JBC exposes the darkness of Mel White, Justin Lee

Irony runs deep among the leaders of the gay christian movement. Case in point: gay christian false prophet James (Mel) White.

Mel White’s theological darkness may be as black as midnight, but shining the light on it helps unsuspecting people to avoid being ensnared by his spider web of lies. Back in 2007, we told you how White had instructed his followers not to discuss the bible with people who disagree with their lies. That’s how they weasel out of having to defend themselves.

Lately, we haven’t heard much from the former conservative ghost writer, whose claim to fame included tracking the late Jerry Falwell and starting the quasi-Christianesque gay terrorist group Soulforce.  White has been absent from the scene for several years. The reason for his unannounced disappearance isn’t clear.  But  whether he’s sick, retired or involved in some scandal it is clear,  he’s turned over the reigns to a new crop of whitewashed foot soldiers.

Journal of a Battling Christian does an excellent job taking White’s blackened lies to task as well as effectively deconstructing White’s signature book “Stranger at the Gate: what it means to be gay and Christian in America”.

Under Mel’s Spell

JBC writes that Justin Lee, whose Gay Christian Network operates as a rubber stamp mouthpiece, for the movement fails repeatedly fully disclose the true lifestyles of gcm activists he promotes.

“One of the things that amazes me most about Justin Lee, founder of the Gay Christian Network, is how he can promote so many “Gay Christian” activists and their books without fully revealing what these people teach, promote and engage in. One of the most frequently referred to is Gay Theology advocate and “Soul Force” activist Mel White. In his book Stranger At The Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America he tells of his first homosexual encounter while he was still married to his wife Lyla. In doing so he describes it as an unavoidable event that he was compelled to engage in that was not due to his sinful lust, but to the years of suppressing his felt “needs.” He goes on to describe it as a religious experience, equating it with the Passion of Christ and subsequently goes onto assert that his encounter with Mark, a gay prostitute, was a “gift from God.”

You read it right. One of the most “revered” false apostles of the gay christian movement described his adulterous sex hook up with a male prostitute as a “gift from God”. Perhaps if Ted Haggard — who committed the same act— would have spun his encounter as a gift from God to release his innate gayness, he too would be a gay christian hero.

JBC asks Lee how they can justify promoting someone with such debased morals as a role model? Its doubtful they will answer. White has already seen to it that they avoid anyone who challenges them based on biblical standards.