Christian leader calls season time of “great conflict”

Lou Engle, leader of The Call told Charisma Magazine  we are in a season of “great conflict”. We agree wholeheartedly. Today in California, with the hearings on Prop 8 commencing, we are faced once again with the possibility that we are on the precipice of severe persecution for the church.

Christians across California are praying today that the proposition will be upheld. Lou Engle, founder of The Call prayer movement, called a 40-day fast beginning Feb. 25 to stem the advancement of gay marriage in California and across the nation.

“My concern, frankly, is for the church,” Engle said, noting that Sen. Leno likened Proposition 8 supporters to those who supported the Nazi regime.

“I see persecution so close at the door,” Engle said. “I think the election has emboldened the people at the top-ranking places to … target the church as the main perpetrators of bigotry, when really what we are is simply the last vestige of conscience in America. I tremble for my country right now.

“At the same time, when Jezebel and Ahab, the worst kings of Israel, were in authority, breaking down every moral code of the nation, it’s the same time the greatest prophets rose-Elijah and company. And I am expecting a voice of the prophets and a spirit of revival to sweep into this nation at this time. I think it’s going to be great light and great darkness and great conflict together.”

We join with Engle and other faithful California pastors and saints in being modern day “Issachars” and “Elijahs”. No matter what, let us hold fast to the Word of our God.  We are in an exceedingly perilous moment. This is a time to issue a clarion call for those who are on the Lord’s side. Pray and trust that God will carry us through these times. Read the urgent Call to Prayer