Mary, Mary quite contrary

Gospel industry workers Mary, Mary may be about to become quite contrary, contrary. But is that a big surprise?

The sisters are scheduled to appear with Maxwell (of the “do a little sumthin, sumthin” fame) on his current “Black Summers Night” tour.

Now dont go getting all spiritual and say this is God. Maxwell is a labelmate of M-M and requested that they show up with him. They say sex sells, so with the sleek, sexy new look the “queens of gospel” (new BET title) have donned, they fit right into the ambiance of Maxwell’s tour.

Then there’s the TI story. TI is in jail right now. But when he gets out Mary-Mary said he would be  someone they would want to tour with.  I actually like TI the person (after his contrition which I felt was authentic) and he hasn’t responded to this invitation. But here’s  how the the conversation with went down:

Devi Dev: Out of the hip hop category, is there anybody that you guys are really feeling right now?

Mary Mary (Tina): Yeah, I like TI. TI is so tight. I gotta buy the Walmart version, though. (she chuckles) I don’t know what he’s really saying. I have the Walmart version and it’s all really nice.

Devi Dev: So, you don’t have the real one?

Mary Mary (Tina): (laughs) No, we don’t really know what that one is saying. But, I listen to his whole body of work and I think sometimes that people classify you on whatever that hit is, and that might the feel of radio and what everyone thinks is the biggest, but when you listen to their whole body of work it tells the story of who they are. I like listening to his story. Good album.

Devi Dev: Once he gets out, I would love to hear a Mary Mary collabo…

Mary Mary (Tina): I wouldn’t mind that! TI, you want to come talk about Jesus with the Marys, let’s do it man!

So this is what those gospel industry workers do with their free time. Maybe its just a god in them.

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Addendum: Here’s the full article from NPR with sound so you can hear the responses.