1. We believe the Bible to be the final and only authority in matters concerning sexuality and the wholeness of mankind. We believe the scriptures are self-validating. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God”(II Timothy 3:16), consequently we hold that the totality of Biblical canon reject contemporary theories and philosophies of genetic homosexuality.

2. We believe that real freedom from homosexual addictions only come through Jesus Christ. We fervently believe that Jesus was the perfect embodiment of truth and that knowing Him makes one free (John 14:6, 8:32). We hold that freedom comes, and is maintained, not through religious methodology, but through a life of submission to Christ, accountability at a Bible-practicing church, and walking daily according to the precepts found in the Holy Word.

3. We believe that according to II Corinthians 5:17 that “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away and behold: all things are become new.” Because the Bible declares newness of life in Christ, we reject the theory that one cannot change “sexual orientation.” This phrase –humanistic in origin– suggests one’s sinful proclivities are immutable, thereby being in direct conflict with the scriptures (John 3:3, Matthew 16:24).

4. We believe that in order to live a life free from sexual immorality, one must be born again and then ask for the free gift of the Holy Spirit. According to Acts 1:8, He (the Spirit) will empower the receiver to be witnesses unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Freedom is not perfectionism nor is it absolutism in conduct, but an acceptance that disciples of Christ must (1) continually lay aside every weight and the sin that does so easily beset us, (2) repent and confess their sins to God who is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us all unrighteousness and (3) cast down every thought which seeks to exalt itself above the knowledge of Christ.

5. We encourage persons struggling against sexual and gender identity issues to seek professional counseling for the solutions they desire. Such counseling should not be a replacement for repentance but as a supplement to one’s Christian journey to maturity in Christ.  We caution that those providing the counseling, in order to be effective, must base their counseling on Biblical principles. We therefore reject all practices such as yoga, transcendental meditation, spirit-guides and other new-age based techniques that focus on humanistic solutions to the spiritual problem of sin.

6. We believe the Bible speaks clearly to the conditions and consequences of same gender sexual sin without regards to the chronology of society and its ever-changing social mores. The timeless message of the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality in every form, but not without providing the remedy by way of repentance and faith in the work of Christ on the cross. Our response to that glorious work is to conform our lives to the image of Jesus Christ.

7. We affirm the sanctity and worth of every human life, whether homosexual or heterosexual. We believe the agape love of the Father extends to all persons regardless of response.  While all persons are God’s creations, all are not God’s children. Thus, we hold homosexual behavior and expression as outside of the will of the Father for His children.

8. We believe that the church is God’s ordained agency in the earth, commissioned to communicate and demonstrate the love and judgment of God. Therefore, we call upon the church, which is the body of our Lord Jesus, to cease its practice of rejecting homosexuals who come to her for help. We hold that the church should openly preach and teach a redemptive message of deliverance and healing for all persons have experienced the ravages of sexual sin. It should also provide applicable ministries to support and nurture these believers into maturity. Likewise, we urge the church to cease its practice of allowing persons, steadfastly unrepentant of homosexuality, to operate in positions of influence and authority. For the scriptures wisely admonish us that “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (I Cor 5:6).

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  1. I agree with your doctrinal statements. I wanted to comment on whether you’ve taken a look into why Wendy’s has had this campaign showing men with the “Wendy’s wig” on. It seems to all be a part of the enemy’s agenda to desensitize people to the whole cross-gender, trans-gender/homosexual thing. Expecially the one commercial where it’s in Black & White and there’s a huge crowd of women with men faces superimposed and they’re cheering for the man wearing a Wendy girl wig. Why can’t they show women in their commercials who crave their burgers and wear the same red wig? Have you posted anything about that? My family and friends have since stopped going there.

  2. Thank you Valerie.

    I dont eat at Wendy’s cause the food is always cold despite what their lying commericials say.

    You brought up a good point. I looked around and didnt find anything directly tying Wendy’s to the gay movement other than in 2005, the gay group HRC pressured them to change their “discrimination policy” to include homosexuals and transgenders, which they did.

    The commercials really do look like Wendy’s is showing that it wants their business by appealing to the gender switching crowd.

    Because it isnt a doctrinal issue, you probably wont see it addressed here.

    But I think youre right to boycott them.

  3. I appreciate the stance you take on sexuality defined by Christ.

    Continue, however, to remember that many of us, while not practising homo-sexuality, and being redeemed by God, may never feel we can ‘change’ our sexual orientation, ie, become cured in the sense that one all of the sudden ‘straight.’

    There must be a wide open, effective, active community in the church for celibate, single men and women.

  4. Hello Mark,

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention and yes I am (I dont know about others) aware of people like yourself. I used to be one of them.

    I have never advocated or taught that this is about being “straight”, but whole. This isnt about being heterosexual, but holy. I dont even like the word straight used in context of sexuality. Its worldly slang to me.

    There are some nuances that need to be settled such as identification issues and whether ot not sexual orientation is biblically defined and thus justification for one’s unchanged feelings.

    As a single, celibate man what is your thoughts on that?

  5. I used to be involved in sodomy. Then I was born again through faith in Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is sin. Plain and simple. No one who is calls himself a Christian may do it. It is forbidden by God. Period. The Church has become so wimpy, as our society degenerates, that we can barely talk straight, for fear of persecution. So, as the political/social climate becomes more entrenched in defending perversion and suppressing any suggestion that it is just plain evil, the church has become mealy-mouthed, and unable to simply follow the guidelines of Scripture. Anyone who claims to be a brother, and commits sexual sin, is to be disciplined, and if he will not repent, is to be turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. I met a young man (heterosexual sin, in this case) who had had this done to him. Demons came out of the walls of his cabin every night and tormented him. Hopefully he repented. The Bible (New Testament) and what I see all around me seem to be religions from two different planets! I just wonder if the whole thing is so sick that the Father is orchestrating the degeneration of our society in order to bring a persecution that will separate the garbage from the gold. To anyone who is engaging in sexual acts with someone of the same sex–I say–repent! God loves you and sent his Son to die for our vile sins. But his wrath is coming, and if we do not repent, we will be tormented day and night forever in the lake of fire. God can forgive even someone as vile as I, who did the detestable things described in Roman 1. But, praise be to God! I am saved and delivered! Halellujah. A new creature in Christ! Crazy about the woman I married, after 20+ years of marriage. Homosexuality is just a big, fat, lie of the Devil. It can be escaped, just like alcholism, greed for money, violence, backstabbing, lying, or any other sin. They were all paid for on the cross. HALELLUJAH! PRAISE GOD!. COME TODAY AND DRINK OF THE WATERS OF LIFE, THROUGH FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST! Amen.

    GCMW: God bless you Tom! That is the message for this generation: repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. God can, will and does forgive any and all sin whenever a person is ready. But he requires repentance.

  6. A dear friend of mine in Christ was involved in the homosexual deathstyle (‘life’style just doesn’t seem appropriate-it merely proliferates incompletion and self-absorption) for 11 years and repented of it; what is more amazing is that several of his partners have contracted AIDS, while he remains free of any signs or symptoms. He still struggles with homosexuality through a combination of experiencing perverse desires and intense demonic attacks late at night, in which all five senses are employed. I have seen this brave man progress from relapsing into homosexual behavior to now leading a discussion group devoted to sexual purity. Oh yeah, and those soul-calloused liars who say you can’t change your sexual orientation should see this guy. He went from experiencing revulsion of women to now being frequently sexually attracted to them. My brazen arrogance led me to often have lesbian fantasies(I don’t know why it is such a popular porn genre for us guys), and it finally caught up with me, as I have been hit with demonically-inspired homosexual attacks (the friend I have mentioned had suggested that these lesbian fantasies opened the door to these homosexual attacks), from which I am currently recovering, through a combination of devotion to the Word, accountability with my brothers in Christ, and application of Philippians 4:6-7 in prayer. To my brothers and sisters in Christ with almost exclusively heterosexual desires, I WARN YOU:
    DO NOT THINK AS I DID THAT YOUR HETEROSEXUALITY IS SECURE, DESPITE YOUR CONTINUED IMMORALITY. Especially, women if you fantasize about two gay men or men if you fantasize about lesbians—Satan CAN attack you if you do not repent of these grievous thoughts. Save yourself, your friends, your family or future family from the degradation brought on by these thoughts. To my friends in Christ who struggle with homosexual desires, understand:
    1. Your desires are sin, but unlike what you may hear from the likes of Soulforce founder Mel White and Episcopalian lesbian Virginia Mollenkott, you were neither BORN homosexual nor is homosexuality a part of you–if you choose to reject it as the sin it is.
    2. If you are being demonically attacked, as I have, know that Satan is a liar, thief, and murderer-he will employ deception to make homosexuality appear rational, decent, pure (remember he was Lucifer at one time-he still disguises himself as an angel of light) and he would like you to believe you his thoughts or those of his minions are your own
    3. Do not hate yourself if you struggle with homosexual desires (those who support the gay cause, such as my cousin, espouse the ‘repentance’ of homosexuals is thinly-veiled self-hatred), but take up your cross and joyfully follow the Lord as you embrace your God-given masculinity or femininity. (Luke 9:23) He loves you as much as any heterosexual, but your sin was not part of His Creative design. If you must, seek professional re-orientation therapy.

  7. GCMW,

    I agree with most of what you have to say here, few diferences though. If I might suggest looking at some scriptures. I question your beleif that the religion you are refering to in Item 8, is the church. I see in (Mat 16:18 And I also say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.) that Christ is saying hell will not prevail against His church. I have thought about this a for a while and believe the scriptures, when gathered togethered, (the sum) show us what most see as being the Christian church is in fact just a very large group of divided religous kingdoms established by men with little regaurd for the Truth. I know there are many that will not agree, how could they be wrong since so many are a part of their social clubs. But I submitt to you that these groups we call the church have fallen to the gates of hell, you see religion is so weak and without power or any true anointing, that those that see it from the outside have no desire to be a part of it. I find it amazing that in most polls taken, over 80% of Americans consider themselves Christian. A completely immoral country as this claiming to be like Jesus Christ, who is without sin. No, I can’t believe religion is the church, Christ said shall not, that’s a definite for me. Now, I have no doubt that there are some in religion that will come out to be part of the church, the church that Christ spoke of when He returns and gatheres all those that are scattered on the earth that belong to him. Next, you are calling upon religion to do the work of the church; how can religion deliver the good news when they can not even agree on what it is ? If we read in Gal.5:19-21 we can see those that separate and divide are workings of the flesh, they will not enter the kingdom. Religion is the great deception that Word speaks of that will happen in the last days, the last days that Peter said began in the upper room on the day of pentacost. Many times in the Word the fathers of the gospel said the false prophets and anti-Christs were already amongst them, that was in the first centuery, there has been plenty of time since then for the religions to establish their false doctrines. In 325AD the worlds religions were gathered under Constantine, when all kinds of pagen traditions were brought under the name of Christianity and times were changed to honor the new world religion. Seek the Truth and it will be found, stop everyone just accepting these anti-Christ religions, 2 Thes.2 tells us if we don’t love the Truth, God will give us a lie that we will believe, when God says will, there isn’t any maybes there. Change your minds, the times of the end are about to begin, only the Truth will save, you are not getting raptured, you must be proved first in the tribulations. If you say where is the church, read the Word, God said He would give them (church) up until she (church) that is in travail brings forth.(Mic.5:2-4) That will happen after two days,(Hos.6:1-3) two thousand years.(2 Pet.3:8) Why, because of her sins.(Hos.5) Then He will gather His small flock, which He has scattered throughout the world, those that hear His voice, that discern the Truth, and stick to it, to the end. The main thing for now is seek the Truth and start calling people out of those dead churches, saving them from the fire.

  8. I’d like to think that sexual addicts of ALL form could find a better home within the church. After all, that’s what homosexuality is: an addiction. So I understand Mark’s comment that, he doesn’t feel he can change his orientation; he’s just focusing on abstinence. I think for any addict this is the best place to start. I know I’m struggling with sexual addiction issues myself and, it’s frustrating in the beginning. We are so very used to be this way for so very long it takes ACTIVE work just to keep the thoughts out of my head. Our GOD is sufficient for us, Praise His Holy Name. Personally, I find studying the Law and the Prophets from a SPIRITUAL perspective helps tremendously. Little by little the unwanted thoughts which feed the lust (and all sexual addiction is lust) are being replaced by the Law and an understanding of what it REALLY means. So yes, I think it’s very important that those in the Church willing to help sexual addicts stay focused on THAT point and let God deal with the person and their individual proclivities. Perhaps, more would hear from THEIR spirits too this way, if we move toward dealing with the NATURE of the sin ~ as Christ did ~ and not the LETTER of it. My heart felt blessings to you all.

  9. Hi Valerie,

    Why are you so focused on the lives of gays when the Bible says that God should be the only one judging them? Why not focus on trying to improve the world for those who are suffering? Isn’t that what Christ would want you to do? Also, do you really think that you’re going to be able to make a GLBT person (such as myself; I’m bisexual) change their sexual orientation just because you want them to? If so, then you’re dead wrong. I’ve already tried suppressing my natural sexual thoughts, I’ve tried to pray for them to go away, and yet they’re still with me. So why should I continue to try to make my sexual thoughts about women go away when that hasn’t worked for me at all?

    I eagerly await your reply.

    Yours in Christ,

  10. Sorry, I addressed that to the wrong person! *facepalm* I meant to address that to the webmaster of this site. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

  11. Hannah thank you for your comments. I have been where you are but I will say it was based on my misunderstanding of God’s word, not on discrimination.

    I see from your words that you too have a great deal of misunderstanding that you have not searched out completely.

    I will list a few I see and then challenge you not to believe or accept what I say but to judge what I say based on scripture, not your emotions or the culture.

    1. You have a misunderstanding of judgement
    2. You have a misunderstanding of Christian responsibility towards other Christians who sin.
    3. You have a misunderstanding me and the mission of this ministry
    4. You have a misunderstanding about freedom from sin and biblical requirements on dealing with our flesh and desires.
    5. You have a misunderstanding about prayer
    6. You have a misunderstanding about what the bible says are natural sexual desires
    7. You have a misunderstanding about the power of God

    Im not listing these to penalize you for having a misunderstanding, but to personally challenge you as one Christian to another to search our common source docuement and prove our beliefs.
    Proverbs 4:7 says Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding.

    Now if you are up to that challenge, I will eagerly await your reply.

  12. Speaking of Understanding, here are a few questions that I am wondering about…

    What does GCM watch believe about Salvation?
    GCMW: Salvation is a sovereign –and solo– act of God which redeems a person from the power and penalty of sin.

    Is salvation based on what a person does or doesn’t do?
    GCMW: It is a sovereign act of God in response to a believing prayer.

    Is it possible for one to lose their salvation? and if so…how do they lose it?
    GCMW: Anything is possible, but the scripture addresses both perspectives. We encourage all to remain steadfast and unmoveable always abounding in the work of the Lord.

    Please define repent?
    GCMW: Asking God to forgive you for sin or sins and turning away from them to follow Christ. It also incorporates a “change of mind” about one’s prior conduct.

    Please define forgiveness?
    GCMW: Releasing a person for an offense they’ve committed.

    How does one keep their salvation?
    GCMW: It is God who keeps us. Jude 24,25

    How much perfection and bible reading is needed to make sure one goes to heaven?
    GCMW: We are to strive for spiritual maturity in Christ, however we are commanded to “study to show ourselves approved unto God…”

    The bible talks about knowing them by their fruit. What are the fruit the bible is referring to?
    GCMW: A person’s words and actions which are publicly revealed.

    Is the inspection of the fruit objective or subjective?
    GCMW: Inspection is based on the biblical directives.

    If we are acting as judges for the sinning believers and making sure the church is preserved, what is God’s role in all of this?
    GCMW: We arent “acting”, we are per scripture. The Holy Spirit guides us in meting out correction, rebuke and restoration. We hold one another mutually accountable as representatives of Christ.

    Is it possible for one to confess Christ, beleive, repent, live holy and be a Christian for 10 years. Then after 10 years of holiness, make a series of mistakes (the worst kind of mistake like lying, gossipping or having a prideful look) and not repenting of it for a 7 years. During this time of mistakes ,could one be still considered a Christian? Or do they become a Christain again once they stop lying, gossipping or being prideful?
    GCMW: Anything is possible, but we are commanded to put away the deeds of the flesh in context to our level of spiritual maturity. Romans 8

    Amy understanding you can provide would be very helpful.






  14. I am a doctor and a man of God. One question that I do have is inspired by what I’ve seen as a practitioner: What of trans-sexuals? You do not openly support homosexuality as defined in the modern genetic sense, but what of individuals who are born with ambiguous genitalia, hormonal imbalances, and external (plainly visible) features that suggest that they could be either male or female? Is their sexual orientation (even when there might not be any objective way to define them as male or female) wrong/right based on how they may LOOK?? What of a person born with BOTH male and female features? Thank you for taking my questions, and for the record, I do support this movement.
    Dr. P

    GCMW: Dr. P, this is a very good question(s) I might have hit and missed a couple of times before. But I’d like to take your question and make a full post of it. Coming tomorrow. Thanks.

  15. I truly look forward to that post and the ensuing conversation. This is an issue that is ignored by most discussions and teaching around sexuality in the church. I moan inmy soul when I hear saints say “GOD don’t make no mistakes” when it comes to issues associated with birth defects, etc.

    Let me say I am really grateful for this site. It is a apologetic for Truth and a conduit for advocacy for doctrinal purity. It is my prayer that this site may influence the exposition of the Gospel and comprehensive approaches to people who are sexully broken; it is sooooooo needed in the church today. Thank you and may GOD’s rich blessings (varied and mulltiplied!) accompany your labor in Him.

  16. I am fairly new to this websight. Where would I find this post? Thanks, again, for all you have done here. My His light shine through you all-the-more.

  17. Dr. P. I am working on it. I hope to have it up today. Thanks so much. Also I will need you to help me with correct terminology since I am not a doctor.

  18. Regarding your first doctrine:

    1. We believe the Bible to be the final and only authority in matters concerning sexuality and the wholeness of mankind. We believe the scriptures are self-validating. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God”(II Timothy 3:16), consequently we hold that the totality of Biblical canon reject contemporary theories and philosophies of genetic homosexuality.

    Implicit in this first doctrine is the assumption that “the totality of Biblical canon” comes to us via God, rather than through humanity – yet even the Bible itself does not make this claim. Even if we take literally Paul’s second letter to Timothy, none of the Gospels were yet written at this time. Should we suppose that Paul was somehow referring to scripture that did not yet exist?

    Additionally, the Bible does not claim to have been compiled and canonized by God. So where does this assumption of yours come from?

    Finally, the Bible also does not provide a standard by which we may discern which of its laws should be applied literally (i.e. Lev. 18:22) and which should be avoided (i.e. Num 5:11-31). What is the standard by which you are able to determine which biblical laws are meant to be applied literally and which are permissible to leave behind?

    Tom R

  19. Implicit in this first doctrine is the assumption that “the totality of Biblical canon” comes to us via God, rather than through humanity – yet even the Bible itself does not make this claim.

    Tom, God has always worked with, through and in humanity despite the obvious flaws of humanity. This is clear from Genesis to Revelation up to contemporary times. God speaks through people, revealed himself through people and chose to send his SON through people. And its no question then that his word, comes through people. Jesus affirmed that the Word is both “spirit and life”. John 6:63 In addition Jesus is said by John to be the “living word” come from God. Certainly, the fusion of human and divine is evident throughout scripture and it is undeniable that it is God whose hand orchestrated its birth and development and final compilation. We have to give God credit for being able to produce the final product despite the frailties of mankind.

    Both Paul and Peter, two major leaders of the church verify with personal testimony that the scriptures (all of them are God-inspired). In other words, the <b<origin of the scriptures in not human, but divine.

    That being said, everything in the Bible is true, but not everything in the Bible is truth.

    Finally, the Bible also does not provide a standard by which we may discern which of its laws should be applied literally (i.e. Lev. 18:22) and which should be avoided (i.e. Num 5:11-31). What is the standard by which you are able to determine which biblical laws are meant to be applied literally and which are permissible to leave behind?

    I use the same standard all of Christendom is supposed to follow: sound hermenuetics with applicable revelation from the Holy Spirit. Sexual restrictions and prohibitions are applicable to all people irregardless of the chronological time. If Im not mistaken, even atheists believe adultery is wrong. Ceremonial laws were applicable to Jews only and never applied to the church. Even though are unapplicable, there are still “big picture” lessons that can be gleaned from them.

  20. Hi, I don’t know if I agree with everything, but I am liking this site. I was saved when I was 13. When I was 5 and learning to swim I discovered that I liked boys. I didn’t really pick that, I just sort of noticed that I had different types of feelings than when I was around girls. It stayed that way.

    I don’t know what the definition of homosexual is, if it is defined by your actions or by your state of being. I will say that I am still struggling with this. I grew up with a wonderful church and the preacher always said, when in doubt, don’t. So I’m in doubt. I can’t say I picked this, but I can’t say that just because it’s there I’m going to act on it. My straight brother has never gotten married, he does not feel led or have the desire to be in a relationship either.

    I am still struggling. I wish God would take this away from me. When I look in the Bible I came to the place where God told Paul “My Grace is sufficient for you.” And that is what I place my hopes on. I try my best to remain celibate, and I generally have done OK with it. I would say I don’t live the “gay lifestlyle” I don’t really live any lifestyle, I am disabled and too sick to do anything other than pray to God and try to eat and do laundry. In a way I am thankful for this, it keeps my mind off other things.

    But when I am in the grocery store, why is it that every now and then, I see someone and it makes my heart skip a beat. And that someone has always been a man. It rarely happens, one in a thousand times. It isn’t really a sexual thing. If I believed in “love at first sight” (which I think is just hormones most of the time) then I would say this is what it is. It’s not sexual, and it happens before I catch myself and look away. I even get in the habit of not making eye contact which gets me a reputation of being impolite. I have never been the most open and warm person anyways.

    But when my guard is down, these things still happen.

    I fight them, and I turn them over to the Lord. I know I could never be perfect in this life. I know that there is a difference between being perfect, and being “perfected” by Christ as we trudge through this warzone on our way to eternal rest and peace. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to struggle with this.

    I don’t know how to say it other than, I believe in Christ as my Savior. I “gave up” trying to be perfect. I can’t do it. All I can do is to trust in Christ and also, to try my best to please Him. Not to “be perfect” but to please Him. My intentions in this are to follow Christ. I fail miserably in almost every area, I fall flat on my face. However I would rather try and fail than to never bother. When I am to give my account, it will be that I failed completely in every area of my life, but I did try. Sometimes I didn’t, I got so despondent that I gave up. And that is when He picked me up and carried me across the battlefield.

    My visual image of what I am trying to do is to not lose sight of Him as He leads me through this warzone. And when I fall or am hit by enemy fire, to cry out to Him and trust that He will know exactly where I am, and come and rescue me. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that Christ is absolutely trustworthy. I admit the sin of being angry with God a lot. But I know that my anger is the result of my weakness and my sin, and that God is so good and trustworthy — sometimes I find myself asking for forgiveness before I even plead my angry case. I say God, I’m angry with you and I know this is wrong, please stop me now. And He does, and I am led by the Spirit to the place I need to repent.

    I have repented so many times of my homosexuality. I have stopped the “actions” and the “lifestyle”. I have other homosexual friends and I do not feel any sexual feelings towards them. I feel Christ’s love towards them.

    I could get married to a woman, have children, and go through all the motions, but it would be a fraud. So it is best for me to just not marry, and to not have sex with anyone. It would be great to be in love with somebody and them be in love with me, in a Christ centered relationship. But I am growing convinced that is not what Christ has in store for me.

    In a way, I feel set apart from any sort of romantic or sexual relationship regardless of it being heterosexual or homosexual.

    I will close by saying, sometimes I don’t consider myself homosexual, but I’m not a heterosexual either. My brother feels he is asexual. It would be great not to struggle with sex. But I will say, I pine my hopes on Christ, and I hope that His Grace extends to me. I have tried and failed. I hope that is what His Grace will cover.

  21. Gery, you need to get rid of the guilt complexes and be discipled. You have way too many self-inflicted dificiencies that caused by spiritual immaturity.

    You seem to be settling for a so-so Christian life with your head barely above water. That doesnt jive with the life Christ said that we could live in him.

    You have to clear your mind of all this half-baked, gay leaning ideology and fully embrace the gospel. You can, but you need to start with throwing away all the excuses.

  22. Gery,

    As Pastor Foster said you need to grow up and move from a babe in Christ and become a man. And yes Grace is sufficient. Your fleshly desires are no different than anyone else’s in terms of the generic sense. Your “specific” sin desire may be different but in general you are no different than I or anyone else. I am a young man and when I went through college I backslid. Did I weep and wail and say, “Oh God! I’m just so weak”. Well maybe sometimes. However, the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t my weakness in “relation” to the flesh, it was my weakness in my “relationship” to God. Needless to say I grew up and walked away from my sin desires. Does this mean my flesh doesn’t still rise up? Of course not! I have to die daily like everyone else.

    Gery, there came a point in my life where I said, “the heck with it” regarding sin. I just said to myself I really don’t care what you (Flesh) wants. I’m really not interested in what the flesh wants even when it raises up. For example, I’m not married therefore I do not fornicate. Plain and simple. When I see an attractive girl walking by I merely look away and don’t let thoughts come into my mind.

    Gery, what your going to find out is that desires of the flesh are more akin to idols. Once the Lord opened my eyes to what place sin had in my life I soon recognized that they were more idolatrous in nature than weakness of the flesh.

    You have to throw away the notion that it is somehow a ball and chain which you drag when in reality it is an idol which you hold. Once you understand what I just said it will open your eyes.


  23. this is some really good stuff. (smile)

    God is certainly smiling on all of you folks who is really studying his word and learning to trust in him;by faith.

    i am glad i came across this site.
    God Bless yu All

  24. GCM, may God bless you to stay strong in the Lord, and continue to stand firm in the Word – in spite of inward and outward pressures. Somebody’s got to stand! You have exceptional spiritual insight into the issue of homosexuality, deliverance, and Biblical hope. I am not a homosexual, but the insights you give from the Word of God will help me help others who are struggling in this area, but really want to be free. May God bless and keep you and your family.

  25. I am part of the rainbow nation, though not sure what colour I am. I feel that i would interest you to know that I am celibate for the last 2 years for personal reason.

    Let me just say that I dont agree with you in many respect. First, I believe that I was created by the grace of God. To deny my very nature is to deny God himself.

    I believe that by faith we received God’s grace. The fruit of faith is love. And the fruit of love is patience, kindness, humbleness, hope. Also, it does not descriminate. And the fruit of these all is good works.

    What kind of good work it is when you are preaching hatred. You are preaching not the love of Jesus Christ but your self-righteous declaration of your self. You are the complete description of 1 Cor 13: 1-2, and I quote “(1) Though I speak with tougues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a thinking cymbal; (2) And though I have all knowledge and have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have no love, I am nothing”.

    Ask yourself, would Christ like you to condemn your brothers and sisters and preach to them that Jesus does not love them just because they are different.

    Be not quick to judge for someday you will be judged. In the last days Jesus will judge us. You might say, my Lord, my Lord I have preached the Gospel but He would say: go away for I know you not.

  26. Kenjie, please read this from Psalm 51:5, ‘Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.’
    You, me, and all of mankind are sinners at birth, we inherited our sin nature from Adam. That sin nature includes all kinds of wickedness that flows from within our very own hearts. Read what Jesus Christ taught in Matthew 15:19, “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies”. Notice the Greek word for ‘fornication’-porneia-meaning ‘adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, intercourse with animals etc.’ {}.
    Jesus Christ makes it very clear, homosexuality is birthed from within our own hearts, our own lustful desires. Let’s look at Romans 1:27, ‘ And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.’ I want to point out the word ‘lust’ here; again we go back into the Greek -orexis -meaning ‘desire, longing, craving for’. Homosexuals lust after, crave, and desire to have sex with same sex partners. This desire, lust, is what drives heterosexuals to lust after, crave, and desire to have sex with opposite sex partners. Any forbidden lustful desire is born from within. Hear the word of the Lord, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9
    The phrase ‘desperately wicked’ means ‘to be incurable, to be sick’. We are all incurably sick with the disease of sin, we are without hope apart from the grace of God. The only hope we have is found in the cross of Jesus Christ.
    Your nature is a sin nature, every human being has the same sin nature. There is freedom from the bondage of homosexuality through the power of God found in Jesus Christ. Being celibate is not enough, Jesus Christ commands all to repent of sin {Matt. 4:17}. Turn from sin and cry out to God, as the tax collector did, ‘O God, have mercy on me, a sinner!’. If we blame our sexual sins on anything or anyone other than ‘self’, we are deceiving ourselves.
    Jesus Christ also teaches us from scripture that no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born again, or born from above.{John 3:3}. This new birth is not something we can manifest in ourselves, this comes from the Almighty One. This is from Ezekiel 36:26-27,” A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do [them].

    The first thing is to cry out for understanding, asking God to reveal to us just how wicked we truly are. God must humble us, break through our proud arrogant hearts, breaking us over our sins. This leads to repentance, and the new birth. None of this is attainable by us, only Almighty God can save us. Pray for Him to draw you to His Son…these are the words of Jesus Christ from John 6:65- “Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.”
    As a former homosexual saved solely by the grace and mercy of Almighty God, cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, His righteousness imputed to me, I am living proof of the power of God in a transformed life. I am a new creation in Christ, the old is gone. Read this from 2 Cor. 5:16, ‘ Therefore, if anyone [is] in Christ, [he is] a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.’ This is a regenerated heart, a life changed from the inside out, one that has been born again. May the Lord be greatly praised!

  27. Kenjie, the bible says that we are a “holy nation”. There is no references to us being a “rainbow nation”. Did you create that out of thin air?

    And please carefully read what lyn has written to you. Instead of letting the scripture speak for itself you are filtering it through your own sexual confusion and sin.

    The picture you get is distorted. If you really are a true disciple of Christ, you will hear HIM and then change your ways so that you are in agreement with his word.

  28. May God bless u for this website. I pray that God will deliver all the sexually perverse people(homosexual lesbians, etc) that visit this site. Hope this will help transform lives. I, myself am a lady who battled sexual perversion, I used to lust after women.I was abused by an aunt growing up and I grew up thinking in that retarded way. I thank God for delivering me. Someone in that type of lifestyle, is lost and needs to be delivered. It is only the power and grace of God that can change such a soul. Once u encounter Christ, then you must feed yourself the word of God and live a Godly life, denouncing all evil. Remember that if you resist the Devil, he will flee from you. I know that it can be hard, but it is a process, u have to constantly remind your self who your Lord and Creator is, and by his grace and salvation you will be set free. Today I am married and blessed with a family of my own and still walking in God’s grace to fulfill his purpose for my life.

    May God ‘s love rest upon us all,

  29. I was very encouraged at finding this site. I pray that God will bless this ministry. I really like it how the first doctrinal statement gives the Bible, God’s Word, as the basis for your work. Without God’s Word as the unquestionable basis for any ministry, there can be no fruit. All eight of the points are very good, very grounded in the Word. I like it how you state vey plainly that this site is not attacking people, but attacking what the Bible condemns. Again, I hope that God will bless this ministry you have here, and I will keep you guys in my prayers.

  30. To Rose and Truth…
    Thank for very much for recognizing that we are here first and foremost to uphold God’s word. Sometimes people and their ideas are in conflict with God’s word but no matter who they are we must stand with God’s truth. I know some do not like that and call it judgmental, etc Truly the flower fades and the grass withers away but the Word of the Lord endures.

  31. II am a Gay Christian and God has been using me in way like never before to witness to people and bring them back to God! I ask why would he be using me if he thought it was a Sin? I have read Literal translations Hebrew to Enlgish that suggest different about homoseuxulity, a lot of the times the Bible is taken out of context. Im not beating anyone down im just thinking thats all!

    God Bless all of yall!

  32. Hello Mark,

    I have much to say on your comment, but for now, will give just one verse, from the Old Testament.

    Let’s start with Leviticus 18:22, “you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female, it is an abomination”. The word ‘lie’ comes from the Hebrew word shâkab and is defined as 1) to lie down
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to lie, lie down, lie on
    1a2) to lodge
    1a3) to lie (of sexual relations)
    1a4) to lie down (in death)
    1a5) to rest, relax (figuratively)
    1b) (Niphal) to be lain with (sexually)
    1c) (Pual) to be lain with (sexually)
    1d) (Hiphil) to make to lie down
    1e) (Hophal) to be laid
    Part of Speech: verb – from Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Definitions

    So this is obviously a reference to sexual activity; here God commands men not to lie with men as they lie with women, thus forbidding same sex behavior. Even though the word ‘homosexuality’ is not given, it doesn’t have to be. God got His point across without using this term. Do you know the meaning of abomination? ‘A disgusting thing’- what you are doing is repulsive to a God that is holy, righteous, and hates sin. If this were the only verse in all of the Bible that spoke out against same sex behavior, it would be enough; but there are more verses that I will give to you after you respond.

    Also, God is NOT using you because He will not use someone who is in the gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity. Why do you think the Apostle Paul warns us to flee sexual immorality, which is any sex that is outside the covenant of marriage designed by God between a man and a woman? You cannot willfully sin against God, in your case, being a homosexual, and be His child. I will recommend to you to read 1 John chapter three, but first and foremost, you have to understand homosexuality is an abomination to God before you go one step farther.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and will be praying for you friend.


  33. Yes Valerie, I do. I have come across a barrage of homosexuals who are deceived into thinking they are saved and can continue on in homosexuality because it is not a sin. I dare not make any accusations except to give God’s truth, the results are in the hands of Him who is merciful.

    I recall my own justifying of my lesbianism, I used to see Hollywood glamorize and accept it, and that made me more comfortable in my filth. So I can understand how one can be manipulated, and I understand the bondage of sin. It isn’t my call to make as to whether or not Mark is serious, it IS my call to present God’s truth.

  34. Mark, take heed to Jesus’ words.
    Matt 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    couple of points:
    1. God “using you” is no indication of relationship with him. As he says, you can be “used” all your life only to find out he never knew you.
    2. You shouldnt base your eternity on a “suggestion”.
    3. There is no context for a man shall not lie with a man as he does with a woman. Thats strait forward and simple just like a stop sign. Stop means stop.

  35. Hmmmm! You dont study the Word of God and come out by the Spirit of God and become a champion of Homosexuality…IT CAN NEVER BE THE HOLY SPIRIT.
    For hose who whimp up emotional sentiments because they look for acceptability apart from GOd’s word, you need to go back to the Saviour of the Cross and His blood is ever available on this side of eternity to claense that depravity away. There is no one person who lives for God that has not being deleivered form the Power of the prince of the air…that works disobedience in the sons of disobedience. Listen friend…loving the sinner and hating the sin is the word but THE SINFUL man MUST REPENT OF his sin else he damns himself… The damnation of man is nothing to the the damnation Jesus has ALREADY DECREED WOULD BE. Where is one place in the scriptures that we here homosexually… He made them MAN and WOMAN; not man-man… same sex is sin1 sin!!sin!!! sin!!!! sin!!!!!! and abomnation as all forms of sinful expressions. WOrship God in the beauty of Holiness….does not include a lifestyle of sin…. For those who uphold scriptures know that it is God that this generation rejects and the giving over to a depraved mind is what we see… let him that thinks he stands take heed, lest he falls…there are other sins that can land us away from God’s presence… keep the BloodMark of Christ affected in your heart and the presence of the Holy Spirit…the seal of our redemption…shalom

  36. I suffer SSA, but I am not gay because I do not participate in gay activities, I have chosen to be straight, it’s great to love on all people, but we are all free agents and when we belong to Christ we sacrifice are desires for a life for Christ. If God was okay with homosexuality he would have never destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Live for the truth of God, not never compromising. Stay bless and be encourage!

  37. When religious folk decide to preach the Kingdom of God is at hand, valid accusations about the love of Jesus Christ are necessary. What you have done here is in direct opposition to the reality of sexual sin, in support of a hetero sexist agenda, and thus fails to really solve the problem of libido. The Scripture says the Flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing. How this blog functions as hate is clear according to the biased beliefs it supports. On the grounds of Christian ethics, gay sex is more likely to be an issue of social sin rather than individual sin in the same way any couple has sex for anything but human flourishing. For example, I can grab a tissue or a pair of scissors, but what happens between public and private worship is what you have invited into the issue about sexual sin. If a man thinks their abominations through the mind of G-d, that man is at fault to think he is the Mind of G-d. What is missing here are theological proofs about G-d’s intentions for recreational and reproductive sex (regardless of sexual orientation or constitutional marriage rights). What needs to be discussed is an appeal to Biblical authorities for the rights of human beings to explore orgasms or Christian “holiness.” Why does recreational sex never came up as the root of all sexual sin? Here we can suggest all kinds of reasons for social oppression. (consider the exploitation of enslaved bodies) And then we can talk about the intersection of Christ and Sodom and Gomorrah or adamah and the tribe of ex-ex gays circulating the globe. Somewhere we should also now bring up LGBT youth who are alienated from either side of these movements because many LGBT virgins or perceived LGBT youth are “bullied” (by the gender constructs you purport to be anti-violence). Let’s talk about rape in the church, but isn’t the Crucified Christ the true victim? To be clear are we against “XIJQ” people or gay sex? The doctrine you have outlined is unclear to these matters.

    student theologian

  38. Lets remove all the suppositional theories that you have deposited here as if they are legitimate in the scope of what God’s word teaches. And let’s just suffice to say that an organization’s beliefs arent intended to “solve problems”, they are intended to clarify one’s beliefs due to other publicly expressed, but opposing beliefs.

    If you are so convicted about all of the XYZ issues you presented, I would suggest that you start a blog and solve them. Otherwise, all of this can be considered little more than a series of superficial complaints which will be quickly archived and forgotten.

  39. Umm hey my name is Cierra im in homosexuality and I want out just feel like i don’t belong no where im more confused than I ever been. I want the God of Jacob,Abraham and Chick-Fil-A. Don’t think im being funny bc im lively serious. I come from an apostolic holiness background and when I heard about chick-fil-a I immediately did a video defending them.. Seems to me that the media and government is targeting Jesus more than any other God and I want to experience the power of God like never before.. I have backslide more than 3 times. The last time I backslided I was trying to escape the reality that witch craft was in my foundation church though I spoke on this issue to the pastor nothing was done …also there could be a possiblity of homosexuality…I wasn’t the only one witnessing the witch-craft there were saint in there for 20 years telling me that I was basically telling the truth… So when I went out there in sin again I end up being involved with a witch that had a spell books by langston hughes.. She explained and said it was for her school work.. But then i started to hear the word witch craft amongst my peers and out of her mouth saying how her cousin was involved who is a stud and been my friend for 4 years and in connection with a member of my church’s daughter. And there were pictures in my phone that I took in her house where I had visble tattos which I have none and they looked so demonic and I was able to see these tats after the prayer of asking. I prayed about the witch -craft that could’ve been on me and after I prayed that prayer I never been involved with her again or that friend again. She ended up shooting at me at one point… she was some how connected with the witch from my church this was a different area so I had no idea. dealing with her more demonic spirtual things would happen and it’ was so crazy.. remembering
    When I was saved I would fast for like weeks at a time because I love the revelation that God was giving me about the bible and when I wanted to go to someone who is respected amongst the congregation to help me pray about the information I was recieving I was kicked out of her house… It was all information on how we should view God as being politcally correct.. She told me that the founder of our organization which is my Grandfather would want us to vote. It was as if they knew the evils that this obama man was doing but didn’t care. I later found out that this woman could be a typical witch and she is the one that helped raised me. Me seeing what was going on in church reminded me about the times I got molested and nothing was done no one to understand but God. I was a victim myself by a person that had a postion and I spoke out about this and nothing was done. Someone was talking about me as if I was the one sitting in the middle of candles chanting up spirits . That is something I would never do being the fact that I be tormented by demons that control my face muscles. I have been so desparte for help that I attended a church that believed in adultrey which wasnt the way I was raised I just fiqured that adultrey was better than enablers of witchcraft. But I don’t know. I want God so bad it hurts and im afraid I want to trust a Man or Woman of God but it’s so hard to tell the difference on who is ginuely gonna help me.. I really just want to overcome like he said.

  40. @Cierra

    Friend you spoke of “when you were saved”, there is no such thing (though some would disagree) either you are…are you aren’t and being you were practicing homosexuality then you weren’t. You said, “you just want to trust a man and/or a woman”, once again God, says, “trust no man or woman”, especially w/all your heart for we are human and mutable (changing all the time whether for the better or worse). That being said, you cannot trust someone who can change at the drop of a hat, trust Christ who is immutable (unchanging) w/all your heart. And he will send true laborers across your path, one will plant, one will water, but He will do the increase.

    And as far as witchcraft goes, the spirit of Jezebel is everywhere, yes especially in the church, but recognize you too have been practicing witchcraft, for everyone in a spirit of disobedience is practicing witchcraft. The prophet Samuel said to Saul, because of his disobedience, “your acting like some heathen witch.” My comments may cause you to become angry w/me, it is not my desire for you to be angry, but if so, so be it. If it will cause you to come from darkness into his marvelous light, then I’ve done what I’m suppose to. Whether you like me or not is not my concern, even though I would like you to, but my upmost concern is your salvation, and it is His desire more than mine, for he did for you, that which I and noone else could. Hopefully I’ve planted some seed, as feeble as it might be, someone else will come along and give some water to that seed.

  41. And I will be in prayer for you also, Cierra. Surrender all to God and repent of your sin. His salvation and the working of His shed blood in your life can loose the chains of bondage, whether from witchcraft or homosexuality, etc, over your life. It sounds like the desire is there. Go now, the whole way. Deny yourself, confess your sin and receive Christ. We’ll be here if you have questions, need help or anything else. God bless.

  42. No I really took that as Love , Tony and Tim.. @ Tony I apperciate the rebuke . Actually I did act in disobedience when I went backwards instead of forward even though I was hurt by them it still wasn’t right for me to up and leave and try to earse everything from my mind…I know it was the fact that it was family memeber and it shocked me into stupidity. I don’t want to put my all in a man or woman of God I just realize I need some help but this time I want to make sure they aren’t fake with it and neither am I ..Im going to return to georgia soon and I would love to attend. Not to become dependant on anyone but to learn and get whatever God disire is for my life and to accomplish the things that he wants me. If it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have just the little knowledge I have now and If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be awake. I honestly thought no one was going to answer me back and I said well that’s fine I will just keep praying and asking for the direction I should go. I didn’t mean the friend I had while I was saved .When Im saved I have no friends when I backslide from being saved and I ran back out there into the world of homosexuality then I went back to the very friends that wasn’t spiritual towards God at all and the girl that was talking to she was a spell caster…It just shows me the very thing I tried to escape from is the samething I ran into. Im the type when im saved im saved and when im in the world im in the world.I just want out and to be free forever.

  43. I have been reading Psalm 142 and God has work things in my favor when I went to this page .. I just hope you guys are located where I can take the marta bus… I will leave any and everybody and sleep in my car if I got to. I need the word and Im excited , I need correction and Im still excitied. In that scripture it says that the righteous will surround me I will be around people who are righteous and God will be there amongst them… U see I keep coming on here thats bc this is my prize i believe that through the word and God and being amongst you guys I will find freedom please discern me go to Jesus about This Cierra and whatever he tell you tell me and if he dont want me to know then okay (still wanna know) I never felt so good about something like this.. I will deny myself trust.maybe Im too excited maybe not enough

  44. yall aint got to claim me but im going to claim my delieverance,healing,freedom,will for God, in the name of Jesus Christ.Jesus

  45. amen Cierra! Thats the FIRST thing you do. Claim what belongs to you. Deliverance is your right, given to you by the shed blood of Jesus. Every man who repents has the right to be free in Jesus. Just like if you found out who had some money left to you by a rich relative. The first thing you have to do is go claim your money. No one says well I will just wait and see if it comes to me. Or they will give it to me when they want to. If its yours, go get it! Claim it!

    Homosexuality is nothing but a slavemaster who wants to keep you choppin cotton on the plantation. And in the end, will give you payment called death. I encourage you to escape, get on the freedom train and dont look back! I did 22 years ago and I AM FREE!

    So come on my sister, lets get moving. Your real life awaits you. EMail me at so we can connect. Bless you and thank you for sharing with us. Thank you Tony and Tim for sharing love and truth with Cierra.

  46. @Cierra

    Continue on my friend, receive the brothers’ and sisters’ the Lord will send across your path and he will do the increase. I receive in my spirit you truly want to be delivered and made free. And it can happen because what God has done, for the creator of this site our beloved pastor and countless others, so he can do for you. Email pastor as he has requested and listen to his story, for we all have a story/testimony to tell/share. I will pray for you, and like Paul had the scales removed from his eyes, so shall you. Your friend. Tony

  47. This got to be the real deal….I watched the testimony and it really touched my heart that a pastor could relate to my pain and more. It really take boldness to share that.I talk to some of my family members about my hopes of this being the church that GOD wants me to attend and of course they don’t understand but I have great feeling in
    my bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Praise GOD for your ministry! We seem to be few and far between these days but one day all who endure in the faith until the end will be joined w/ our Lord Jesus in God’s glorious everlasting kingdom! Keep encouraging and exhorting each other in faith, love, holiness, godliness, righteousness unto the LORD. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus!

  49. I just want to thank God for your ministry. A lot of people who suffers from sexual impurity (notice I didn’t just say homosexuality, but that also includes fornication, adultery, etc.) need something or someone as a point of reference in order to be delivered from such. I thank God for your testimony of deliverance. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and know that you have my support. God is a God of all possibilities! He is a God of salvation and deliverance and I truly believe that God can deliver ANYONE of sexual impurity. All it takes is trusting HIM and by ingesting and applying His Word.

  50. Hi,Im a Brit and have to say a site like this if it was here in secular Britain would be innundated with abuse. Its incredible that you have a clear moral Christian voice about homosexuality because this fallen world needs such voices. The first lie was to the woman given by Satan that if she ate of the tree of life she would live forever….the modern lie is now….homosexuality is about love and equality taste it and live life to the full Satan is still at it with his lies……we paid a huge price for the first lie the world will pay and is paying another huge price for this lie.

  51. thank you Frank! Very well stated. Lies will lead all who follow and approve of them to hell. Its just that raw and simple.

  52. this site is so unbiblical it is hard to read. who owns it, and what agenda are they pushing? obviously not God’s.

  53. Thank You for proclaiming the truth, keep doing it no matter what may try and come against you. God Bless You.

  54. Thank you for your Biblical response to homosexuality! Question: Why are not more black Christian clergy speaking out against the President’s support of gay marriage, etc? Are they simply being ignored by the liberal media or is it because of sinful silence on their part? We need to continue praying for our nation to repent, not only for support of homosexual sin but of all the other sins our nation is supporting now!

  55. Ernest, part of the problem as best we can ascertain is that black preachers are locked into the Democratic political system. And this prevents them from voicing any open criticism of Obama’s rabid homosexual advocacy even against the church. They are afraid that if they break ranks, they will be going against a black man in power. To them thats an “uncle tom” issue because they hate the white gop political leaders.

  56. “Sexual restrictions and prohibitions are applicable to all people irregardless of the chronological time. If Im not mistaken, even atheists believe adultery is wrong.”

    Referring to the verses given by Tom, the verses in Numbers refer to a law that we do not follow as Christians. Your argument does not quite explain why we don’t follow this. Adultery is also applicable to all people regardless of chronological time. All people are capable of committing adultery just as all people are capable of committing the sin of homosexuality.
    Also, there are atheists who have open relationships with spouses. Therefore adultery- voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse- is not considered wrong by all people.

    Could we have some deeper discussion?


  57. I’m just wondering… You’re site is created for homosexuals whom you want to help convert back into heterosexuals, so as to rid them of their sin correct?

    GCMW: No, thats not correct. See the About page.

    For a confused homosexual who could stumble upon this website thinking that they are just trying to do what feels right and natural for them, this site can be very offensive, or feel hateful to them.

    GCMW: We have given every “confused homosexual” looking for the truth, the truth. The truth does offend some, but to those who receive it, it will liberate them. John 8:32

    Almost everyone who has commented with their questions has been extremely polite and not aggressive.
    GCMW: Some have, most have not. We’re not dealing with flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness and that calls for discernment as to the intent behind people’s words. So we respond accordingly.

    The second that you do not agree though, you use extremely loaded language and portray a huge amount of hate and judgement. Whereas with people praising your work, you bless them and welcome them.
    GCMW: Aren’t you judging me and making accusations based solely on your perception? Thats hypocrisy isnt it? What we do is fight lies and praise the truth. Just like Jesus did.

    I do not think this is effective for the people you are trying to reach.
    GCMW: Again,the reason you are confused is because you havent taken time to read or understand our mission which has been clearly stated for almost 7 years.

  58. Discuss away Laura. Get as deep as you like. I cant promise anyone will join you because we have discussed this in depth and detail numerous times over the last seven years. Maybe it would be better if you took some time to read before you began making suggestions based on faulty perceptions.

  59. @gcm watch…you promised Dr. P on here that you would address the issue of individuals born with ambiguous genitalia ((both sex parts)) and how they fit into the biblical standard of sexual morality. I’ve also brought this subject up on a different thread and am very interested in your response.

  60. @gcmwatch…ive read your position and I do mean YOUR position on intersected individuals. First I must say how very paternalistic of you to come up with your own formula for holiness for such people. Suggesting they pick a gender they feel most “comfortable” with and stick with it even going as far to benton surgery as an option is quite intrusive into an individual right to self acceptance and even physical health. who says they feel most comfortable with one gender? Or surgery? Since when has holiness before God required such radical action? God makes a person with with dual genitalia and you tell them to only use one and ignore the other or cut it off…lol. You still didn’t mention the partners of said ppl. Are they not engaging in homosexuality when having sex with an intersexed person? You also gave no solution for those who are transgendered through surgery. Yea its wrong if you say so, but u leave it at that. I think you should admit that these issues are above your paygrade and cannot be explained away with nature religious doctrine.

  61. David you seem to have a problem with people expressing their opinion. Clearly I stated I had no professional experience with this but since I WAS ASKED unsolicited for it, I gave it. You also seem to have a problem with something called choice. Something else that I said is a person’s perogative. I have neither the time nor inclination to address all the unmentioned variables of a person’s life. Your made it pretty clear that your role here is to simply sit in judgment and Im going to graciously allow you to continue doing so in a way that benefits us both.

  62. Homosexuality is only covered in a very minute part of the Bible, yet you have made it into a HUGE issue. Jesus said much about hypocrisy and adultery, but not a word about homosexuality. You have set yourself up to have more authority than Jesus Christ, as He said:
    “For God did not send His Son into the world that He might judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” (John 3:17 LITV)

    Note that “JESUS DID NOT COME INTO THE WORLD TO CONDEMN THE WORLD.” So, shouldn’t you be abiding in Christ and showing the same mercy, grace and love? If He didn’t come to condemn the world, then how do you have more authority than the Almighty Creator of the Universe? Pray about it and ask for God’s wisdom!

    I have never, ever seen even a single homosexual converted through condemnation, but many through grace, mercy, compassion and love. “He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone!”

  63. Alan, I think the problem is you have this blog confused with something else. I would suggest that you go back and READ the purpose and intent for this blog. Maybe that will help to reorient your response.

  64. Alan, Jesus came to save the people from their sins, and thus not condemn them to hell. His Spirit is in the world to convict the world of sin, so that they will cry out to God for forgiveness in repentance of their sins, whatever the sin(s) may be. Homosexuality is a sin, and all sin has the same wage, death.

    How little or much you perceive Jesus to have spoken about a particular sin is a weak rebuttal; it’ matters factually that he identified it as sin in both the Old and New Testaments, and has warned us all that reward of sin is eternal damnation. People are not saved by lies, half-truths or euphamism but by the truth. The truth is what makes every sinner who believes free. Compassion is love, and to tell one the truth is love. It was God’s love that sent Jesus to us to tell us the truth that we may not be condemned as sinners but saved by his grace as believers.

    Hearing the truth often hurts, but it’s the balm we need to heal. Jesus did not have to say much on the subject of homosexuality, because he said it all on sexual sins when he said, “In the beginning God created male and female; for this same reason shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife.” It’s God’s will that we are supposed to be praying to be done in earth as it is in heaven, and God has willed that man kind not lie with man kind as with a woman, nor for women to leave the natural use of the body. The sin is condemned but the sinner can be saved. It’s that simple.

  65. I completely agree with your beliefs. I am so glad I found your site. I was looking up some info on Mark Lowry and stumbled upon your site. Thank you for standing for the truth It’s encouraging to know everybody has not compromised. Don’t ever move the standard. We need to move closer to the standard, not move it back to where we are. Keep the faith. Hold the line. Others need this truth, and are watching us.

  66. I stumbled upon your website today & agree with your biblical beliefs. I’ve struggled personally with homosexuality being a choice for years. I base this on hearing teens & adults committing suicide after years of prayer & attempting to change. Tell me if I’m wrong if after years of trying to reconcile what I know what scripture says & the believers own heart. It’s this: I look at sin as an act or verb. If the believer believes he is gay & has tried through many different ways to free himself from this sin, he lives his Christian life in celebacy. He walks the Christian walk & thru prayer keeps his heart open to Christ. Is that enough? I know gay people who feel doomed & that Christ has condemned them already. I’ve prayed about this for yrs. it’s never simply a choice & therapy doesn’t always work.This is how I’ve come to my beliefs on this. Please tell if I’m wrong. When asked I always celebacy & walking the Christian walk.

  67. Jesus actually addressed homosexuality. Just because He did not use those words does not mean it wasn’t there. Matthew 19:4-5, “He answered them and said, ‘Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh?'” Here Christ clearly states that marriage is between one man and one woman. Sorry to disappoint.

  68. Thank you SO much for this biblical response to sodomy! There is MUCH more hope for freedom from sodomy through Christ’s blood and God’s Word than the nonsense offered through secular psychology and its 12-step techniques.

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