Its gay "holy" convocation time again featuring Monique Walker

Could anything be more ludicrous than a group of sexual outlaws getting together and declaring themselves holy? Well you haven’t seen anything yet. There’ll be plenty of tambourine beating, organ playin, sangin, shouting, dancing and speaking in tongues going on at the United Progressive Pentecostal Church Fellowship’s “holy” convocation where they will be expanding their kingdom.

Well, welcome to 2010 and the brave new church without God. Or Christ. Or the Holy Spirit. But lots of pentecostalism.

I was sent this flyer below by an individual on the UPPC’s listserv about their upcoming meeting. I noted that it included the usual gaggle of false prophets and court jesters gospel music minstrels. There are a couple of newly minted false prophets in the mix.  Added to the lineup this year: Hezekiah Walker’s ex-wife Evangelist Monique Walker [TBN video]. Ex-wife Walker has been trending gay church every since she and the now Bishop Walker were divorced after accusations of homosexuality surfaced about the ex-husband Walker. Walker was in Atlanta at one point to “preach” at the “85% gay” (the pastors words to CNN) Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The bigger impact of events like this actually come through the transference of spirits.  Its the people who fellowship with homosexual churches and then track those same spirits back into other churches who are not aware of their associations. But then again in the new Godless, Christless, Holy Spirit-less church of today, who cares about people committing sexual sin? That’s Old Testament stuff that’s now scientifically out of date not to mention misinterpreted religious legalism /sarcasm off/.