Cliffhanger: Lou Bordisso's "next step" manifesto for gay christians

nextstepVALLEJO, Ca – What’s the next step for gay christians? According to one Vallejo (CA) gay cleric, its something akin to a David Koresh-like cliffhanger.  The doctrines, speeches and manifestos slithering out of the mouths of  gcm leaders just  gets stranger as the day goes by.

Its rather astonishing that the The Vallejo Times-Herald actually published Father Lou Bordisso’s narcissistic screed guest opinion, but it did. That’s free speech in action. Vallejo is located northeast of San Francisco on the San Pablo Bay.

In case you’re not familiar with our reporting on Burdisso, here’s a brief recap.

By force of complaint, Bordisso is a central figure in the local community. In 2009, he ran for the school board and was defeated. He is a “bishop” in a small denomination called the American Catholic Church and is a contentious man who despises the attempts of local Christian pastors to foster unity and free speech rights. Under the guise of gay equality, Bordisso has been at the forefront of a number of divisive efforts which fomented ill will against the city’s black pentecostal Mayor Osby Davis falsely accusing the mayor of running a “nascent theocracy government.”

When local community leader and Pastor Danny Jefferson spoke briefly before a city council meeting on why Vallejo shouldnt endorse “gay pride month” organized by Bordisso immaturely complained Pastor Jefferson was “raining on our parade”.

Before the council, Jefferson simply stated the obvious:

“Until now, each side has been free to exercise their Constitutional rights to hold and even express their belief. This is not to say that there has not been controversy.  Tolerance for the belief of others has been a goal, not always an achievement.

…it is troubling that so many now want the government to take sides in this issue by endorsing a gay pride month.  To be clear, this is not a request to allow individuals to express their beliefs, it is a demand that the government use its power to applaud those beliefs.

Certainly anybody who asked for a gay disapproval month would be criticized. Tolerance should not be a one way street.  If the rule is that the government should not take sides, then let’s be consistent.  The City of Vallejo should allow individuals to express their views on this controversial subject.  But it should not step in to advocate, even subtly, for one side or the other.”

Bordisso has even been helped along by a stealth New York Times reporter Scott James, who claimed he was “vilified” by GCM Watch for reporting on the issues in Vallejo. Hardly.

So it stands to reason that Bordisso would apparently out of some unrequited ambitions, come up with his newest weapon of misinformation. A gay christian/queer theology manifesto. Among the more salient cliff notes published by the paper:

1. Refuse to talk to people who believe homosexuality is a sin while you loudly complain about tolerance and understanding. Mel White redux?

“Lesbian and gay Christians too often waste time trying to have a reasonable dialogue with oppressive churches and clergy. The time has come to reject theologies, spiritualities and church teachings grounded in homophobic biblical interpretations, heterosexism, and outdated ancient philosophies.”

2. Embrace a false construct which will ensure you will never know the truth, thus setting you on path to hell. More on homosexual hermeneutics and its deadly consequences.

“Lesbian and gay Christians need to pursue a Queer Theology and embrace a hermeneutics of suspicion. Lesbian and gay Christians must interpret scripture and live within church structures in light being a part of the underside of society.”

3. Ignore real demons and create new ones  that you can cast out with your newly created queer spiritual authority.

“Queer Spirituality can only be authentic when seeking to cast out the demons of poverty, injustice, racism, violence, prejudice, exploitation, or homophobia in any form whether it is within us, our government, or our churches!”

The citizens of Vallejo would do well to exile Father Lou Burdisso to San Francisco so the city can get back to the business of building a good stable environment for all its residents. As for his queer theology, the bible has already warned us about the doctrines of devils that would surface in the last days. Here’s one in real time.