Can you believe it??

Are you ready for life under loving, tolerant, diversity driven world of the liberals? Here’s a sample of what you can expect.

The Fairfax County Virginia school system has banned books about overcoming homosexuality because it says it will make gays and lesbians “feel inferior”. This is despite the district’s official library policy which states “the collection should support the diverse interests, needs and viewpoints of the school community.” Fairfax county is the nation’s 12th largest school district. Already many major school districts have given homosexual activists and men pretending to be women unrestricted access to children to teach them that parents are not their final authority. Now, intentionally blocking any source of information which shows homosexuality as the evil it is shows how the schools intend to separate you from your children.  [source]

Can you imagine a church where fighting a disease largely caused by sexual behavior is more important that fighting sin which destroys the souls of men? That’s what a black NC pastor wants the church to do.

Rev. Herbert Miller of Lexington said he has gay friends but we (the church) shouldn’t discuss what “goes on in their bedrooms”. Miller blames the church for homosexuals getting infected with HIV. False religious leaders like Miller are actually the reason many homosexuals will remain blind to the true source of their problems. Sin drives people into death. Sin pays its wages in death. And the thief has a single agenda to steal, kill and destroy, but people like Miller want us to forget about that. [source]

According to  gay christian Justin Lee, gay christians believe the same things as any other Christians do with a couple of exceptions. He contends those exceptions are really that important in the big picture. Can you guess what those small, insignificant differences are?