Clergy sexual abuse

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GCM Watch began covering clergy sexual abuse and in particular clergy sexual abuse in the nation’s largest black denomination in December 2003 with an article originally posted on

As more cases being attracting media attention, GCM Watch begin reporting on their frequency. In the process of gathering, writing and archiving, GCM Watch evolved into the only online resource hosting such an extensive database of information on COGIC and clergy sexual abuse.  Our current articles are listed below. If you are researching for writing, you have permission to use any material (including comments) with attribution to GCM Watch. With exception to original news stories, you do not have permission to use the material without noting that it originated with GCM Watch. Online usage must include a link to the original article or comment.

If you are unfamiliar with what actions define sexual crimes against children, The National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect defines child sexual assault as:

“Contacts or interactions between a child and an adult when the child is being used for sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or another person when the perpetrator or another person is in a position of power or control over the victim.” Sexual abuse has been defined to include inappropriate physical contact, making a child view sexual acts or pornography, using a child in making pornography, or exposing an adult’s genitals to a child.

In some states, social workers, medical professionals, clergy, foster parents, attorneys, and camp counselors are required to report abuse. Some states require any person who suspects abuse to report it to authorities. More at US Legal Definitions.


Most recent articles at bottom of archives

Living in an immoral church December 2003
Focuses on child sexual abuse by black clergy and solutions

Clergy sexual abuse poll
Ongoing nonscientific poll soliciting sexual misconduct responses from various denominations

COGIC takes a step in the right direction Jan 2008
Article reviewing COGIC Presiding Bishop’s sexual abuse statement

Dealing with clergy sexual abuse March 2008
Synopsis and reference to Harvey Burnett article on COGIC sexual malfeasance procedures

Another COGIC pastor arrested for sex with teen January 2009
Review of media reports from Kentucky

GCM Watch calls for class action lawsuit against COGIC January 2009
First article listing previous COGIC sexual abuse cases and call for legal action

Other voices on COGIC sexual abuse January 2009
A review and synopsis of significant commentary of COGIC sexual abuse

COGIC Supt refuses to respond to molestation of 7 year old girl February 2009
Reviewing the of case of a COGIC official in New Jersey

Sexual malfeasance and church leadership February 2009
Article discussing biblical applications on leaders who commit sexual sins

COGIC Bishop LT Walker dies; end of justice? February 2009
Review of the role of COGIC official in unresolved sexual abuse case

COGIC hit with $100 million sexual abuse lawsuit March 2009
Maryland woman files suit against denomination in the wake of sexual abuse revelations

COGIC Bishop’s son goes on the record with GCM Watch June 2009
Deceased COGIC official’s son offers exclusive defense and explanation of father’s actions

Outrage: Is COGIC paying victims silence on sexual abuse? July 2009
Part 1 of series exploring COGIC and sexual abuse featuring Larry Weems case

Sherman Allen trial date looms August 2009
Major sexual abuse civil trial involving Allen and COGIC date set

COGIC’s culture of coverup: deep and destructive August 2009
Reprinting and commentary of account of former COGIC member

Surveying COGIC’s justice system Aug 2009
Part 2 of series exploring COGIC and sexual abuse.

Under oath, COGIC legal counsel Enoch Perry makes stunning admissions August 2009
Part 3 of a series exploring COGIC and sexual abuse

Young girl, 12, sexually assaulted by COGIC minister Sep 2009
The shocking case of young girl’s sexual assault in Florida at the hands of two men, one a licensed COGIC minister

Announcement launch of Sep 2009
New COGIC clergy abuse website launches

Answering COGIC questions about COGIC sexual abuse
Sep 2009
Pastor Foster responds to queries about the legitimacy of

Accused COGIC sexual abuser gets new church Oct 2009
Sherman Allen relocates and renames church

COGIC sexual abuse civil trial begins this month in NC Oct 2009
Plaintiffs sue COGIC Inc, Jurisdiction and local church for negligence

COGIC official “offended” by sexual abuse website Oct 2009
Elder Derrick Hutchins responds to sexual abuse website to Charisma Magazine

Washington State sex abuse case proceeding to trial Oct 2009
Despite multiple delay tactics by COGIC lawyers; case moving forward

COGIC PB downplays sexual abuse cases Nov 2009
Charles Blake says attention to website out of proportion

Commercial Appeal: COGIC minister arrested for rape of 16 year old girl Nov 2009
Church pastor refuses to remove minister from office citing “forgiveness”

Police, security show up at SNAP press conference Nov 2009
Advocacy group cites unusual police presence

75 year old KY COGIC pastor convicted of rape Jan 2010
Man retains yearlong pastorship of two churches despite allegations

Alabama Bishop should be investigated Jan 2010
Bishop Peter Wren, Sr embroiled in sexual immorality scandal

Is COGIC’s “zero tolerance” policy a failure? Jan 2010
Despite insistence of support by Presiding Bishop, COGIC allows sexual predators to remain in office

Did Enoch Perry, COGIC’s top lawyer, reveal coverup strategy? March 2010
Urges pastors to avoid attracting media in sexual oriented cases

COGIC officials: “no comment” on repeat clergy molestor Oct 2010
Church goes silent as pastor arrested and charged with 11 counts of sexual abuse

Clergy sex crime cases 5th, 6th for COGIC denomination in 2010 Oct 2010
Sexual abuse cases in Florida and Pennsylvania increase known 2010 cases to six despite leadership denials

WA COGIC loses headquarters over sexual abuse case Nov 2010
Washington State church headquarters up for sale but church leaders still silent on clergy sexual abuse

IL child sexual assault case cost COGIC $1.5 million Feb 2011
Bishop ignored warnings about the sexual predator and allowed him to remain in position