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Addendum August 8, 2008

If you are attempting  to comment on GCM Watch with the intent to post argumentative comments  including sublime ones such as ” don’t judge”, “love thy neighbor as thyself”, “why focus on homosexuality and not gluttony”, “you cant handle opposition” “you’re hateful and homophobic”, etc type comments, save them, they will not be allowed to post. If you have a problem with what we write, we encourage you to just love us, pray for us and don’t judge us. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with how to do this please click the following links proper judging, love and rebuke and praying.

32 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. DL,
    I am astonished at the work God is preparing through you and your associates. Already I have referred a parent to this blog/site to glean advice and scripture on how to respond to the doctrine her daughter is embracing through one of the gay chuch movements. This is very much needed. I will post the site on our resource page as well. Also, I will look for opportunities for you to present the GCM Watch message and I do hope you find money to plan a conference to a wider audience. You are chosen for this!
    Charlene E. Cothran Ministries

  2. Thank you so much Charlene! I am very glad that GCM Watch can be a solid resource in refuting the false claims of the gay christian movement. It is a movement that is deceiving so many vunerable young people who want God but cant understand their homosexual attractions. The gcm has the perfect slick lie for them. Hopefully we can show the lie for what it is.


  3. Thanx for this website. I read it all weekend. It is very informative and I have learned much. My views have changed in a weekend. I came here to see if my prayers for a friend to be led out of homosexuality were wrong. He is a beautiful, kind and talented man, who decided to come out at around 40. After reading your website and links I know what I am doing is correct.

    GCMW: In all the seven months, we have been diligently writing on this blog and reading over a thousand comments, this one is by far the most encouraging. Thank you for holding fast to that which is true. Not our truth, but HIS truth. We also pray that your friend see the error of his ways and repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  4. How sad to hear the glib arguement “Jesus never said anything about it”. Jesus also never directly addressed the issue of abortion. Or spouse abuse. Or child abuse. Or drug sales/addiction. Or animal abuse, racism, slavery, free speech, democracy, stewardship of the planetary resourses, or dozens of other social issues. What He did address was that He did not come to change the law, that not one jot or tittle was to be changed, implicitly implying that the laws governing worship and relationships were to remain intact from the Mosaic law. If we, as Christians, believe that the Word of God is inspired by God, then we should understand God’s position on issues (such as homosexuality) from the Old Testament writings, as well as from the letters of Paul. We should also remember that the Scriptures are not to given “private interpretations”, as this causes people to attach their own meanings to passages rather than take it for the truth it is.


  6. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  7. Why did you stop doing your blogtalk radio interviews? I really enjoyed them. Thanks

    GCMW: VC, you are going to make me cry. I really loved doing the show, but I really needed somone to locate and schedule guests for me. I am one of those 99 irons in the fire type of people and I couldnt keep up the pace. Please pray for me, I havent abandoned the show but I need to reposition some things and hope to be back on sometime in the near future. Thanks so much for asking about it.

  8. Really some excellent information on this site. I am saddened, however, to see your promotion of Charisma magazine, a bulwark for aberrational and even heretical teachings. I noticed one of your top stories is about T.D. Jakes; we should never listen to him for biblical teachings anyway because he is a modalist – a oneness pentecostal who refutes the doctrine of the Trinity.

    GCMW: Glenn, the “promotion” is not of Charisma but of stories I have written or have been written about the issue we address here. By the way, those articles are not aberrational or heretical. I cant answer for the others.

  9. Perhaps so as not to appear promoting Charisma you could just list the articles you’ve had in the various issues? Personally, I wouldn’t write for any magazine like that because it would give credence to it. Would you write articles for Mormon publications? How about the Watchtower? Just something to think about.

    GCMW: Glenn, your points are duly noted. I dont feel the same way you do about Charisma. While Im not necessarily “promoting” the magazine I do appreciate them giving me an opportunity to speak God’s truth about homosexuality.

  10. Pastor Foster,

    Did you ever think about expanding the Blog Talk to other issues? As of late I have noticed you expanding your discussions beyond homosexuality. I have even noticed you posting to other blogs more frequently. I’m sure you could easily find other guests with a more expansive format. Melvin from would be a great guest in my opinion. That man is definitely not short of words. Just an idea.


  11. Being gay is unacceptable in Gods eye. If it was so for same sex we wouldnt be able to bring in another life in this world. Its a sprit of hell the devils flavor game to play to get soul. its evil unacceptable i vote no for pro 8 lord have mercy upon are souls we dont know what we did! oh father in heaven let your will be done!

  12. David and Jonathan were lovers, when David wasn’t busy killing other men and taking their wives. Gospel music is the perverted honky tonk music for the pious fakes who get rich off the simple minded. Most of these entertainers live like back alley riff-raff.

  13. Becky,
    Where would you get that idea? David committed adultery, yes, and murder, and God dealt with him over it. However, nowhere does the Bible state David and Jonathan were homosexuals.

    Could you provide scripture to coincide with your accusations?

  14. Becky,

    We know from 1 Samuel 18:1 that Jonathan loved David. Second Samuel 1:26 also records David’s lament after Jonathan’s death, where he said that his love for Jonathan was more wonderful than the love of a woman. Some use these two passages to suggest a homosexual relationship between David and Jonathan. This interpretation, however, should be rejected for at least three reasons.

    First, the Hebrew word for “love” used here is not the typical word used for sexual activity. This word for “love” has clear political and diplomatic connotations (see 1 Samuel 16:21 and 1 Kings 5:1). Second, David’s comparison of his relationship with Jonathan with that of women is probably a reference to his experience with King Saul’s daughter. He was promised one of Saul’s daughters for killing Goliath. But Saul continued to add conditions upon this marriage with the underlying desire to have David killed in battle (1 Samuel 18:17, 25). The love David had received from Jonathan was greater than anything he could have received from Saul’s daughter. Third, the Bible clearly and consistently denounces homosexuality (Genesis 1:26-27; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:18-25). Extolling a homosexual love between David and Jonathan would be contradicting the prohibitions of it found throughout the Bible.

    The friendship between David and Jonathan was a covenantal relationship. In 1 Samuel 18:1-5, we read of David and Jonathan forming an agreement. In this agreement, Jonathan was to be second in command in David’s future reign, and David was to protect Jonathan’s family (1 Samuel 20:16-17, 42; 23:16-18).

    Obviously, these two men were also very good friends. In their relationship we can see at least three qualities of true friendship. First, they sacrificed for one another. In 1 Samuel 18:4, we read that Jonathan gave David his clothes and military garb. The significance of this gift symbolized that Jonathan recognized that David would one day be king of Israel. Rather than being envious or jealous, Jonathan submitted to God’s will and sacrificed his own right to the throne. Second, in 1 Samuel 19:1-3, we read of Jonathan’s loyalty toward and defense of David. King Saul told his followers to kill David. Jonathan rebuked his father and recalled David’s faithfulness to him in killing Goliath. Finally, Jonathan and David were also free to express their emotions with one another. In 1 Samuel 20, we read of a plan concocted by Jonathan to reveal his father’s plans toward David. Jonathan was going to practice his archery. If he told his servant that the arrows he shot were to the side of the target, David was safe. If Jonathan told his servant that the arrows were beyond the target, David was to leave and not return. Jonathan told the servant that the arrows were beyond the target, meaning that David should flee. After releasing his servant, Jonathan found David and the two men cried together.

    Rather than being evidence for a homosexual relationship in the Bible, the account of David and Jonathan is an example of true biblical friendship. True friendship, according to the Bible, involves loyalty, sacrifice, compromise, and yes, emotional attachment. That is what we should learn from David and Jonathan. The idea that the only person in the Bible described as “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22), was a practicing homosexual (or bisexual), is ridiculous, and has no true biblical basis. {from}

  15. Lyn, Becky’s problem is her foul mouth. Its disgusting and wont be heard here until she learns to speak (or write) with some respect. I suggest she take some refresher courses in public discourse.

  16. becky

    How sad that you deem a God who is holy, undefiled, pure, merciful, righteous, faithful, and full of grace as ‘foul and hateful’. In reality, what you describe is actually what you are, and me, and all who ever drew a breath. God is so merciful that He slaughtered His own Son on a cross to reconcile wicked, vile, rebellious sinners back to Himself. He poured out His wrath on Jesus Christ, who bore my sins, and the sins of all who are born again. If that isn’t an amazing picture of love, nothing is.

    Some will hear truth and cry out for mercy, others, like yourself, will hear truth and curse God. May He be merciful to you while you still have your earthly existence.

  17. Found this site yesterday, it is sorely needed. We are in deep trouble here in Britain, the national church has bent over backwards to try to find a compromise, but the gay rights militia always want more. Their propaganda is everywhere, nobody dares oppose them even if they had a platform in the mainstream media.

    Currently our so called conservative premier is planning to force gay marriage upon us. Civil partnerships wasn’t enough, although they said it woudl be at the time. After this, doubtles the next stage will be that churches will be forced to carry out sham gay marriages or lose tax exempt status.

    The national media support gay ‘marriage’, mainly through fear. It is all but an arrestable crime to criticise homosexual acts. We don’t have a constitution that guarantees free speech. Pray for our church leaders to find the wisdom to lead with grace and truth. What is at stake here is our national church, long compromised but of great importance to many. Thislatest push by the gay lobby, aided by antiChrist sexual libertarians and the crypto communists behind them, is really all about fatally wounding the Church of England. Perhaps it is time for it to be broken so that we in Britain recognise our pitiable apostate condition. Meanwhile Islam (Google Andrew Neather immigration scandal) strenghtens its grip and waits its time. Watch Britain. Don’t let this happen to you in the USA.

  18. True, Niall. Very true. The leaven has spread to such a degree in GB that Im sure they will declare homosexuality some sort of endangered species that must be treated like golden gooses. You know what that would mean for those who oppose it.

    Please keep us informed.

  19. Hi, i totally support your right to disapprove of homosexual behaviour and to believe it is a sin against your beliefs. What i genuinely don’t understand though is why it worries you so much what other people do. Why isn’t it enough for you to be confident in your own beliefs and leave other people to theirs? Obviously some sins adversely affect other people, killing, abuse, stealing and violence all hurt others and as such we have a responsibility to try and stop them regardless of our religious beliefs, but homosexual behaviour only has the power to hurt those who choose to act on their sexual orientation and that hurt is often inflicted on them by others.

  20. How refreshing to find this website. I’ve dealt with a number of gays and transgender friends in my life. With this I’ve felt that God has placed a calling on my life to become a voice for this generation. It pains my soul to see people being deceived by a perverse spirit. Thank you for being a voice. The world may not want to hear what we have to say, but we need to be a voice. A light in the darkness for these lost souls.

  21. thats what they do good is against evil and evil dont want good to live also why is it that freddie haynes have 3 pyramids on his with the large one with a cross on when we all know that pyramids are places where they buried egyptians pharoahs with all thier worldly goods so that they can be rich in the afterlife also they are facing the east in which this says he worships the same sun gods ra which the sun rises in the east but never set on them further heres the main thing he has forhis church a pagen symbol of an ankh which is the worst of the pagen symbols in front of the church on top of a pagen oblist with the light on the east of the oblist.i myself called the church and asked the church and asked on of the secretaries why was so and after her anser i knew she didnt know and has no clue what she is worshipping so thats why they they act that way because they are trained not to see what is in front of them but to believe what they hear.dont believe me research ih then email me im up for the debate or is you up for the truth.

  22. I came upon this site quite by accident and I have to say I am shocked but perhaps not for the reason some may think. Let me be clear I am a Christian and I do agree with what God says about sin in all of it’s incarnations. Having said that you are playing a dangerous game on your site. Your skewing of scripture to support your theology is the very thing that has lead, I believe, to this whiplash effect we are seeing in the church concerning homosexuality. For years these people have been treated with such hatred that it is no surprise that gays & lesbians have come out fighting at every turn with such vigor. I agree with you as you look at the Colossian text however when you take it out of context you damage the word, damage the message, and ultimately damage our witness. There is no question that homosexuality is sexually immoral but so is adultery and fornication, are you ignoring those because that involves heterosexual sin which is “more acceptable”. Nothing is accomplished if we push gays and lesbians back in the closet, shut up and ashamed in our churches while people having heterosexual sex out of the covenant of the marriage covenant escape the same kind of heat and intensity we have turned on gays and lesbians. Any sex (hetero or homo) outside of marriage is sexual immorality and needs to be addressed not just the segment of it we have deemed beyond our imagination.

  23. Steven,I can sense the sincerity in your comments. However, if we look at some of your comments and place them in the light of scripture and logic, you will find some of them lacking in support. Thankfully, you are a Christian, so you are able to take constructive critique. You indicated that the site is “skewing…scripture to support your theology.” You, I, and the site all agree that same-sex relationships are sinful practices by biblical standards. There is no skewing needed. Your next concern was that such “skewing” has led to the gay community coming out fighting for its life. Rev. 12:7 indicates that there was war in heaven. It was between the righteous host and Satan and his angels. Do you think God wanted or instigated it? Did Adam and his wife invite Satan to interfere in their lives? Did Jesus invite Satan to interfere in His ministry? By his nature, Satan is an adversary to all that is Godly. You raise another good point. And that is that all sin is sin. But do you hear liars seeking to legalize lying? do you hear of cheaters seeking to make it legal? Do you hear of adulterers (even in churches) petitioning lawmakers to legalize it? They all know those things are wrong and are against nature. Yet the same-sex community has taken something that is also wrong and unbiblical, and seeks to make it wholesome. That is the difference, and a major difference it is.

  24. Henry you shared very wise words.
    Indeed, your comparisons are the ones I make all the time.
    People do not introduce themselves as liars, murders, busybodies, backbiters etc…
    For sure, they do not ask you to accept them as is because the inherently know that it is wrong hence they don’t put their sin on full display. When a man walks in a room and speaks in an effeminate manner your are forced to deal with his sin because it is in your face. We can naturally assume (wide road vs. narrow road) that people we encounter need Jesus but what they are doing is not self evident from the initial encounter. Let me clearly say that not all encounters are this way it is simply an example of a specific situation that confirms the truth you shared.

  25. I had just watched the first few moments of your “ad” on youtube, believing it was anti same sex marriage.. clicked on the link to give this website an extremely large paragraph of abuse (probably should have watched the whole clip before jumping to conclusion). I dont believe/support in Catholicism or any other religion for that matter however I support your message (for what it’s worth)

  26. i just found this site and its needed because i was a gay woman i had no where to go or to talk to i went from church to church trying to find someone any one to explain to me how and why i was like this and i heard the lord say that he saw everything and that no one gets away with any thing.and every sence then ive been free the church should teel all people about the love of jesus and what his blood can and has done my life has been so good i dont have to worry any more about the things of this ugly world.i know that my name is in the lambs book of life.because of all the things i have been through and the goodness of god i can say that i am truly loved and only the love of the good lord could have dont that iam free.when this wrold is over we all have to make our home some where mines will be with the one who loved me most and changed my life and set me free.all iam saying is that i know one wakes up and say that today will be gay ive found it to be a hard lifeto live but today i understand it all and where it comes from.lving that kind of life the world dont want you and the chruch dont want you so where do the gay people go well i found out that i chould live a good and free life right here on earth and know that no matter what not one thing can take me away from the loving hands of god.ive been raped most of my life and it take a god that can get you through things like that the plan is to keep us lost and afarid to ask for help and the chruch is where we shoud be able to go.its feel so GOOD TO BE FREE.if anyone wants understand the plan for their life just the lord and he will fix it i know he did it for me and ima free and you can be too.

    GCMW: Thank you, please check out and

  27. Im am glad to see that somebody is not falling for all of this gay nonsense and standing up and holding fast to what the bible says because its right there in black and white

  28. In regards to Bishop Ellis and the “quote homosexual”
    situation at The College of Bishops. I am reminded of what Jesus Said. “He Said that he had picked or Chosen all of the Disciples, and that one was a DEVIL(I am not calling homosexuals devils any more so than any other sinner) Did Jesus cast him out? Did he even state who it was? no he did not! And the statement that just because they brought an insignia does not mean they were ordained is true, there is much more to ordination than just wearing a vestment. I could have purchased the same thing but that would not have made me a Bishop of any Church!.

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