Former Rambo manager responds to gay church appearance

The GCM Watch story on the progay pastors who are slated to be part of the National Quartet Convention has stirred up quite a discussion about the person who intitially spoke out to clear up the air on the late Dottie Rambo.
Now, Larry Ferguson, Rambo’s longtime manager who was with her when she lost her life in a bus accident, is fighting accusations against him by some readers of this blog.
Pictures of Ferguson at the Open Door Community Church,  a gay church,  in Arkansas were emailed to this blog, so we decided to ask Ferguson to explain why he was at this church and if his previous claims were invalidated because of his own appearance at a gay church— sometime he said he does not support. The pictures show Ferguson participating is a forum discussion and posing with attendees of the conference including the church’s pastor.
His response follows unedited:
The Open Door Church held a Dottie Rambo tribute concert (aprox 2 years ago) and I was asked by Lulu’s former manager Terry Dorsey to come speak about Dottie Rambo specifically. I believe this was summer or fall after the accident. I have never turned down a chance to talk about Dottie Rambo, her music, and her life. I didn’t attend a conference unless the Dottie Rambo night was part of a conference. If so it was an all musical night. There was no preaching the night I spoke. Dottie Rambo songs were sung and I spoke about my relationship with her and the accident I had recently been involved in that took her life. Many organizations and churches were doing special events like this as they knew my wife and two children had no income or health insurance at that time. I was in the midst of past and future surgeries and continued medical care. I was accompanied by a retired nurse by the name of Joyce who traveled with me on these dates as I was on heavy narcotics and I was non weight bearing. The people were very kind to me and loved Dottie’s music very much. Please know I am in no way making an excuse for being there. If anyone knows me they know I have never missed a chance to speak positively of Dottie Rambo.

The particular night I spoke I only discussed Dottie Rambo and her music. I think I spoke for 15 minutes at the most. I didn’t minister, preach, or teach only shared of what Dottie Rambo meant to me. If a slide show occurred I had nothing to do with that nor do I recall that (possibly photos of Dottie were shown behind me). I make no denials of being at Open Door. Also, any judgements that I have made in my life don’t reflect those of Dottie Rambo. I have never preached in any church and I am a born again Christian who has worked in the music business. I have never represented myself as a minister or preacher nor would I ever misrepresent myself. If one appearance I have made or anything that I have ever done could turn others against Christ or against Dottie Rambo’s ministry then I publicly ask for forgiveness and publicly repent of these actions.
My original statements were in regard to Pastor Gallagher’s comments in which he falsely stated that Dottie Rambo had embraced the inclusion doctrine and any connection she had with Pastor Dony and Reba’s teaching. I also stated to the high regard and high standard in which Dottie Rambo carried herself. I could never hold a candle to her light. Her ministry speaks for it’s self and never did she compromise the word of God.

I make no excuses or compromises for speaking about Dottie at the Open Door Church. I also have never misrepresented myself and/or faith. I believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and the only way to Heaven is through Christ because of his death, burial, and resurrection. I am also an open book and willing to accept any responsibility of my actions. Though, I’m not a Minister, I do know that our witness and walk is watched by both fellow Christians and the lost. I would never intentionally bring reproach to his name nor Dottie’s.

These pictures were brought up for two reasons one to distract from the issue (reporter on this website) concerning inclusion doctrine (which I don’t subscribe to) and second being Dony and Reba Rambo performing as The Rambos at the National Quartet Convention. I don’t make my living through the financial support of the public, nor do I pastor, or think of myself as a public figure. I do appreciate being held accountable for my actions. I believe in giving the public the right to choose weather or not they want to financially contribute or support a cause, event, or person that someone has views contrary to scripture like you have done with these reports. I also welcome any person to do as I have done and express the reasoning for their actions and repent of any actions that have been committed that could hurt or confuse their walk with Christ.
Pictures of Ferguson at the church can be viewed here.