted Christian teacher Jack Van Impe ended his broadcast relationship with Trinity Broadcasting over the latter’s attempt to censor Van Impe.  Van Impe had been with the network for 23 of its 38 years on air. GCM Watch writer Christopher Gregory helped break the story here. Since that time, conflicting stories have circulated as whether Van Impe quit or was terminated by the Crouch family. Van Impe candidly spoke about the incident on his broadcast and revealed some rather surprising facts about his severed relationship with the nation’s largest Christian network and its controversial policies forbidding its program hosts from calling the names of specific false teachers on air.

GCM Watch was told that on June 14th, TBN would be posting an official response on its website and would address the controversy on its “Behind the Scenes” program, but neither materialized.

In a new video released by Jack Van Impe Ministries, the story of what happened is told in full detail. Christopher Gregory’s story is cited as one of the  more prominent articles speaking out against TBN’s actions.

TBN’s website described the Van Impe program.
“The award winning weekly news telecast features Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe. Combining Dr. Jack Van Impe’s extreme intelligence, insight and knowledge of Bible prophecy with stories pulled from today’s headlines, the weekly television program Jack Van Impe Presents is your source for up-to-date prophecy news and more!”