The irony of Bobby Jones’ “gospel” show

Yesterday, I came across this youtube video of Sunday’s Bobby Jones Gospel Show on BET. Reading the comments, one would think that the Lord himself had descended with a shout and the trump of God. The consensus of those commenting was that the last time they “had church” like this on BJG was back when Moses parted the red sea (sarcasm needed to make the point).

From what I can see, the hype over the show came not because people repented and turned from their sins, but because there was a lot of pentecostal-flavored histronics, better known as “shouting and dancing”.  The song, “One More Chance” by Ricky Dillard and his group New G(eneration) had a powerful message. But I failed to see how someone as controversial as Ricky Dillard (Dilliard performed on an album benefitting the LA Gay and Lesbian Center) could sing such a song and continue on as if it is nothing but simply a good, hot church performance. He says at the end, “Some of yall dont know your cue.” I guess the “cue” wasn’t to repent, but to dance more.

They would not allow my comment which questioned where Bobby Jones was and why the lead singer conveniently forgot to sing/preach about homosexuality which was such an obvious transgression? Did she avoid it because of Bobby Jones and Ricky Dillard?

After looking at the video and reading the comments here, tell us what you think. 


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  1. I must concede had a powerful message, but I was not impressed with the “histronics” as you put, Pastor DL. It’s not that I am not against an old time Pentecostal shout and dance session. The difference between the oldtime and this performance was just the ol’ timers weren’t performing.

    As to Ricky Dilliard’s involvement in that music project benefiting the LA Gay and Lesbian Center is interesting.

    I have other thoughts you can help me with, Pastor:

    Watching the choir invoked a question that never seems to get answered: Why does it seem so common place for homosexual males in the Black Church find solace in church choirs? Now I do not have gaydar…i think, but it seems that some of the men in the choir seemed to be a bit (with my tongue in cheek) “festive” in their singing.

    I own Donnie McClurkin’s autobiography Eternal Victim/Eternal Victor. He mentioned how he was growing up he found solace in music because of his struggles he had after the abuse he experienced from his uncle and his cousin. Some would put out that pedophilia is not a direct link to male homosexuality, but studies have shown that the majority of male homosexuals have been molested at a younger age.

    It seems that if you are male in the Black Church who sings in the choir and who plays the piano you are or perceived to be a homosexual. Or if you are aesthetically inclined and not athletic, you’re gay. God knows I struggled with these stereotypes throughout my childhoood, high school and college years. God is truly gracious.

    This subject opens up another can of worms but nevertheless I hope you can add your thoughts. Nevertheless, the message was good in the song. But the message wouldn’t penetrate the hearts of men because of the fleshly display of the choir and the evangelist. But I’m not God because he can do anything with that word. I pray the Lord will glorify himself in that song.

  2. Jason, yes this is a good place to talk about this, because it is so entwined with the ssa issue in the church its simply unavoidable.

    The choir and music ministry are front and center every sunday in the church. I would say currently it rivals even the preaching/preacher. Some musicians earn just as much as some pastors.

    I think the important thing to remember is that we are dealing primarily with spiritual conditions. Spirits. Of which the main one is PRIDE.

    I am unashamedly pentecostal and I love choir singing, love the praise and love worship. But I dont love nor will I participate in displays of it where its nothing but flesh and hype. Ive sung in choirs and yes I know first hand that homosexual men are for some reason attracted to it. I think those reasons may be the stuff of a book for somebody. 🙂 I prefer not to use the term gaydar, but spiritual discernment due to intent.

    Its also true that one can be mistaken for something they are not, because of their actions. My advice to them is that if you are truly concerned about being percieved as gay and youre not, then make whatever changes you need to make. I gave the same advice to my 15 year old son regarding the popular thug persona.

    Ok, I’ll let someone else have a stab.

  3. I am convinced that one of the reasons there are so many unrepentant gay males (in particular) who are in choirs, chorales, etc. is because we have reduced gospel music to an art form instead of a form of praise and glorification of our LORD. There is much frenzy, dancing, shouting and drama but very little presence of God. It is no longer seen as a ministry (though they claim it is) but instead an art form. They refer to themselves as artists; “recording artists”.
    Bobby Jones’ show has very little opportunity for the in presentation of truth, musically or otherwise.

    There MUST be an overhaul of the entire approach to music ministry in the black church. We so desire for there to be a music ministry that would “reach” people or “draw” people that we have compromised the integrity of the approach to music ministry.
    It is not only gay folk but the sexual immorality that is rampant inthe church and the “gospel music industry”. That is also one of the reasons that ministers and preachers refuse to cry out against the same sex attraction isssue in the church. There is no ground for moral standing because sexual sin is everywhere.

    The danger of the Gay issue in the church’s music and pulpits is the sin has been tolerated for so long that there is a feeling of entitlement that has developed in this particular subculture as if the church could not continue without those who refuse to give up the sin. Many of these folk are in love with the culture of the black church but not with the scriptures upon which the culture is supposed to be founded.
    The pastors of some of these people must hold their members accountable to hold the biblical standard of living. But! What will happen if their famous members leave? They will become a regular church with no celbrities to draw in “new people”. It is all based o idolatry. The major goal in these circles is to gain a recording contract and national noteriety. What happened to singing to prepare people’s hearts to hear the gospel,or to bring the presence of God to lead to conviction. It is a fond memory in far too many churches today. May your call to Bobby Jones and others serve as a call to repentence.

    Lastly, I have spent 35 years of my life singing in choirs, groups, etc. I know whereof I speak. It is very prevalent. I am sad to say that a lot ofpeople aren’t “struggling” with sexuality issues but rather given over to their passions and lusts. “When sentence against evil works is not swift, the hearts of men are fully persuaded to do evil”. Paraphrase of Ecclesiates 8:11

  4. Speaking of performances, watch Ricky Dillard and choir drop it like its hot while singing “Heaven”. Notice the irony of the song and the performance and spirit.

    My God, Elder Jimmy that was the Word.

    God help us all, I pray HE is awakening a Phineas anointing in his church.

    PS: Yes, to kill the influence of these sexually immoral spirits in his house.

  5. Elder Jimmy
    Amen and AMEN!
    I am convinced (I am a 25+ year choir director, musician Worship leader) that
    We (and I am speaking in VERY general terms when I say ‘we’) have reduced an act of Worship to a performance based minstrelsy, that God does not hear. Isaiah 1 is just as true today as the Day it was written

  6. I am so thankful for this site. It’s about time that the church stop accepting any and everything going on in what’s supposed to be Christian organizations. I’m a vocalist who’s been “in church”, as is so often said, all of my life. I TIRE of seeing such a large percentage of our young men exhibiting homosexual tendencies or just outright living as a homosexual. I also tire of seeing the alleged leaders of the flock openly being whores…sleeping with numerous women in their congregation. It’s EXTREMELY disheartening to see a married alleged leader openly committing adultery. The church has become so money hungry that it’s moreso screaming the statement, “we don’t care what you do, but your money is good here!’ As if it’s now the job of the church to make the drug dealers, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, prostitutes, and all other criminals feel good about putting in their tithes and offerings by making sure they know they’re giving to God. Oh, and they LOVE consistency in tithing/offering!
    No one seems to preach on (or even MENTION for that matter) Leviticus 20:13 ” If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them”…or (regarding adultery) Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil from Israel”…and PLEASE don’t try to say, “that scripture only speaks of a man laying with a WIFE, not a HUSBAND laying with a woman”…PLEASE!! There is no wonder that so many find it so easy to continue to stay in bed on Sundays and Wednesdays (or whenever the midweek service is) because the church is more of a corporation only geared to cater to those who have the money to finance the building of family life centers or purchase new pews and finance the pastor’s family with fine homes and vehicles. And, organizations such as the ACLU and atheist groups can take such bull to the courts as discontinuing prayer in schools, discontinuing religious broadcasting, changing “Merry Christmas” to happy holidays so as not to offend those who don’t celebrate Christmas, and the list goes on. The real travesty of all is that they are successful in getting these so-called laws implemented. People are willing to make a public outcry about idiotic things such as abuse of animals and prisoner’s rights and gay and lesbian rights, but millions of children are missing, being abused/molested/neglected, or living in unimaginable conditions; elderly are being exploited, abused, or neglected; and, we (Blacks) are continually being discriminated against. All other cultures can come into this “melting pot” and bring their traditions and cultural practices with them, but yet our ancestors were stripped of theirs and berated with the cultural practices of those who enslaved them. And, it INFURIATES me that the homosexuals have the audacity to say that we’re hypocrits! God DESTROYED Sodom and Gomorrha! My 12 year old daughter asks me, “momma, why are all or most church men gay?” That’s evident that our children are watching and taking notes. GOD HELP US ALL!!

  7. First of all I am in no way a fan of Bobby Jones Gospel Show for my own personal reasons. Being a musician who has been involved in Choir music all of my life, and a follower of gospel music, I can honestly say that I have followed many of the “popular” choir albums that have come and gone over the last few years. I would honestly assess this “performance” as one of the more powerful songs that Ricky has done even though it is a remake. I say this because of the seemingly genuine WORSHIP of the leader. One of the things I hate the most, and I do mean hate, seems to be mis-perception. I thoroughly attempt to avoid watching almost all religious shows that come on TV including TBN due to the overwhelming fact that most of church has become commercialized and are therefore unbearable to watch, however I noticed one thing about this video, Bobby Jones is a scripted show. With time limits and commercial breaks. Anyone who has watched this show can attest that an outbreak of the Holy Spirit is certainly not the norm even if Bobby Jones tried to initiate it. I would agree that a lot of the homosexual tendencies in music is prevalent, however my Bible has clearly communicated to me that God is the giver of Gifts and He gives them according to His choice and they come without repentance. Who am I to judge these individuals when most bad habits are ever present even when I sit on the organ or drums to minister.

    Most of the music we see on the TV or that is popular come from former “church” members who got fed up with our system; our system of being so deceitful and dishonest towards one another that the “other side” seemed more appealing due to its realness (and compensation). The author stated that the leader conveniently left out homosexuality because of her affiliation with her choir director and the show she was on. For the sake of total OBJECTIVE critique I will type the words of the LEADERS PART and then we can assess PROPERLY how many sins and real life issues she addressed:

    1 – “So many times I failed Him and done things my own way”:

    2 – “I fell down so low”:

    3 – “I wanna thank the Lord for healing me”:

    4 – “I felt like giving up”:

    5 – “I felt like running away”

    6 – 9 “I was doing my own thing…dancing in the night club on Friday…Danced on Saturday and came to church on Sunday, cut my step…sang my song…and left the church and went back to my sin LIKE A DOG TO HIS VOMIT” Paraphrased


    10 – “I should’ve been a junkie”

    11 – “All the weed I smoke could have been laced with Angel Dust”

    12 – 15 “I should have been crazy … I would have had a fit…should have been dead…in a grave… in the 9th ward…this service should have been my memorial service…I should have been COOCOO…(takes alot to admit this even for a show)

    16 – “This is my final warning!!!…Some of you in here tonight should give your life to Jesus…Give your life to Jesus because you don’t know where death might be.”

    17 – “You cant go to Heaven with a sweetheart and a wife:”

    18 – “HOLINESS is right!!!”

    19 – “The Church has to take a stand!!!”

    20 – “You can’t be a JELLYBACK”
    Universally known as a wimp sissy or homosexual

    21 – “You cant be a bootlegger”

    22 – “You cant be a jacklegger”
    Double minded

    23 – “You dont want to be left here for the Rapture!!!!”
    A sinner caught without JESUS

    And after all of that, Ricky says that some of you don’t know your cue. Now in context a true Bobby Jones Gospel audience would not know how to react being that Bobby Jones has continuously made a very “limited” show in what he allows. If you are not convinced. Google the episode where Tye Tribbett was on and the Spirit was going forth and Bobby Jones verbally said, “OK now lets cut all that out, we need to move on!” I was in a choir that has sang for Mr. Jones and his annoyance at anyone that takes his “thunder” was so evident that he himself was a hindrance to the Spirit because his desire to be in the forefront. So now you have a guest who, if you notice did everything that Bobby Jones was not used to. In all of the years I have watched this show, I can’t even remember a sincere “Hallelujah” from the host. (Don’t take this as me being judgmental just my assessment.

    If you would notice, Ricky Dillard really wasn’t the focal point of the video. It was the evangelist who led the song and seemed to give all that she had for this song. And as I type I can hear my wife shouting and screaming in the background praising God because, it has hit her that this woman’s testimony is HERS and henceforth, “she did not miss her cue!”

    I applaud the effort in this website, but you must examine that if this all came from an effeminate choir director’s performance on a show hosted by an effeminate host and this lady touched on well over 25 issues, sins and real life issues, then how much more effective would a non-effeminate host and choir director be? Maybe we all should find some of those videos and comment on those. It might do us more good. Ricky Dillard’s only task in life may be to write music to bring people to church. Its our job to keep them IN THE BODY.

  8. gcmwatch watching that heaven video really showed me how the world looks at us. We look like a big circus show to the world. We quote the bible but we don’t live it. We claim we can help the hurt and lost but when the hurt and lost see this. I’m sure what goes throught their mind is “how can you help me and you acting like you in the soul train line”. (lol)!
    p.s. I bust out laughing when you said watch him droppin like its hot!

  9. “p.s. I bust out laughing when you said watch him droppin like its hot!”

    AG, that was my FIRST reaction…I just didnt want to be the FIRST one to admit it. LOL

    Just, reach over, touch yo naybah and say “crazy!”

  10. I love this brother and I love what you all stand for also.I am willing to support those who are not afraid to name names and stand by what they know the Lord is speaking through them. The reason why I included these links are because there where a lot of questions about why homosexuals in the pulpit and chior I could not articulate it better than this minister(G.Graig Lewis) I pray that we would continue to stand for truth and speak the truth to one another in love. These were placed here in love and in right order I pray they bless you…

    GCMW: Thanks Sis Johnson for your comments. I removed those links in part because though I agree with some of what Min Lewis says other things, particularly on homosexuality, we’re not in sync. Perhaps we will review some of his material in the future. But if anyone wants to hear it, they can just google his name with the word homosexuality and the videos will come up.

  11. It is so ironic because I have the song one more chance on my blogtalk and when I realized the choir director is this Dillard person that is controversial I was shocked I am going to replace this clip today with someone else thank you for all that you are doing in Jesus name.

  12. LOL Sis Johnson. Yeah that’s Ricky Dee’s famous get right church song.

    I still say it has the right message. But why isnt the message doing anything to change those who write and sing it?

  13. If you all have seen other versions of this song and heard my sister sing you will hear her clearly speak out against homosexuality and any sin period. I hate to see people so self righteous and talk against people trying to do the right thing. Do any of you know Ricky Dillard personally? How do you know what the sexual orientation of him or any of his group members? I do know them and I must say you should know people before you cast a stone. Jesus said He who is without sin cast the first stone. My sister is the lead on this song and she is singing from life experiences and people should praise God that people like her and others stand up and can be able to say God gave me one more chance many are sleeping in their graves and will never be able to say thank you for a chance to see another day let alone thank God for grace or mercy. Pray for those that have problems with sexuality instead of throwing a stone.

  14. J Lloyd I can understand you wanting to defend your sister. We havent seen other “versions” of the song, we can only judge by this one, which is appropriate in context.

    What cannot be understood is why you would want to defend sin in anyone…Ricky Dillard included.

    Your question of personal knowledge is irrelevant when it comes to sin. Paul had not seen, nor did know personally the man who was in sexual sin in 1 Cor 5, yet he issued specific instructions on how to handle it. And he rebuked those who refused to deal with it, even though they did know.

    Would you say the apostle Paul was “throwing stones”? Was he being “self righteous”?

    How is this doing the “right thing? Is that something a gospel choir should be doing?

    You say you do know Ricky Dillard and his group. Good lets take your word, since you are more of an eyewitness. Can you go on the record and say that Dillard is not currently in a homosexual relationship and has never been?

    Be careful how you answer, since you say that you do know.

  15. I’ve seen many choirs and all male choruses where the men are predominately heterosexual (by appearance), so the idea that choirs in the Black community attracts gays is a bit stereotypical. For a good read on this and other subjects on spiritual bondage check out “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It’s a riveting account about one pastor’s battle with and ultimate defeat over the spirit of jezebel who is the real prinicpality behind all sexual perversity.

  16. raystone, there has been a shifting in the tactics. As was stated in the article posted by Job, the gmi (gospel music industry) has gotten smart and intentionally weed out the more obvious effeminate looking/acting men.

    Thats an outward makeover to allow these men to still get up in front of the church and not be identified as homosexuals. More dl repositioning. I do understand your point and agree with you that we should not automatically assume that because a man is in a gospel choir, then he is gay.

    I dont think thats what we are saying here. We cannot discount clear spiritual intimation that some of these men despite how manly they try to appear are affected with a spirit which isnt the Spirit of God. It is not about effeminacy per se, but about another spirit which cannot be masked by cultural masculinity and mannerisms.

    PS…why dont you put a hot link to your book?

  17. God is Holy, therefore let us strive to be Holy as well. Forsaking sin in all it’s packaging and seeking righteousness

  18. This is my first time reading these comments.
    YES!!!! HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN!!!! JESUS DIED FOR ALL OF US!!!! Let’s strive to be like JESUS…

  19. Homosexuality is an abomination to
    The problem is that most preachers and pastors are not willing to address homosexuality or sex sins over the pulpit. They allow anything to go on in God’s church house. These pastors and preacher will have to pay for this.

    There should not be one church house with a praticing homosexual leader in the church house whether it be preacher, musician, chior director or any other.

    What these pastors/preachers should realize is that allowing persons pratcing this life style to take a leadership position in the church gives the appearance that this life style is acceptable. This could cause some people who could have been saved if the truth was to be told to lose their soul.

    Most preachers and pastors are interested in tickling the ears of people so that they can continue to collect their large salaries, can boast about the membership and the outrageous salaries that many of them are making.

    Homosexuality is a demonic spirit and should be recognized as such.

    Our spiritual leaders must begin to address this issue and teach their listeners and followers how to cast out these demonic spirits.

    With God all things are possible.
    I thank God for my Pastor he is not afraid to address this and all immortalities in todays society.

    My prayer is that repentance takes place and lives are saved. Pastors start to cast out evil spirit and bind Godly Spirits
    In Christ

  20. Only God can Save and it looks’ like alot of people need to be calling on Him right now.
    Chruch is where the gay communty need to be, not just to be singing in the choir or on the praise team. They need to be where all sinners need to be, on their bending knees repenting unto God!

    That’s something to shout about.

  21. Hello Everyone,

    It seems to me that we are so hung up on homosexuality, lesbianism, jelly-backs in the pulpit that arent addressing issues, and images that portray christians as inferior.

    I am a Minster of Music & Fine Arts, and really I have first hand experience of sin in the music ministry. As a child I was sat down and told that as a musician you will be either be labeled as 2 things: Either you’re a whore, or you’re gay. That really disturbed me, but it is true. Music ministries are suffering from so much drama and foolishness do to the fact that people (ministers of music, pastors, other leaders) are not teaching true biblical principles and singers etc arent aggressively seeking it. They teach music, church politics, and sounds that invoke a dance but many don’t teach worship through lifestyle. Most people, if we want to be honest, are only looking for the person who can produce the best sound and manipulate the best shout. I am certain that when musicians, singers, pastors, worship leaders, and etc realize that we are called first to be believers, then followers, and then worshippers we might live life according to that which god has ordained. Problem is that singers, musicians, artists, have not been held accountable to the standard of HOLINESS! They’ve been given liberties because of they’re gifts. SO WHAT IF YOU CAN DIRECT A CHOIR, it means nothing if you are sleeping with the entire tenor section or the pastor. So what if you are an awesome drummer, it means nothing if you are not tithing unto the lord! SO WHAT IF YOU LEAD WORSHIP, God wont get glory if you aren’t humble and trying to do your own thing. Personally, I go with what the book (BIBLE) says, judge ye not, for with the same measure you judge you will be judged. But I also abide by James 3:1-2 says, “ My friends, not many of you should become teachers (LEADERS). As you know, we teachers will be judged (CONDEMNED or HELD ACCOUNTABLE) with greater strictness than others. All of us often make mistakes. But if a person never makes a mistake in what he says, he is perfect and is also able to control his whole being.” GNV.

    I will be the first to admit, there are some really gifted homosexuals in my music ministry, there are some liars, and etc. But in order for God to get glory I don’t expose or excommunicate them in exclusive, I train, teach, pray and lead them and let GOD do the rest.

    I think one of the main problems, not just with the gospel industry, but with the BODY OF CHRIST, is that we don’t confront issues by using the BIBLE in its entirety. We take portions out and then claim we know how God feels. Half of the “God feels” stuff comes from our own personal feelings and most of those are out of insecurities within ourselves. Honestly, everyone has a point and all of you are contextually right, but the truth of the matter is how will we productively change this? How is this blog productively handling the issue? SO, you post it on the World Wide Web for everyone to see, and some one who doesn’t believe in Christ, yet, reads it…. Now they are totally turned off from church because we have exposed what we think is wrong in one individual!

    GCMW: It was on youtube, did you post over there and ask them what good it does?

    Whether we want to believe it or not, Ricky is apart of the body of Christ, and how does it look when we claim to be reverends, preachers, bishops, ministers, Christians that are dogging a fellow minister out? How does that bring about Gods glory? What kills me is how we think we are doing the kingdom justice by talking so negative and hard about someone elses’ public dysfunction.

    GCMW: What this is called is polemics. Its a defense of the Christian faith from inside threats. We have several posts explaining it.

    If those of you are so spiritually empowered and rooted in the word, why not pray for change? WE NEED IT! Everyone got a secret sin, and if we aint got one now, we had one… its called our Past!

    GCMW: Wrong. Secret sin is not called “your past” in the Bible. Its called sin and iniquity.

    The Body of Christ is already taking too many hits from Messy church splits, underminded deacons and church officials, crooked Pastors, Women and Men of God being accused of sexual misconduct with minors, marital infidelity, embezzlement, and not the mention FIGHTING IN HOTEL PARKING LOTS. If I were a non-believer and I read all this and watched the news, I would think all Christians were crazy! The problem is that we spend too much time labeling, exposing, calling it out, pointing the finger, and slandering what we believe is wrong versus praying, counseling, helping, praying, and being constructive with our criticism. NOW IS THE TIME FOR US TO REALLY PRAY for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

    GCMW: So your plan is just be quiet, dont rock the boat and everything will be fine, right? Can you support that with scripture?

    Just for a reality check, the BIBLE says, ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY!!!! I am a firm believe that we who are on the front line should be extra careful as to what we portray. I would NOT put a person whose dysfunction obviously overshadows their passion for Gods will in there life, in the forefront but it is true that who we present become the stereotype for those who may follow. BUT, None of us really have the right to point the finger at Ricky or his choir, although it is controversial. They are anointed, and i know this from sitting in services where they come yielding, willing, and ready for God be be honored. As an onlooker, dont sit and scan to see how many sins i can spot to determine whether or not i worship my KING. I come or go on assignment and thats to glorify and magnify GOD (To make him bigger than issues that may be present) Homosexuality is a sin, so is not tithing, so is drinking and smoking, so is pride, lust, fornication, gluttony, stealing, killing, gossiping, disobedience, and lying. Sin is anything that contradicts or defies the will of GOd for our lives. Now honestly is you haven’t don’t any of those, you can talk.

    GCMW: Elder Clarke if you read what you wrote you are doing exactly what you are saying that others shouldnt do. Isnt that called hypocrisy? And arent you also (according to your definition), judging the commenters here and this blog without knowing all the facts?

    P.S. (Sidebar)
    The key word is SHOW. Not show like its artificial or hypocritical but show as in it comes on television. Lets call it like it is. This is merely entertainment. Dont expect this to portray the qualities of church ministry. Its simply, singing! Its a glorified musical. However, i do believe whenever you use the word Gospel, its should render the power, passion, and personna of Jesus Christ, what he stands for, what he died for, what he teaches, and etc. Maybe thats the probelm…. TO MANY GOSPEL ARTIST focus on being an artist and not living GOSPEL! Half the people who are big Bobby Jones Gospel fans, are not consistent church goers and dont really partake in pure authentic ministry on a regular basis. The other half are artists who just simply use it to network or to stay abreast on what new (popular) in gospel music! IT IS WHAT IT IS!

  22. Although i dont believe that homosexuality is right, nor do i support the lifestyles, AS a christians, i do believe that everyone deserves love and respect.

    by the way…. um Who has proof of Ricky and that LA Gay and Lesbian Center thing? And why are you accessible to this kind of proof? Thats not a kingdom conversation. Furthermore, maybe that was his past… in which we all have! 1 Thes 4:11 says
    “Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to earn your own living, just as we told you before.”

  23. ElderClarke, how does what you’re saying about not exposing or excommunicating an unrepentant sinner square up with 1 Corinthians 5?….also, instead of stopping at verse 1 in Matthew 7 you might also want to read the next 4 verses to get the context of the first verse…prooftexting is not a good look….in fact, you’ve already violated the spirit of those verses by making a judgement against those you claim are judging……

  24. Hey Everyone. The more of these comments that I read, the more conflicted I felt…not because of whether or not I agree with the posts…but the “body of Christs” posture with issues. I personally called Ricky Dillard to ask him if he did any albums intentionally supporting ANY cause…and his answer was “No”. “A friend called me and asked me to do a GOSPEL song (which is about Jesus…in case we’ve forgotten) and that’s what I did. I had no knowledge as to how it would be used”, he said (notice, i quoted him). But let’s hypothetically say he did the song knowing it would be used for this purpose… Are gays, lesbians and those dealing with sexual issues now EXCLUDED from the church and religious efforts? Didn’t Jesus compare the church to a “hospital”…for the “sin sick souls”? Are “hospitals” now refusing the most sick amongst us?? Imagine a cancer patient going to the hospital…only to be sent home because he or she was “way too sick”! LOL…I’m forced to snicker, because this seems incredibly ridiculous. Then for someone to post that Ricky’s house burned to the ground, as a way of suggesting that he maybe receiving some form of Divine repremanding is probably the saddest posting I’ve read.

    To the gentleman that posted this issue in “hopes” to weed out the issues the Gospel Industry and body of Christ has, why not also post your personal issues and give your bloggers a chance to condemn you the same way? It’s very easy to point the finger at “celebrities” and those we know (or think we know), but not as easy to lay exposed ourselves.

    We all have a ministry of reconciliation…but aren’t we supposed to do it as Jesus said…With love and kindness? So is pinpointing someone elses sin or whether or not we have proof that someone was in whatever relationship with whomever (as the moderator asked someone earlier about Ricky) God’s intent for reconciliation? Didn’t Jesus answer all questions about how to handle these issues when the woman was “caught” in adultery? And furthermore, if we are busy SAVING OURSELVES, I doubt we’d have time to over analyze whether someone’s performance was “anointed” or not….especially since that’s largely based on what WE individually feel the “anointing” is…and how it showcases itself…

    I personally don’t care who sleeps, tap dances or goes swimming with whom. “SAVE YOURSELVES FROM THIS GENERATION…” because while you’re busy trying to purge the church…you may miss the mark yourself!

  25. Will, your comments contain several obvious points of contradiction, not to mention views that are unbiblical.

    Since you are saying that you have personally talked to Ricky Dillard, hope you wont mind answering a few questions of clarification.

  26. Although I have no problem conferring ‘clarity’, I have a bigger concern with your posting your opinions, as if they are facts, while you ultimately discredit someone whom you’ve obviously never met or spoke with. If your questions are a repeat to absurdity (like your previous question about whether or not someone knew for certain that Ricky hasn’t had any sexual or homosexual relationships) then I shall allow you to conclude whatever you deem appropriate, without my addendums.

    However, if not for Christian integrity, let’s atleast exemplify a modicum of journalistic integrity and get FACTS about people (Ricky Dillard and/or whomever else is next on your proverbial hit list) to give your bloggers an accurate and honest article to give opinions on. Truth is, IF I told you that Ricky was never involved in any sexual encounters, you’d still believe, write and post these type of messages regardless…because that’s what you believe (which you are entitled to your own beliefs). However, I fail to see how you’ve elevated yourself to become the ‘authority’ on all things biblical, to call my views unbiblical, because they stand in contrast to yours. Anyone can use the scriptures to make a case for whichever cause they choose to…good, bad or indifferent…so this blog doesn’t surprise me that much…You calling Ricky an idiot because you don’t like his performances?!…is the epitome of Godliness and ‘letting brotherly love continue…’! (Sarcasm used to make a point! 🙂

    Nonetheless, since my previous quotes of the scripture were deemed ‘unbiblical and contradictory’ (lol), I’ll close with a proverb (and this one isn’t in the bible…fyi)

    ‘A STRONG man masters others…a WISE man masters himself!’

  27. Will, even without questions asked immediately the barriers of defense go up. We arent interested in platitudes, but truth that delivers and truth that equips the contemporary saint to resist doctrinal error currently being pushed by the gay christian movement.

    Now, if you believe what you say is true, please clarify the following:

    (1) Have you already contact Priority Records, and DJ Charlie White to inform them that they have all posted false information about Ricky Dillard in which they stated publicly he was involved with a project with proceedsgoing to the gay and lesbian center of Los Angeles? If Dillard answer “no”, (as you emphasized based on a personal conversation with him), then the mentioned organizations are at fault, not us. Please advise when you have notified them.

    (2) You asked “Didn’t Jesus compare the church to a “hospital”…for the “sin sick souls”?
    Are we to assume that you mean homosexuality is a spiritual sickness in need of healing?

    (3) Regarding Ricky Dillard’s “performance”. According to scripture, is it appropriate at any time for a Christian male to behave unseemly, imitating actions normally reserved for females?

    (4) You seem to have a problem with GCM Watch reporting on PUBLIC actions of self-indentified representatives of Christ. Is it your contention that people who are in public positions should be able to do, say and act as they wish without the slightest objection from anyone else in the Christian community? Or is your position/opinion that it can be said but just “in love”. And while youre at it, define what you mean by saying it “in love”.

    (5) Is the anointing clearly defined in scripture or is it just whatever a person decides it should be? In case you missed that, is the anointing a concept of relativity?

    (6) You claim that GCM Watch is posting opinion as fact because we “dont personally know the person”. If we were to accept that as a true statement, and you do know the person, please clarify on the record if Ricky Dilliard is or was homosexual?

    (6b) In 1 Cor 5, Paul stated that he did not personally know the man who was engaging in sexual immorality as a member of the church. Yet, he ordered them to put the man out and refuse to fellowship with him until he repented. Do you think Paul was wrong, because he didnt know the man personally?

    Will, that’s enough for right now. There’s much more. If you are able to clarify any misconceptions our readership may have gotten from writings here, then feel free to do so. Also please identify yourself as a point of credibility.

    Thanks and we await your answers.

  28. I noticed that you said you do not agree with some of G. Craig Lewis’ comments about homosexuality. Could you please elaborate (maybe in an email to me) I listen to him some, and I think that he is exposing some things that need to be exposed. I appreciate your time and effort with this blog. I have learned so much today.

  29. Finally, the issue is being dealt with. Homosexuality in the black males in the choir stand. Let’s not forget about the down low Pastor’s and gay musicians. Where and how did this epidemic come about? I’m not sure; it;s painful and alomost too disturbing to deal with but we the body must. I know for a fact that Ricky Dillard is openly gay. Lillian (the lead songstress of the song) performed “One more chance” at my Pastor’s Apostolic ordaination most recently in Miami, Fl. I myself am a member of the choir and have witnessed this atrocity first hand. Makes a single black woman have to really pray the Lord sends someone who is truly saved, santified and filled with the Holy Ghost. I mean the real Holy Ghost, not the kind of Holy Ghost where you can be openly gay.

  30. newkind, thanks for your comments.
    These silly people can act as if they cant see the obvious all they want, God isnt stupid and everybody in church isnt spiritually blind.

    Youre right its disturbing and painful to have to confront the sin of “popular” church idols. But unless we speak out and call for repentance, God will require the blood at our hands.

    This song is almost mockery considering that those in the homosexual lifestyle “dancing” to it keep ignoring God’s mercy, grace and opportunity to repent and turn. Especially the choirmeister himself. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid.

  31. Why didn’t she say anything about homosexuality?… It is a very good question. At first my thought was she was giving her expressions of gratitude. But then she goes into preaching and skips right over the spirit that is dominating the church body. That strikes me as strange also. Plus with the flamboyant spirit of Bobby Jones and Ricky Dillard, It seems with her stating “Holiness is right” She would have broken down the things that separate us from a HOLY lifestyle. Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord… Plain and simple… The church he is coming back for is a church without spot or blemish… It doesn’t state struggling but pursuing to get deliverance… It states things that are separating you totally from the will of Christ.

    A lot of folk are taking Church as a place to go to dance and sing… In essence that is true but God has been leading His chosen elect to prepare the body of Christ for his return…

    We can no longer act as if homosexuality is coo to live with… Why play God short of the power that lies within his hand? If all things were made by him, he has the power to change your circumstance… I’m done!!!

    Prayer is needed right now!!!!!

  32. gcmwatch, my question for you is do you have any other websites dedicated to the other sins that exsist in the world. It seems that while we are harping on homosexuality we are forgetting about sex before marriage, adultery, lying, killing, idolitry and so on. It is important to remember that there is no such thing and big sin or little sin. Sin is Sin and God doesnot view it any differently. If you tell a lie is is just as bad as killing 100 people in the eye’s of God. The punishment is the same. So be very careful of judging the outside of a person because only God knows the inside and is the final and only judge. I agree that homosexuality is a problem no only in the church but everywhere in the world. But to single it out over all the other sins is not a Godly way to handle the issue!

  33. Providing this is not just a rhetorical question, I need for you to define what you mean by “singling out”?

    Until you answer that consider if you will:

    Yes perhaps the nature (makeup) and origin of sin are the same , but lets not be spiritually immature. In other words, all sin is rebellion and all sin is a transgression of God’s law. And the end of sin is death. But from that point, the issue of sin are greatly divergent. Satan employs a diverse arsenal of devices which are intended to wreak various detrimental effects upon unsuspecting humanity. Some sin comes from our own lusts, while others are a result of the indirect actions of others who sin.

    Thus, your statement is not entirely true. Not all sin has the same consequences nor does all sin have the exact same qualities.

    While you claim that “God” views all sin, the same, you are misinterpreting God’s word, which does not view all sin the same. Your statement is one culled from a human perspective which comes out of a fear of confronting any one type of sin.

    Actually DrillSgt, the sacrifice of Christ removed the power of sin. but only on condition. Therefore the ultimate punishment is not for sin, but refusal/failure to repent for our sins BECAUSE of the shed blood of Christ.

    In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; Eph 1:7

    Jude’s entire book was dedicated to refuting false teachers and false teaching. He even said so! Would you have asked Jude, the half brother of the Lord Jesus if he had “another book” dedicated to refuting other sins? If that is what the Holy Spirit led him to do, why do you have a problem with a man doing what God commanded him to do. Or are you operating out some sort of presumptive (sin) knowledge that you know what God told me to do and because you dont agree with it, conclude that it must be wrong. When did you get so deep into the mind of God that you know what he instructed me to do, when to do it, what to address and how to do it? Is it more important to obey God or man?

    You also claim we are “forgetting” about premarital sex, et al. Where is your proof of that or is that pure speculation on your part? The only way would you be able to say that is that you have read in entirety all of the 331 articles written on this blog. I would suggest that you educate yourself before making unfounded allegations. Thats sinful too. Its really hard not to miss your obvious hypocrisy in warning me not to judge the “outside of a person” when only God knows the inside, but you have done just that with me. And I cited proof that you did it.

    That’s another point, Drillsgt that you need to reconsider. Thats the whole issue of judging. Apparently you havent got to the part of the Bible that tells us to do just that. As a matter of fact it is required in a spiritually HEALTHY church community. You seem to have adopted an errant worldview because the bible says that discerment is for the spiritually gifted and the strong.

    But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Heb 5:14

    To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: 1 Cor 12:10

    What is discernment? Discernment is the intangible ability to see what is not evident to the average mind. It incorporates elements of discrimination, perception, insight and acemen (judging).

    So if judging is wrong, why does God give to his saints as a gift? If judging is wrong, why does the scripture say it is a quality of the spirituall mature?

    In conclusion Drillsgt, please dont project your personal fears, missapplications of scripture, the sovereignty of God and the ramifications of sin onto my ministry.

  34. gcmwatch, Don’t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with your ministry in exposing issues within the church. I appreciate the fact that you are doing what God has called you to do. My question comes from the fact that your site is called Gay Christian Movement Watch which is primarily focusing on this particular issue. I have read other article that are do not have anything to do with Gay material. But my point is that in the church there seems to be emphasis put on homosexuality and while other things are over looked.

    GCMW: Drill please cite at least 2 examples. Give us something to work with here other that broad assumptions.

    I know of several churches and people that are quick to speak out against homosexuality but keep quiet about the adultry that goes on in their own home. I have seen this all to often that people pick the thing that they are most afraid of or find the most repulsive and speak out against it.

    GCMW: What’s wrong with people speaking out against things they intensely dislike? Would you be against black people speaking out against racism as repulsive as it is?

    Now I am not saying that you are doing that or judging what your frame of mind. God does give us the power of discernment but he also says “Judge not less ye be judged” The Lords prayer says “Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who are trespass against me” In other words even if you decern that a person has a homosexual spirit you have to keep in mind that the same measure you use in judging that person is the same measure that God will use to judge you. That is why I say becareful! My point is not directed toward you and your ministry but to all who read. We all have our opinions and are entitled to think how we want both carnaly and spiritually.

    GCMW:What the scriptures say is not “opinion”. I cited you scripture but you are relegating it to “opinion”. Do you believe in the authority of the scriptures? And could you explain exactly how Bobby Jones was unfairly judged?

    I will say this though continue to do what you do in you ministry. It is good for christians to have a place were there voice can be heard. God will bless you for telling his truth.

    GCMW: Thanks I will, we all have to answer to God for what he has commanded to do.

    In closing let me ask another question. In the case of Ricky Dillard for example, now that this has been pointed out what do you think is the solution for his diliverance from his homosexual ways as well as others who deal with that issue in the church?

    GCMW: Drillsgt, if you beleive sin is sin, then deliiverance is deliverance and repentance is repentance. The solution is the same for all.

  35. We can stand in the COLD at FOOTBALL GAMES, BASE BALL GAMES. SCREAM AND SHOUT AT BASKETBALL GAMES, BUT PRAISE GOD. Maybe I missed it. Maybe the picture WASNT CLEAR, but I could not help but want to join them and praise God just thinking about ALL THE THINGS HE HAS DONE FOR ME. Just maybe some of those men have been DELIVERED from homosexuality. Maybe they just have a little residue. Who are we to tell them THEY CAN’T SING in the choir? And if we find that some people are more THEATRICAL that does not mean that it was not God. We must not put God in a box. I came across this site expecting to see something CRAZY with in the church so I can pray against it. And I did not find it. LETS be open minded! LETS get past our differences!LET the church come together and GIVE answers to these individuals instead of looking down on them. thats why they’re establishing their own churches and pretty soon they will be getting married all over. thank u

  36. Theatrics don’t belong in the house of God, they belong in a theatre. That’s why those people at that church in Lansing thought that when those homos came up in the church and did what they did that it was part of a drama. Theatrics don’t belong in the house of God. Plays, concerts etc. should be held somewhere else instead of God’s house (sanctuary) where we are supposed to gather to worship Him as a people and not entertain ourselves. The church is in serious error in some areas and it’s getting worse. Every year now they are coming up with some new way to defile the house of God. It’s pitiful and we need some men of God to put a stop to it. Where are they???????

  37. Open-minded is what is destroying this country and what has defiled the house of God. Open-minded is causing people to accept anything in the church. Come as you are and stay as you are cause God loves everybody is what is happening now. Now, there is even another way to God other than Christ. Next I guess they will be saying that Mary really is the mother of God.

  38. It is a shame what our worship has become. We need to come back to the heart of worship. We need to apologize & repent for the thing we made it. We are at a place where we need to pray & intercede for anything that is not like God. Sexual sins have been around for a long, long time! I believe that the unclean, unnatural sexual affections was released on this earth by the church. You have gay priest, gay worship leaders, gay pastors, gay choir members, churches dedicated to gay worshippers & we are living in world of moral decay. We are living in dead situations. People have been dead so long, they no longer stink! It is going to take real, genuine fasting and prayer to heal the land. These spirits of sexual perverseness have a root. The spirit of porneia is a strong one. It gives way to a tormenting spirit. We also must address the art of performing and the act of ministrying. We have to stand in the gap & pray for our churches to return to the heart of worship. I am not against performing when it is in a venue outside of a church service. I am a minister, an actress and gospel comedian. In the pulpit I minister. On stage, I perform. ( always with a positive or inspiring message) Let’s just pray for anyone who has been trapped with any spirit that is not of God. Purpose to pray & watch God perform over His word! He can not lie! Let’s get our brothers and sisters freed up. The devil is a liar.

  39. I agree. The House of GOD ( a place consecrated where His people gather to worship) should not be used for festivals, fairs and common practice.
    When we gather to worship it is the service of the LORD.

  40. Let’s focus on the message. Sometimes our outward appearance can be decieving. I am a sports fanatic! I wear sweats, tennis shoes, fitted hats and large t-shirts. I can hold a conversation with any man about just about any sport. Does that make me a lesbian because I love sports & when not in ‘church clothes’ I look like a sports fan. All of my life I have had to deal with people assuming things. I am happily married, love the Lord with all my heart, and I pray daily for everyone. My grandparents use to say anyone with drums in their church was demonic. I have heard people say that because churches speak in tongues they are demonic. Everything God made is godd. He gives gifts without repentance. every good and perfect gift comes from above. I am not condoning the performances, I just saying that greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world! May those showboat demons tremble when they are in your presence. We do not want to hear our heavenly Father say “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me.” We should be able to cast out anything that is not of God. Go to your church before service and decree a day of pure worship. Cast down what we call performances. Believe that when you get to church next week, someone who is in the lifestyle of sexual immorality will & shall be delivered. We can all talk about what is wrong, but can we through the power of prayer and fasting drive these demons out of our churches? I repeat, we must return to the heart of worship. In the heart of worship, it is all about God! The next time you are in a service and it appears to be a performance, anoint your ears & eyes. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. If the carpet in the church is red, see the blood! If the choir is performing, think of David when he danced out of his clothes. If they sound crazy, think of Hannah. Remember she was praying and was asked if she was drunk. My point is try to stay focused. Remember why you went to service. Believe in the power of prayer.

  41. God through Paul said to judge those inside the church. In 1Cor chapter 5 they put out the man who was taking his fathers wife.
    God through Paul says not to even eat with someone practicing immorality and calls themselves a Christian. God through Paul says that the leaders of the church must be above reproach. Men of integrity.
    God through Paul says love does not rejoice in evil. But the church is now putting up with so much sin. That is exactly why Paul put the man out of the church, so that this wouldnt happen. Then when he was remorseful in 2 Cor. Paul says allow him to return. Im not taking either side. I dont know the facts to be honest. But I do know that we must repent (change our minds) of our sins.

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