Gay actor opposes pedophile background checks

According to a report by Starpulse, Lord of the Rings star the homosexual activist Ian McKellen is on the record opposing background checks of pedophiles.

Ian McKellen has spoken out against Britain’s new anti-pedophile database, insisting the new scheme will dissuade amateur theaters from casting children. The Lord of the Rings star fears the Vetting and Barring Scheme, which requires any adult working with children to register and submit a background check, will result in limited roles for young performers.

Adults who don’t comply face a fine of up to $8,000 and a criminal record, which McKellen maintains is unnecessary in the world of amateur theater.

He says, “People are all there for the love of it – that’s what amateur means. It’s a very family atmosphere and there has never in the last 50 years been any hint of wrongdoing, and so it’s trying to put right a problem that doesn’t really exist. If children are no longer allowed, as it were, to perform with amateur groups the loss is everybody’s.”

McKellen claims small companies are struggling to cope with the costs and extensive paperwork, adding, “There are so many people who seem to have an input into this new legislation that have been consulted, and people who haven’t yet been consulted are the people whom it’s going to directly affect.”

How silly, foolish and reckless could a person be? Pedophiles look for the least path of resistance to get to vulnerable children. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any gay leaders to get upset and distance themselves from him. After all the founder of the modern gay rights movement was the gay pedophile activist Harry Hay. That’s history you shouldn’t forget.

If you remember, several months ago McKellen kicked up atheism dust by revealing that he hated the bible so much he intentionally ripped out pages containing passages about homosexuality.

Let’s recap: Oppose protecting children from pedophiles because it will discourage amateur acting and you hate the bible so much you desecrate it. What’s next McKellen, be a spokesman for acceptance of bestiality?