"Gay demon" teen in video speaks out on Tyra Banks show


The young man at the center of a firestorm debate about homosexuality, demons and black church practices, spoke out yesterday on the Tyra Banks show saying he is “no longer gay”. In the story which broke first on GCM Watch,  the shocking video of a Connecticut church casting out what they termed a “homosexual demon”, Jeffrey appeared on the show with his pastors, also in the video.

The video is about 37 minutes and every minute of it is riveting. I am a little stunned, just like I was at seeing the first video. There is much to be said about what was said and what was not said by everyone on the show. Perhaps too much to go into here, but if you see something that needs to be highlighted, bring it up and we’ll talk about it.

Watch it and comment.

Disclaimer: GCM Watch is not responsible for nor endorses any additional segments attached to this video, nor is its posting here an endorsement of the video owners.