Yahoo gay ministers group founded by COGIC Elder

The blaquebigayministers group on Yahoo boasts 787 members and has been in existence since July 2000. The group was formed primarily according to its homepage statement,  especially for “black Christian ministers and friends who are family  and  need support and encouragement and a place of refuge.”  The term “family” is a euphemism for homosexual or downlow.

The group’s other dubious distinction is that it was founded by COGIC Elder Ronald Kimbrew (below, right) of Arkansas First Jurisdiction. If that sounds familiar, its the same jurisdiction where Pastor Ronald Paige, an accused molestor of teenage boys pastored a church until he was murdered in April.kimbrew

In August 2008, GCM Watch asked Kimbrew to clarify whether he was still a member of this group and why he founded it, but he has not responded to our questions.

The bigayblaque ministers group on Yahoo is private so you wont be able to gain entrance to see who’s exactly there.  But we did.


Although this may be your first time hearing it, this isn’t new and it isn’t,  in some respects, hidden.  “Blaquebigayministers” was first brought to our attention in 2002 by a formerly COGIC, New York based bishop who was familiar with the outreach work we did. He was alarmed when he came upon this group and shocked that it was populated by men in the church.  As a matter of fact it was first reported to Bishop LT Walker and State Secretary Jewel Withers, Jr. in March 2003 [See letter].  But it appears that not only is Kimbrew still in office and ordained, he has been promoted.

According to website of Greater Trinity, where Kimbrew is the webmaster:

Elder Kimbrew served the Arkansas 1st Jurisdiction as the Assistant Secretary of the Pastors & Elders Council from December 1996 to March 19, 2005. He has served as the webmaster of the web site since its inception in 2001. He is also the secretary of the Worship Committee @ Greater Trinity. During the Trustee Board Election of 2004 @ the church, he served as a member of the “Screening Committee” to ascertain the qualifications of each Trustee Board candidate. Afterwards, he supervised the election as Chairman of the Election Committee. On January 7, 2006, he became the Public Relations Director for the church.”

After learning about the group, a letter was sent to Bishop LT Walker and Supt Withers with specific information about the site and quotes written by Elder Kimbrew. Kimbrew organized meetings of homosexual COGIC ministers for most of the national meetings in particular Memphis Holy Convocation and the popular AIM (Auxiliary in Ministry) Convention. We spoke on the phone with Pastor Withers and Bishop Walker.  Both expressed shock at the information.

But what happened after the information was reported and verified? What happened beyond just the shock?

Is COGIC going to be silent while an organized culture of homosexual ministers and bishops populate its pulpits?