Frances Swaggart refutes gcm doctrine

fswaggartFrances Swaggart, the wife of Jimmy Swaggart, has what appears a very sound analysis refuting the gay christian movement’s false claims about “reconciling sexuality with spirituality”. I’m not sure how long its been posted, but its good to know not everyone is going the mushy-affirming route.

Yes, Jimmy Swaggart has done and said some incredibly foolish (and sinful) things in the past and we’re aware of that. So, I ask that you refrain from any sidebar tangents on that.

On her website/blog Frances and Friends, Mrs. Swaggart has posted a three part series on homosexuality, with the last dealing with the gay christian claims. She says religious homosexuals are very confused about their history:

 …it is actually quite ironic that many homosexuals accuse religious communities of being their greatest enemies because the true origins of homosexuality are very closely tied to religion. At one time, “religion” was their greatest friend. The earliest accounts of homosexual behavior are, in fact, found within the confines of the ancient pagan religions.  And, if you look closely, you can see that this association has subtlety carried on to this very day. “

Ive said the same thing many times. This contemporary gay christian movement has deep roots in cultic idolatry and still carries that spirit to this day.

I really liked Mrs. Swaggart’s point where she argues that true Christains dont need to “christianize” their lives. Christians are just Christians. That’s why we intentionally refer to the gcm as “gay christian” uncapitalized. Anytime you mix our faith with heresy it automatically becomes false. This is our way of noting that.

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