POTUS bows to muslim monarch

Putting the US in an unsightly position?

This is President Obama at the G20 Summit bowing to Saudi King Abdullah. Since when does the POTUS bow to a foreign leader??? Doesn’t he know that if you are not a subject of the monarch you are not required to do obeisance?  Why didn’t he bow to Queen Elizabeth? What are your thoughts on this?

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Read Pastor Burnett’s fascinating commentary on the G20 and the mystery of iniquity at Dunamis Word blog

UPDATE: Little Green Footballs has found a picture of President Bush with the Saudi King and claiming “Bush bowed too”. But this isnt the same as the Obama photo. And Devon noted Bush was photographed holding hands with Abdullah. The lefties claimed this was latent homo, but the Arabs display male-male greetings (kissing, hand holding) differently than our culture and it has no sexual connotation. Bush is accepting a medal of some sort which is obviously a repositioning of the body, not “bowing”. Here’s the full scene. Notice Bush does the customary double cheek kiss and then shakes hands.  The Saudis are supposed to be our allies. Bowing sends a message that our leader possibly considers them more than that.