ABC News' Brian Ross overhypes homosexual reorientation story

The world of politics, religion and media has converged  in a stranger than fiction drama. Feeding off the illogical hate of homosexual activists, the liberal news media seems to be fascinated with former homosexuals. First there was Lisa Ling’s “pray away the gay” slur-o-rama where she mocked God’s power to transform sexually broken people. That show included a  long time friend Janet Boynes. Then, Dr. Drew, using the same flawed and biased premise, aired a show called ” Can you pray away the gay? also featuring Janet Boynes.  As we noted before, such a phrase is the social equivalent of calling a black person a nigger.

The problem, you see, is that homosexual activists (aided by “professionals” at the nation’s mental health organizations) believe that a person can change their [homosexual] behavior, but their “sexual orientation”? Absolutely, 100% impossible.

But how does the opinion of educated people fare against the wisdom of God?

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

To rephrase:

1. Is changing a man or woman’s sexual orientation too hard for God?

2. Jesus says that men dont have the ability to change certain things, but when GOD is in the equation, what men say is impossible (like changing sexual orientation) becomes possible.

So, this latest mock-up comes via ABC News.

In continued efforts to prove former homosexuals, exlesbians and yes even their favorite mock term exgays don’t exist they enlisted the investigative expertise of ABC News CHIEF investigative journalist Brian Ross.  To ABC, this apparently was on the scope of the Watergate scandal. But Ross has a reputation. Gawker said Ross “has a breathtaking record of recklessly inaccurate, overhyped stories that don’t live up to the headline.” Ross held true to form with this “investigative story”.

Ross used recycled video from an internet based homosexual organization ironically called Truth Wins Out (TWO). TWO has doggedly sought legitimacy by claiming that former homosexuals are not actually former homosexuals.  Thus, the video was  taken by an “undercover” homosexual activist who wanted to tell the world some shocking news.  Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s husband has a Christian counseling practice that tells people sexual orientation isn’t set in stone. A Christian counseling practice that tells men and women they can change from homosexuality. Shocking news indeed.

Americans for Truth about homosexuality provides more detail about the faux sting.

Once a greatly feared investigative reporter, Brian Ross has been reduced to recycling left-wing material from the homosexual lobby. But the pathetic hit job he narrated on Monday’s ABC Nightline show on GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has backfired in a big way. The charge was that the Bachmann family counseling service engages in terrible things by teaching homosexuals how to leave their disease-ridden lifestyle.

Ross called this method of counseling, which emphasizes religious conversion, “highly controversial” and said it “could become a campaign issue.” Ironically, however, he presented evidence that ex-homosexuals do in fact exist

It is a sign of the dominance of the homosexual lobby in the media business that such a program would even be aired. The upcoming National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association convention features “Today” show co-anchor Ann Curry and CNN’s Don Lemon as keynote speakers.

The ABC piece, “Michele Bachmann Clinic: Where You Can Pray Away the Gay?,” was constructed in such a way as to suggest that ex-homosexuals are non-existent, even though the Brian Ross report itself noted the presence of books by a “self-proclaimed ex-lesbian” in the counseling center. A video from the ex-lesbian, Janet Boynes, was even shown briefly on the air. This was supposed to be shocking.

Of course, the notion of the Bible condemning homosexual behavior, reflected in several passages, was viewed as bizarre and intolerant.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says the phrase, “pray away the gay,” is intended to ridicule Christians and comes directly from homosexual activist Wayne Besen’s group, Truth Wins Out. LaBarbera asks, “Why are the major media repeating these hateful attack slogans by radical gay activists?”

He explains, “We don’t mock the idea of leaving drug addiction or alcoholism with God’s help. Why is it acceptable to mock faith in God to overcome unwanted behaviors like homosexuality in their lives?”

“Wayne Besen’s thesis is that ex-gays don’t exist,” noted LaBarbera. But Janet Boynes is a real person and absolute proof that one can leave the homosexual lifestyle.

Perhaps without realizing it, Ross has presented evidence of the homosexual “change” that he was trying to discredit.

“The homosexual lobby simply can’t deal with the reality that ‘gays’ can change (usually with God’s help),” LaBarbera adds. His group recently hosted an event with another ex-lesbian, Linda Jernigan.

Its amazing that in 2011 with all the talk of “being yourself”, being “open and honest”, tolerance, acceptance and equality, homosexual activists want to tell us we have to remain enslaved to something God didn’t create us to be.

Homosexuals going “undercover” to prove us former homosexuals don’t exist is nothing new, but its the activist’s #1 tactic to stir up public hatred and disbelief against people who were formerly like them. Several years ago, an “undercover” gay activist showed up at one of our meetings in Atlanta.  After I rebuke her juvenile antics (and story), she claimed she was set up by the gay newspaper editor and they changed her words after she wrote the story.

If homosexuals don’t want to change, then the solution is simple:  don’t go to a Christian counselor who will tell you that you can.

Update: CBN interviews Mark Yarhouse about the possibility of change from homosexuality which is referred to as “orientation”. When the context of the argument is about “orientation”, a scientific/pyschological construct, the ability to leverage a biblical perspective is greatly diminished. The bible doesnt address orientation per se, but it does address the soul and spirit and intangible nature of mankind both in terms of sin and holiness. See our story Does the Bible address sexual orientation. CBN Video of the interview below.

Charisma features exlesbian on July cover

From a Charisma Magazine press release, its July issue will take a hard look at homosexuality and the challenges it presents to the contemporary church with a lead story entitled “The Church’s gay Delimma: What radical activists dont want you to know”. Featured on the cover is Minneapolis based ex-lesbian Janet Boynes.

Lake Mary, FL – Charisma magazine tackles the tough subject of homosexuality and the church in order to shed a huge spotlight of truth on the enemy’s lies. For their lead story, they couldn’t have chosen a better model than Creation House author—and former lesbian—Janet Boynes.
In the July issue (on sale June 22nd), Janet exposes the deception to which so many have fallen prey, when they come to believe that same-sex attraction is a natural part of who they are. With courage, candor, and compassion, she shares her powerful story of a life transformed by God’s grace and delivered to a freedom framed and powered by God’s purpose.
Janet’s message is one of hope, spoken with the wisdom and passion of someone who’s been there. Many people will read her heartbreaking story of childhood abuse and abandonment and be able to relate to the brokenness that led her on a quest for acceptance and love. This is a familiar scenario for many individuals trapped in the homosexual lifestyle.
For years, Janet lived her life knowing she was on a destructive path, but she had no idea how to change. Her heart cried out for freedom, and the Lord heard her. Through a surprise encounter with a Christian woman she’d never met, God set the stage that ultimately would lead to her deliverance.

Boynes, the author of the book “Called Out”,  was also featured on the Dr. Drew show and  Lisa Ling’s “pray away the gay” mockumentary on Oprah Winfrey’s new network.

Ministry website


Jamal Bryant having "conversation" with homosexual pastor

Jamal Bryant is hosting a Tuesday night featuring “Conversations” with Dennis Meredith of Atlanta. Its interesting that this flier gives no indication of what the “conversation” is going to be about. If you didn’t know that Dennis Meredith is a backslidden inclusionist who divorced his wife and became a homosexual, you would think this was about what type of suit and tie to wear for Sunday morning service.

Curiously, Bryant also has Brenda Burton there.  Burton shared her testimony of overcoming lesbianism on last year’s Lexi Show. Will she really have a voice  or is she a prop?

The graphic has been updated with a title: “Homosexuality in the house of God”. See updated copy here. Thanks for letting us know.

Former WNBA draft comes out of lesbianism

In a intensely revealing testimony shared with the Columbus, GA based Forerunner Ministry, a former all star US women’s basketball star talked about her life in basketball, lesbianism in the industry and how Jesus Christ gave her freedom from her bondage to lesbianism.

Camille Lenoir, the 5-6 stand out guard from USC and second round draft pick for the Washington Mystics said that she fell into lesbianism her junior year in high school.

Lenior passed on the Mystics prior to training camp and went on to land a spot on Greece women’s league where she was named 2010 #1 point guard. She now lives and works in Thessalonica.

Lenior revealed that she was raised in the church and tried to live as a gay christian, sometimes even inviting girls she was involved with to church.

But her accomplishments on the court pale in comparison to her experience with Jesus Christ and leaving the life of lesbianism behind to follow Jesus Christ.

Former lesbian: "Im proud to follow Jesus"

Abigail Meadows’ life as an unrepentant lesbian followed a familiar path we’ve heard many times before. Sin delivers a very predictable wage. On the surface she was doing big things. But in a backslidden state her life was full of shame and loneliness. From her Zion Travails website:

“Prior to the day the Holy Spirit came in and purged my life, I was confused, unwilling to change my lifestyle, lonely and depressed. I was in graduate school pursing a career in the cosmetic industry as a cosmetic scientist. I was also a model and a make-up artist for movie productions on Broadway and off-Broadway productions in New York City. Although it appeared as though I was ok, secretly I was ashamed of my choices and always cried out to God for deliverance.

I had given my life to the Lord at an early age, however, I was living a backslidden life. Several Super Natural events took place whereby, God separated my sinful desire and gave me His Desire deep within my heart. God sent a messenger from Brazil to tell me that God wanted me back with Him. It was after this occasion that several ministers of the Gospel shared revelatory words of knowledge with demonstration and power of the word of God with me within a 3-month time frame. Finally, Holy Ghost, himself came and purged me by removing the spirit of Sexual Perversion with signs, miracles and wonders. This was one of the most pivotal days of my life. I re-committed my life back to the Lord and received “eternal salvation” and “everlasting life” with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I am so glad that God took the time and was very personal with me. The lifestyle I live now is not embarrassing nor does it bring me shame. I am proud to follow Jesus and His Way. My life has never been the same and neither will yours.

Prophetess Meadows leads a prayer and intercession ministry in Albany, GA and GCM Watch is so grateful she’s shared her testimony (and STRONG, SOUND TEACHING) via video. Watch and listen and if you are bound in homosexuality, heed her wisdom and be free.

Moses' mountaintop: hip hop, deliverance and homosexuality

Christian Hip Hop may have gotten a bad rap from some quarters of the church, but artists like B. Moses (Brandon Moses) are pressing ahead into a new promised land where the issues are no longer taboo, but addressed with power, authority and the Word of God. Moses has opened and performed with artists such as Tye Tribbett, J.Moss, Flame, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and D.A. Truth and hails from Columbus, OH. He agreed to talk with GCM Watch about one of his songs “He is Real“, which has had a strong and favorable reaction from the overcoming community.

Gay Christian Movement Watch: B. Moses where did the message concept for the song “He is Real” originate?

Brandon Moses: Well, this has been a subject that has caught my attention for years.  And in preparing to write the “Reppin the King” album. this subject was really strong in my spirit. I really felt that God was leading me to address it. The concern initially was my approach. This [homosexuality] is obviously a controversial and sensitive topic. So the idea came to me that I should find someone that had actually been delivered from homosexuality, and just tell their story and testimony in song form. Well, I heard about the young man (that’s who I’m referring to in the song) from a friend. I interviewed him and asked him to share his story with me. That’s how the concept was shaped.

GCMWAnd so after hearing the young man’s story, was it a struggle for you to decide to rap about it? Any fears?

BM: Wow, after hearing the young man’s story my first thoughts were…”man,what am I getting myself into”. I was blown away by his story. The first thing that really floored me is that he said that the “4 different men” I mention in the song were all preachers. That really shook me up. The next thing was, when he mentioned he slept with over 200 men between the ages of 14-19. I guess it just opened my eyes even more about that lifestyle.  And it also opened my eyes about molestation, not only in general… but also in the church.  So YES, there was fear, and pause, and hesitation to write the song after hearing his story.

GCMW: You mention in the song that you had to “put up a fight to write this song”. Do you think doing something impactful for the Kingdom will bring warfare?

BM: I definitely had to put up a fight to write this song, indeed. I believe when you decide to take a stand for the Kingdom of God there’s definitely going to be spiritual warfare. We know that we don’t war against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers,and spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:11-12)  “He is real” was very, very close to NOT making the album. Mostly out of pure frustration and discouragement. I had this nagging temptation to quit and give up trying to address this issue because I thought I wouldn’t be able to execute it properly. But in the midst of it, God showed me that it was something I would have to press through and go to war in the spirit to push out. Clearly the enemy doesn’t want and didn’t want this message to get out!

GCMW: There are a lot of people (even religious) who don’t believe “change and transformation” apply to homosexuals. Whats the deal on that?

BM: A couple of things come to my mind like lack of faith and little knowledge of what the word of GOD declares. In 1 Cor 6:9-11 the Apostle Paul goes through a list of  people that are in different types of sin, (which includes homosexuals) that will not inherit the kingdom of God. But at verse 11, he goes on to say “And such WERE some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God.”  Clearly, we see  in this passage that there were EX-homosexuals in the church in Paul’s day. Those that had been saved and delivered from that lifestyle. Plus I think the homosexual agenda and propaganda that is pushed so strongly in society helps contribute to the lie that “once a homosexual, always a homosexual.”

GCMW: Molestation is an ugly issue many people would rather ignore. But its real and destroying people’s lives. He is Real is calling on the church to deal with this, right?

BM: “He is real” is most definitely calling on the church to deal with this molestation epidemic. I think it needs to be exposed and uncovered. Like you said, lives are literally being destroyed. These evil deeds that have been done in the dark need to be brought into the light. Unfortunately, I feel that there is a lot of compromise in the church and rampant sin in the leadership. So, before we the church can really address and confront the issue with authority, I believe there needs to be a lot of repentance and cleansing in the body, and in the leadership. This falls in line with what I said in the 2nd verse. “We’ve lost focus, and turned our back to the lost, let’s repent and turn back to the cross….examine yourself”.

GCMW: Did having your own change and transformation experience with Christ help you in telling this young man’s story?

BM: Absolutely! Although I’ve never experienced the lifestyle he was in. But sin is sin and I have my own testimony of how God brought me out of the mess I was in. So I will always be able to understand the feeling of truly being changed and transformed by the power of God!  And it definitely helped me tell his story.

GCMW: The gospel music industry has pretty much ignored incorporating messages like the one in He is Real. But there seems to be more boldness on the part of artists like yourself, Flame and others to talk about homosexuality and redemption. What are your thoughts on that?

BM: Sometimes when I think about the gospel music industry, I get sick to my stomach. Just being honest. Its really become so watered down, and even with some artists who come into the industry with a pure message of substance, its seems that, not all,  but a lot of them eventually become watered down as well. A part of me loathes the “industry”, but I know I’m called to do what I do. So its part of the deal. I think these issues like homosexuality and molestation and other serious and controversial topics are avoided because the record labels and sometimes the artist, don’t want to risk offending anybody and losing potential record sales or engagements, etc. I had the chance to meet “Flame” a few years back and I thank God for his ministry and he has always been very bold in his messages.  Addressing these issues can obviously be a challenge, the possibility of backlash and hatred is there, but we can not truly be the CHURCH if we do not address these issues in love, and with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

GCMW: In my opinion, He is Real is well written and arranged. Is writing a song difficult?

BM: There are some songs that are more difficult to write than others. This song as I explained was a challenge for the reasons I gave. But there are other songs that come together rather quickly. And of course every writer gets “writer’s block” every now and than. I personally think that writing songs for the kingdom can be more difficult, because if you really want to represent God’s heart in song form it takes a sincere devotion to God, making sure your message lines up with God’s word, and also making sure your approach reflects the heart of God. Every song will not have the tone and seriousness of “He is real” but in my opinion, these things still apply nonetheless.

GCMW: You had some help with this. Talk to me about your collaborators and how much of it is your input?

BM: YES! I had some wonderful help on this song! When the concept of the song was first thought of, I wasn’t sure if I would have a male or female singing on it. But I knew I had to have some strong vocals on this song. I was responsible for the concept, and writing all of my parts, and also the chorus. Gospel artist Isaac Simpson is singing the chorus. Background vocals were done by Erik Dillard of Kelicosa Entertainment. And Minister Sean Scales takes us out with that wonderful climactic ending. Erik Dillard mixed and mastered my entire album. I’ve known Isaac Simpson for over 7 years from church and ministry. I went to High school with Minister Sean Scales. It was definitely a blessing to hook up with these brothers to do this song.

GCMW: I agree, the vocals were perfect against the message. So, do you foresee yourself tackling homosexuality in your music in future projects?

BM: I do see myself tackling the issue again in the future. Whether it be through song form, or some other capacity, I just want to make sure that I continue to be led by the Spirit whenever I address this issue again. I’m no expert, and I still have a lot to learn. But its clear to me that God has given me a heart for homosexuals.

Atlanta gospel artist reveals how he left homosexuality

You have to read this. And rejoice knowing our God is an awesome God.

With all the unseemly and sordid stories we have to report on about those who have blackened  gospel music, thank God for this courageous young man who gives God the glory for leading him out of homosexuality. Atlanta based singer/songwriter B. David shared his story with Christianity Today International and it is indeed riveting.

“When Christian music veteran Ray Boltz released a statement saying he was gay last fall, the announcement sent tidal waves of disbelief through the CCM world, shocking longtime listeners with his assertion, “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live.” The news prompted hundreds of related articles, messageboard threads and forum discussions on the topic of homosexuality and the church.

Gospel/worship artist B. David, whose own history of homosexuality and spiritual downward spiral hit rock bottom in 1997—which he calls “the worst year of my life”—shares in Boltz’ candidness, but not his convictions. “Some say, ‘I was born this way,’ and I don’t deny that at all. We are all born into sin,” he explains. “But we have a Savior.? There would be no reason for Jesus Christ if we were all OK.”

Presenting an alternative perspective of change through his own testimony of grace, the now-married father of three suggests, “The only way to break through this stuff is for people to expose themselves openly in front of congregations and in their spheres of influence.”

Realizing his own “sphere of influence” would greatly expand this year with the launch of his national recording debut, Life Journal, B. David remembers thinking, I’m starting to tell my testimony. People are really going to know who I am and what I am dealing with, alluding to the 6,000-plus congregants at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Atlanta, where B. David serves as head worship leader. “But I have to be willing to [share my testimony] because my heart is for people to be free. My heart is for people to get more of God.”

I totally share the hopes of his heart. People need to be free and freedom comes only when God’s truth is brought center stage. Read the entire story here. B. David below singing “Believe”. I hope that B. David’s testimony and courage will jump start inspiration in other gospel artists to tell the truth about where God has brought them from. People really need to know and see this much more often. There is no overcoming in silence. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.