Southern gospel music has homosexual issues too

GCMW: This is a little old, but it highlights that misplaced tolerance for homosexuality is not just a problem in the black gospel music industry. For those who don’t know the Gaithers are Southern Gospel old heads. I am posting the story in its entirety with a footnote that there’s much more to this we will report on.


Since the early 1990s, the Gaither’s Homecoming CD and video series has dramatically increased the popularity of Southern Gospel music in this generation. Sadly, Bill Gaither has used his vast influence to promote the lie that music is neutral and thus to encourage the deep inroads that the world has made into Southern Gospel. He has also promoted the unscriptural ecumenical movement with its bogus “judge not” philosophy and its lack of concern about doctrinal purity. In late 2002, Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry met with and encouraged Marsha Stevens, the lesbian author of the popular gospel song “For These Tears I Died.” Stevens, who has a ministry called BALM (Born Again Lesbian Music), attended the Gaither Homecoming concert in Phoenix in December 2002, with her lesbian partner. Mark Lowry, who has sung with the Gaither Vocal Band for many years, approached her and said that he was proud of what she is doing. Surprised, she said, “You know what I’m doing now?” He replied: “I sure do and I wish the fundamentalist would find Jesus. They’re going to have a lot to answer for, leaving out people that Jesus died for” (Marsha Stevens, New Years Eve 2002 with Bill Gaither”).

Bill and Gloria Gaither then came over and told her that they, too, appreciate her ministry today. A photo at Stevens’ web site shows her and her lesbian partner with Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry. In the last part of the concert later that night, Gaither invited the crowd to sing along to “For Those Tears I Died.” He then said: “You know, the young woman who wrote that song is here with us tonight, and maybe you’re like she was and you’ve heard about a God who would reject you for who you are or who might turn you away for something you’ve done or where you’ve come from. Well I want you to know that I don’t know that God. The only God I know is the one in this song that she wrote. The one that says, ‘I am right here for you.’ The one who sent His son. The one who says, ‘You are my child, I love you, come stand by my side.’ So sing with me again!”

In fact, the Lord Jesus Christ did not die for tears; He died for sin. And He suffered to save men FROM their sins not in their sins (Titus 2:14). The Bible plainly teaches that homosexuality is a grave sin. It is described in Romans 1:26-28 as “vile affections” (v. 26), “against nature” (v. 26), “unseemly” (v. 27), and “a reprobate mind” (v. 28). Christ taught us that there is no salvation without repentance. “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Lk. 13:3, 5). To the woman caught in adultery He said, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more” (Jn. 8:11). To the cripple man who was healed, Christ said, “Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee” (Jn. 5:14). The grace of God does not teach men that they can live as they please and still have God’s blessing. “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world” (Titus 2:11-12). By God’s marvelous grace, any homosexual can repent of his sin and cast himself upon Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Saviour, but he cannot continue to live in his fornication and moral perversion and pretend that all is well between him and a holy God. Further, fornication is a cause for church discipline (1 Cor. 5).


5.22.08 – It appears that Marsha Stevens lied and misrepresented the impromptu photo op with Bill Gaithers. Gaithers released a public statement denying that he in any way supports Stevens’ homosexuality. Its unfortunate that gay christians like Stevens have to resort to such blatant dishonesty in their attempts to gain credibility.


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  1. Good Lord All Mighty!!

    Well….Satan doesn’t discriminate does he…he is dragging down White and Black and other Churches with his Gay Agenda…

    What is HAPPENING to this world?????

    It is horrific enough that the homosexual agenda has duped the non christian world……….BUT how can Christians be so utterly stone cold stupid vis a vis the gay agenda???

    What’s next? Are we going to start calling Muslims and Hindus are brothers and sisters in the faith?

    Pro Abortion Christians perhaps?????

    Surely we are in the days of Noah!!!

  2. I’m pretty sure Jesus died for everyone. On a flip side, I don’t think we should have hate in our hearts over these facts. Jesus did show us compassion for everyone on this earth. He touched the lives of even those who defiled their own bodies like the prostitutes. But for us christians today, i’m sure we have a part to play, and that same compassion and Forgiveness should be prevailent in our lives. I believe there aren’t enemies in heaven and i don’t think we will be there if we are hating others. it’s a personal decision and it’s our part to help those like Stevens to know the truth and share the truth in Love, not war…

  3. This story…is a little twisted.Bill Gaither released a press story about this a year or two ago stating the whole truth and nothing but the truth.What really happened is that Marsha and Cindy got their picture made with Bill & Mark backstage (most likely an artist circle thing) after the concert.The only connection Bill & Mark made Marsha was that he had Kim Hopper (I think) sing a verse of “For Those Tears I Died”, a song Marsha wrote in her days with Children of the Day.To make a long story short,the real reason why that song was sung was b/c Bill & Gloria were celebrating 40 years of Christian music.The problem I have with stories like the one above is that the facts are not straight…nor have they ever been! Bill & Mark got their pic made with a random homosexual couple and had no further conversation with them. It was the homosexuals that exploited the photo on their website…not Bill or Mark…

    GCMW: Andrew, can you provide some type of evidence of the press release you claim Bill Gaither released? We have found nothing of the sort. And just to be clear, you are saying that the lesbian couple outright lied about their relationship with the Gaithers and that neither the Gaithers or Mark Lowry support homosexuality in any way? Is that what you are saying?

  4. Thank you for having the bravery to walk past a politically correct world and name the sin for what it is. God hates the sin, but, still loves the sinner. Pray for these folks that they find salvation before it is too late.

  5. Sin is sin, Period! I believe the Bible tells us that in the Last Days yes would be no and no would be yes. What we are seeing here is just the ENDTIMES! In fact to find out more information on the ENDTIMES, go to ENDTIME.COM It is not my web site nor anyone that I personally know, it is just a really good biblical website that shares the truth about the ENDTIMES. May God richly bless everyone that stands up against this sin of homosexuality! For it is a sin and NO sin shall enter Heaven!

  6. Why should anyone be surprised by this? Gospel Music has ALWAYS been full of drunks, drug users, sodomites, adulterers and active non-believers in Jesus the only Christ, son of God Almighty. They’ve gotten by with the ‘I’m just a sinner’ routine long enough. GMA & Gaither’s are just the glossy part of a wholly deceptive and unGodly country music business, all show-biz, mind control and certainly not representative of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just listen…they’ll say ‘Jesus’, or ‘Christ’, or ‘God’, or ‘Lord’….and ‘FAITH’ – there’s plenty of that. Roman Catholic system claims ‘the faith’. Just check the youtube video of Kelly Clarkson singing ‘Ave Maria’ to Joseph Ratzinger and see the god they worship displayed behind the pedophile pope….their ‘Jesus’ replete with the penis of Osiris in his ‘unholy’ robe. These fakirs use these words independently but never “Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the only son of the Creator God Almighty”. Now THAT”S OPENLY identifying someone with the God of the AV1611 Reformation KJV Bible. Otherwise, we’re stuck with a bunch of slick apostate fake Christians….If you are a true Christian, a former ‘church-oholic’ best stick with the ones who call themselves Bible-Believers than ‘Christians’. Bush, a Catholic, and our 501(c)3 apostate ROMANIST, SODOMIT-ISH churches have already sullied the word “Christian’. Just who is the “Christ’ they serve – Alice Bailey’s NWO ‘Christed’…..LUCIFER HIMSELF!

  7. T.J., T.J. You are a sad, angry, judgmental, name calling foolish person who will ultimately answer to God for your hate-filled words. Your generalized statements defaming people you probably don’t even know surely makes God cry.

    You will rightly receive the punishment you surely deserve one day. There is nothing in your vile statement that is Godly. Nothing that remotely depicts the love of God toward mankind.

    Shameful poison oozes from your mouth and you will have to answer for it. Nevertheless, I will pray for you as no one is beyond hope and true salvation.

  8. If I remember my Bible correctly, it says that only God can judge the heart. This is something that many straight Christians seem to forget. I am a lesbian in a 15 year committed, monogamous relationship. I am no more or less a Christian than any of you and yet I am judged by who I share my life with on this earth.
    All I can say is that there are going to be some seriously surprised people in heaven someday!

  9. TJ you are right on it buddy!

    Why does everyone want to be Christian but live like the devil? Probably for the same reason sodomites won’t be happy until we call what they do marriage. Sinners and humanists want to be able to live like they want, and they won’t let up until we are happy participants in their poser life style, and until we call them Christ like.

    Yeah SB. Only God judges the heart, but we get to judge the works.

    BCC. as for your theology, God doesn’t cry. Jesus cried as a man because of the stinkin perversion that he saw in those He came to save. Secondly, there are people who are beyond hope and true salvation. You may be one of them. You really need to read your Bible before you make such uneducated claims. How embarrassing for you.

  10. Yes there will be some seriously surprised people in heaven someday! I will be one of them. Shocked that a holy and righteous God would have found a way to make it possible for me to be there.

    There will also be some seriously surprised people in hell someday. You may be one of them. Shocked that a holy and righteous God would have kept His word about sending any there who would accept His love but reject His righteousness.

  11. “God hates the sin, but still loves the sinner”

    Uhhh …..correct me if I’m wrong, but with out the SINNER…….there IS NO Sin.

  12. Yes for those tears Jesus did die.
    “Blessed our those who mourn for they will be comforted.”
    I find it interesting how being so literal as Christians we can miss the obvious messages in the poetic stuff.
    For example when Jesus says to gouge out your eye if it causes you to sin, or cut off your limbs, etc… we don’t take this stuff literally, yet when Ms.Stevens talks about Jesus dying for “tears” we don’t get the concept that Jesus died for the ones who are broken “I have not for the healthy but the sick”. He came for those who are a mess & clearly understand their fallen state. May we all mourn for the one we have pierced as the inhabitants of Jerusalem do in Zechariah 12:10.
    Instead of being fixated on how evil the broken are, may we see that we are also that way.
    I thank God that I do not struggle with a desire for the same sex. I am thankful that I enjoy the opposite sex. I realize that I am broken in different ways, but I have compassion on those who are “reprobate” in different ways then I am. We all fall under that category if it were not for the grace of God.
    To Mr. Miller who objected to: “God hates the sin, but still loves the sinner” by saying “with out the SINNER…….there IS NO Sin.”
    You have a valid point “While we were YET SINNERS Christ died for us.” or as another verse puts it clearly “Christ died for sins once for all, the Righteous for the unrighteous”. God did show love for the sinners, even while the sin was what drove those nails into his hands.
    I think the better quote would be “Love the sinner and HATE YOUR OWN SIN” as the plank teaching of Jesus shows us. This is the more biblical approach then hating the sins of others. I think if we each took time to work on ourselves we would do a lot less picking at others. Let’s face it, we all have a plank…. some of us acknowledge it and try and work at it so we are more compassionate when we deal with Mr.Speck… and others of us insist that the others are the plank people.
    Let us all be very careful in using words of repulsion or bible quotes at the sin of others, while not first aknowledging that we are coming from that same place of disgusting God with our own sins. “Whoever keeps the law but stumbles at just one place is guilty of breaking all of it.”
    May we treat each other with love and humility.
    May we be so affected by Gods grace towards us, that we show grace with others around us.

    Gail here are some other possibilities:
    “Love God and hate all sin”
    “Love the sinner and hate all sin”
    Love each other and hate any sin”

  13. I have spent the last 20 minutes reading this thread. Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost. Everyone of us are, or were lost. “God commeded His love toward us in that while we were yets siners Christ died for the ungodly.” Christ did this as the Lamb, the gentle harmless lamb of God. But one day Christ will stand in judgement of sin. Not as a loving gentle lamb, but as the King of King and Lord of Lords. Powerful ruling Kings are not humble. They are not gentle. They are not forgiving in their righteous judgement. No, they are Fierce! One does not want to feel the full wrath of Christ the Judge! It will be powerful, it will be without mercy! Christ will judge our sin like we have never been judged before…especially here on this thread! Only our Lord can save. Only our Lord knows who have trusted Him. We can never peer into the soul of a man or woman and know whether they have trusted Christ. Paul said, “For I am persuaded, that neither death nor life, nor principalities, nor powers, nor, things present, nor things to come, no height, nor depth, nor ANY OTHER CREATURE, can be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in CHIST JESUS OUR LORD!!! Are we not all creatures of God? In fact folks, every living, breathing thing is a creature of God. And we can’t even separate ourselves from his love. No matter the sin! Or the Lord Himself would be a liar when he proclaimed…And “no man can pluck them from my hand!” Folks. live by the Word of God. Love and pray each other. Let the King do the judging. He is always acurate! Philippians 1:3

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