Remembering our brother in persecution

Since March of 2008, we have seen this coming. Please remember our brother Julio Severo in your prayers. Along with his pregnant wife and child he has been forced to leave Brazil to an undisclosed location after federal prosecutors launched a hunt for him. His crime?: homophobia.

In an open letter on his blog, he explains why he had to flee Brazil his home. The puppet government under President Lulu is under the spell of homosexual activists who are pressing criminal charges against Christians who speak out against homosexuality. Julio has largely led that charge through his blog appropriately titled Last Days Watchman.

Julio has documented first hand Brazil’s plunge into darkness led by homosexual activists and they hate him for speaking out against them. GCM Watch certainly salutes him in exile as a hero of the faith. May we all be empowered with courage when like persecutions arise against us. Also, please help to spread the word of this persecution in Brazil. Im no prophet, but our time is coming.

Julio is also in need of assistance, but I will update how you can help once I get that information from him.

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