False Teacher Hall of Shame


Dean Gary Hall of the Washington National Cathedral for claiming that opposing homosexuality is a sin.

Rev Irene Monroe for selling out the black church to white gay activists in exchange for 30 minutes of video infamy.(2013)

Rev. Troy Perry
for founding the abominable gay christian movement. (2014)

Justin Lee, soft spoken false teacher and founder of the Gay christian network which presupposes the errant ideology that Christians can live sexually immoral lives without repentance. (2011)

Rev. Jim Wallis Sojourners founder for accepting money a left wing gay political group to change his tune on homosexual marriage. (2013)

Rev. Oliver White, the African American UCC pastor for attempting to force his congregation to accept homosexuality by claiming that “Jesus didnt know it all”. Thankfully, they deserted him. (2013)

Matthew Vines, the childish founder of Reformation Project who’s two year study of the bible and progay theologians prompted him to declare 2,000 years of proven truth to be wrong.

Rev. Kittredge Cherry of the gay MCC denomination, fills her perverted mind with erotic images of Jesus whom she prays to help her honor the gay flag.

Revs Dennis and Christine Wiley of Washington DC for pridefully boasting of being the first black church to perform homosexual weddings in the nation’s capital.
Dr. James Forbes of New York for bragging that he’s officiated homosexual weddings for 15 years.

Brian McLauren, the “emerging church” heretic for using his gay son to promote false teaching that homosexuality is not a sin. (2012)

Bishop Jim Swilley, former pastor of Atlanta’s Church in the Now for using the guise of curtailing “gay teen suicide” to announce his own homosexuality. Thankfully, his church no longer exists.(2010)

Bishop Carlton Pearson, former pentecostal preacher for his advocacy of the false and demonic inclusion doctrine. (2007)

15 thoughts on “False Teacher Hall of Shame

  1. Why don’t you folks just start your own churches?
    Please answer this.
    God bless you

    GCMW: Who is “you folks”?

  2. I understand that the traditional churches want to remain steadfast in the idea that Gay people have no place in their churches based on a few scriptures.

    GCMW: This is your first error. Churches who hold scripture as authoritive dont believe homosexuals “have no place in their churches”, they believe that homosexuals should repent of their sins like every other sinner. They are welcome just like anyone else, even if they dont repent. But just like anyone else the refusal to repent (a universal requirement) excludes them from from participation in the spiritual life of the church. That’s real equality.

    There are just as many Christians that have divorced and remarried and when you confront them with that being a sin and living in adultery they say ” His grace is enough” So please answer me this if His grace is enough for them to live in an adulterous relationship Don’t you think that God’s grace is enough to cover the gay christian also…

    GCMW: No. Have you never heard two wrongs dont make a right? Youre attempting to leverage one sin against another hoping it will produce righteousness. It will not. Instead of homosexuals remaining in homosexual sin and attempting to stone those who have gotten divorces, they should FIRST take the mote out of their own eye, repent and then they will have the moral authority to deal with the divorce issue. At best its a pot/kettle situation. Secondly, divorce is BIBLICALLY ALLOWED under certain circumstances namely: in cases of adultery and the death of a spouse. Conversely, there are ZERO circumstances where homosexuality is allowed, sanctioned or supported even if it is consensual. See the difference?

    I went to dinner on evening with my former pastor and his second wife and his associate pastor and his third wife… one of the men ordered pork ribs and the other shrimp scampi I was sitting there at the other end of the table and realized they were both “in adulterous relationships” and were ordering pork and shrimp… it came to me in that moment just how hypocritical they church has become.

    GCMW: If you think eating pork and shrimp scampi is hypocritical you are about as shallow and trivial minded as one can get. BTW, you didnt mention what you had for dinner? Was it chicken salad since you are so anti-pork and fish?

    So if gay relationships are now becoming more acceptable should we be more concerned about Christ as our Lord and the message of the gospel not the legalistic laws he cam to abolish? We are NOT under the law… and you can’t have it both ways!

    GCMW: There’s only one reason gay sexual relationships are becoming “more acceptable”. Its because there is more rejection of God’s truth. The more you reject his truth the farther you will drift away from what keeps you free from perversion. There’s only ONE WAY and thats HIS WAY no matter who’s at issue.

  3. Blessings Brother Foster,

    It has been a while since I met you in Montgomery, AL outside SPLC. I want to thank you for your graciousness and kindness. You were a true gentleman and without your help, my papers would have blown away. Thank you for continuing to stand on the wall, proclaim truth and shame the devil. May God continually protect and bless your ministry.

  4. Greetings

    The state of moral apostasy in the church of America is a a terrible thing. The nation is begging for greater judgment because, like the church sleeps like the five foolish virgins. Continue to hold the banner of the blood stained banner of the cross of Christ.

    I write against this sin at http://pppministries.wordpress.com/category/current-affairs/homosexuality/

    Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity and protection.

    Mercedes C. Moss

  5. This is disgusting. I didn’t know such ignorance could cloud people’s minds to such great an extent. I do sincerely hope that Jesus’ teachings against ignorance will reach those who deny gay people the fundamental right–given to them by God, and encouraged by Jesus–to love.

    How could love be wrong? Love comes from God. Anyone who loves comes from God. Jesus himself said this.

    GCMW: How could love be wrong? Are you sure you want the answer to that? You seem to advocate idea that everyone has the right to independently define love and then act on that definition of love as they see fit. Consequently are we all then to support and affirm whatever definition and behavior the person or persons use to legitimize such love? If it works for one, then in fair equity it must work the same for all, right? Jesus said the world loves its own and hates him and those who follow him. So how do you reconcile such a opposing view as the one presented by Jesus?

    But, just as Jesus said in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, “If they won’t listen to the prophets, not even a man returning from the grave will convince them.”

    I’m surprised that Rob Bell isn’t on this list. He supports the right to love as well. If you wish to have a fully complete list of theologians, pastors, and priests supporting that right, you should include Rob Bell.

    GCMW: The right to love? Is that another clever euphemism describing homosexual behavior now?

  6. It seems to me that many people, both christian and non-christian imagine that homosexuals experience the same blissful union that heterosexuals do and that is what, in their eyes, makes them think of homosexuality as an equal kind of loving. If only they read some of what these people write about their experiences. Forty years ago I read “The Naked Civil Servant” by Quentin Crisp as part of a course in sociology. His homosexual exploits most certainly did not bring him joy. I have never forgotten his descriptions of the shame and degradation he felt. Of course, some might argue that this was because he was a practising homosexual at a time when this was still illegal in England. Nevertheless, his clinching statement for me was not at all caused by societal disapproval. It went something like this: “My dream is that one day I will meet a tall, dark, handsome man who will sweep me off my feet. But I am doomed to be frustrated because I know that, were I ever to meet such a man, he could not be a real man.” Even Quentin Crisp recognized that “real men” are heterosexual. The fact is that God created us male and female and we cannot find fulfilment in same sex relationships

    The lie about homosexual experience being equal but different to heterosexual experience is confusing many christian people, particularly in the younger generation, as to the fact that practising homosexuality is a sin. And this insistance on “gay rights’ has had another effect, not very often talked about with regard to refraining from all appearance of evil. It is now more damaging to a single person’s reputation to live with a fried of the same sex than to live with a member of the opposite sex. This is very hard on lonely single christians who might wish to live with another single christian of the same sex purely for companionship. It is now almost impossible to do so without arousing the suspicion of people who are not christians as to the nature of the relationship. And, even worse, in some circles, a mature single man who lives alone is even suspected of being a closet homosexual.

  7. Just like we cant bring drugs& alcohol to the church you must leave your homo sin at the door too. I’m just saying. All sin is sin.

  8. Ann… who says Quentin Crisp was even same? Lol. Dea, what’s drugs are considered sin? Cocaine, weed, heroine, or caffeine? Caffeine is a drug that altered the body physiologically. Is coffee prohibited by the church? Does the church not use alcohol in its ritual of holy sacrament? Half of you don’t know what sin is. Keep picking and choosing. The world will keep mocking your ignorance. Jesus freed you to eat shellfish but not to love who want… Also gcmw you dodged her question. You claim ppl are inventing new definitions of love. The question is how can love be wrong?

  9. Ann, I’ve never read the book by Crisp, but I will now. I found your analysis of Crisp’s stunning admission of the utter futility of the homosexual relationship as a thwarted and misguided desire for a heterosexuality was not only helpful and instructive, but also insightful regarding reaching out to those struggling with a same sex attraction.

    Sadly, the LGBT community has a politically correct stranglehold on the media, prevents them from reporting the outrageous numbers of domestic violence within the LGBT community. This unreported tragedy creates a greater sense of despair and hopelessness for those tortured souls desiring to escape that lifestyle. If the public knew the truth, calling them “gay” is the last word that would come to mind.

    Most unfortunately they feel that we, the church, are also unloving and untrustworthy, and would be equally loathed to come to us for help.

  10. Jesus is love, and he does love us all. Howevwe, he hates all our sin(s) they seperate us from him. According to the word, it causes enmity between he and thee. My wilfull sins, yours, and any other persons sins he hates. Scripture says he’s given us grace in the pardoning and forgiveness of all sin, yet, he doesn’t want us to misuse that grace so that we can justify our sinful nature in continuing to commit sin over, and over, again. He does not want us to live a life of practiced sin, just because we have grace. Meaning, I have to be mindful of my intent to sin. For example, I can’t go to the liquor store every pay day, buy the liquor drink it then say it’s not my intent to drink, it just happens. I set it up so that I could sin, then try justify it. Now spritually, and it’s clearly written we all know it we just don’t want to except it but, all sex outside of marriage let me clarify- between a man and woman is sin. However, just because I’m lonely, or horny, or lustful then I comes up with reasons why it’s ok for me to sin. We alllllllll know no one is perfect, but we can’t be soooooo imperfectly sinful that we keep doing what’s good to the flesh and never get it right with christ then really believe we’re heaven bound. All that to say we can’t live a life of practiced sin, taking advantage of god’s grace and think we’re so slick that god can’t see us.

  11. Just because Jesus is love doesn’t mean we get free passes to sin. Love and sin are obviously to seperate issues. Sin is enmity betwee us and God even though he still loves us, he absolutely hates our sins. Love, he’ll always love us handsdown, but he’ll never turn a blind eye to our sins. He teaches us right from wrong. He also wants us to love one another, but when I’m sinning/wrong, I am sinning/wrong but the love doesn’t stop. Just because I love someone doesnt mean there aren’t consequences when I commit an unacceptable act.

  12. A new false teacher to add to the Hall of Shame List.

    Pastor Jonathan Henderson Chaplain for Pacific Union College in his October 2014 sermon entitled “Adam and Steve” did much damage to biblical truth and people who are struggling with homosexuality. His cleverly devised fable is that God changes what constitutes sin over time as needed. Quoting Jonah 3:10 to falsely make his case Henderson says, “Listen, the character of God never changes. His heart never changes. His love never changes. It will never–we could never be separated from that. But God will change His mind because we change! The game changes and God will adjust based on the circumstances. Why wouldn’t He? In fact, coaches get fired because they don’t know how to change their game plan within the game!”

    Not only did he say that God changes; but plainly stated that God is not in control but we are,“God isn’t in control,” Henderson said. “He gave that over to you, and look what we’ve done with it.”

    New lies by the same old devil.

  13. love is not needy, clutching and selfish as what you are calling ‘love’ is…ready Emotional Dependency by Lori Rentzel–excellent book. I Corinthians describes what true love is…

  14. When we say Christian, we are say that we are Christ like. We can not go into another man’ house and bind.Christ is not confuses. He also said he that is for me will not be against me, keep on saying, keep your peace God gave u.

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