Obama breakfast satisfies gay clergy recognition hunger

The fake savior of the US took advantage of another opportunity to legitimize homosexual apostates by giving them access to his Easter extravaganza aka “prayer breakfast”.

In attendance: false teacher Yvette Flunder and lesbian bishop of the Fellowship which she’s selling piece by piece to the  majority white gay MCC denomination. Its a money issue.  Harry Knox who said New Testament teaching on homosexuality is a lie and MCC head witch Nancy Elder, the gay denomination with clergy leaders who have openly talked about masturbating to images of Christ, invited people to deface the bible, allows members to make belief in Jesus optional, portray Jesus in books as a sexually promiscuous homosexual, and purchased a $55,000 ventriloquist version of Jesus to help spread their lies.

To the affirmation hungry gay christian movement, such recognition is a drug:

“MCC was well represented at this week’s Easter Prayer Breakfast hosted by U. S. President Barack Obama. The breakfast was held at The White House in observance of Holy Week, with 130 clergy and denominational heads present.
In attendance were, from left to right, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Senior Pastor of City of Refuge UCC in San Francisco, California, who is also MCC clergy; Rev. Harry Knox, Senior Pastor of Resurrection MCC in Houston, Texas; and Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC.”

Of course the starry eyed pastors and assorted false teachers, hirelings and assorted other noted religious leaders wouldn’t have known that. The reasons are too obvious.

Bishop Vashti McKenzie “prayed” (after Obama’s prayer joke) that Easter “reversed Good Friday”. However the AME bishop is in grave error. The resurrection didn’t reverse what happened on Cavalry, it was the climax. His passion and suffering was prophesied in Isaiah 53. If the horror of the cross was reversed  then nothing  that happened afterwards is authenic.

Although Obama’s harem of false prophets were up in arms when people “questioned the president’s faith”, they were silent when the religious left  foamed at the mouth for George Bush simple mentioning of his faith. Then, it was all about “speaking truth to power”. But now, SOTUS is a “brother in Christ”.

But the questions persist. God commanded the priests to put a difference between holy and unholy (Lev 10:10). Can we with any integrity call those who profane the name of Christ and call his word a lie, brothers and sisters in Christ?

Does a follower of Christ say this or do this? What about this? Why would they do this if they value scripture? Does this sound like someone who follows Christ?