Ex-wife of Tonex: gay marriage part of satan’s agenda

Very interesting article written by Yvette (Graham) Williams (pictured at left with Tonex in 2002), the former Mrs. Tonex. Yvette was divorced from Tonex in 2005 and has since focused on recovering and speaking out against divorce. This is an excerpt from a larger article entitled “Satan’s agenda exposed.”   Although the article uses strong language to rebuke divorce among God’s people, Williams highlights the proliferation of homosexual marriage as an example of what we can expect as continue to lower the standards and disobey God’s Word.  It is reflects the same syllogism of Romans 1. The peice was written in late 2007, but is very insightful and sound, especially in light of her former husband’s now growing embrace of homosexuality and the gay christian movement.

Satan’s next move was covered under the cloth of equal rights and privileges for homosexuals.  He wanted the stage appropriate set homosexuality’s place of prominence and in an effort to garner acceptance by voluntary action or by force, coalitions of gays and lesbians began rallying for equal rights to live as they chose and have the laws of America say so.  I am not going into great details on how they’ve maneuvered their way in to prominence through coalition building and joining their voices to gain attention from political powers, you can research this on your own.  What I will say is their collective initiatives and Babel-like intention to build their tower of strength has become the foundation from which they stand on major platforms and demand political attention including the legal rights to live as they please and have the same benefits as those of heterosexuals.  So, as you can see, Satan is patient but persistent in waging his war against marriage as we know God intended!

Let’s look at the pawns he uses next in his ploy to overthrown heterosexual marriages: celebrities and other people of renown.  Satan knows the power of media and celebrity. He is the master of imagery, and understanding human nature and the psyche of people, he knows men and woman of all ages are intrinsically influenced by the media and what popular people are wearing, saying and doing.  Whether we believe it or not, media influences the way people live and the decisions they make, and unless each of us takes care to pay attention to our thoughts and intentions, we too walk that fine line of crossing over into living our lives in accordance with the ways of television’s elite; this includes the lifestyles of politicians, sports personalities, actors, musicians and singers who are constantly seen in front of the camera.

Having celebrities come out the closet and pronounce their lifestyle brings more attention to Satan’s idea of garnering equal rights and privileges and ultimately the right for same-sex couples to marry.  In an article titled Lesbian Life, from online website About.com, it listed women from politicians to sports persons, television personalities, etc., who have announced they are lesbian to the world.  Ellen DeGeneres (actor/talk show host) came out in 1996 just after playing a lesbian role on TV, she was promoted to now have her own talk show, Rosie O’Donnell (actor/talk show host) came out in part to help fight for the rights of gay and lesbian partners, Melissa Etheridge (singer) came out in 1993 at the Presidential Inauguration, Nelly Furtado (singer) came out as bisexual and wants her own gay pride parade, Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer is the highest ranking military official to come out while in the service and there are many others.  On this same website, an article, The Hottest Gay Celebrities listed men who have come out of the closet, including Randy Harrison (actor) who played a gay coming of age role in the movie “Queer as Folk”, Kyan Douglas (grooming guru) of the popular TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, Nate Berkus (decorator), often seen and has the stamp of approval from Oprah and his segment, on Oprah’s Decorate With Nate, and others.  These celebrity television appearances and coming out of the closet moments have proven positive motivation for towards the enemy’s ultimate goal and to the dismay of the Body of Christ, but what’s more palatable to his appetite is the parade of failed heterosexual marriages.  He just sinks his teeth into showcasing the fact that heterosexual marriages aren’t working so why not give same-sex marriages a go.”


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  1. It is refreshing to hear this “side of the story” every now and then. We’re so bombarded every day by liberal America by their cries of intolerance and bigotry towards us, I thoroughly enjoyed reading someone’s opinion from “our” side.

    God bless.

  2. Great commentary. I am inclined to agree with Ms. Williams. Her points are valid and very much true. Her last comment, “He just sinks his teeth into showcasing the fact that heterosexual marriages aren’t working …” is especially true when the divorce rate in the church is astromically high. Not to mention people are losing faith in the counsel of the men and women of God, concerning marriage and relationships, when such leaders as Weeks/Bynum, Randy & Paula White, Charles Stanley, Noel Jones, Clarence McClendon, etc. are divorcing for whatever reason. Contrary to Bishop McClendon’s testimony, God did NOT say it was ok to divorce “in this instance.”

    Thank you, Sis. Williams.

  3. Great and insightful article my brother. This really lets us peer into the strategy of the enemy as opposed to thinking that events are just random actions.

    May the Lord give us spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear.

    God bless my friend.

  4. Well Said, Satan is “waging his war against marriage”
    Its all around us, He tries to turn what God ordained to be good for man into something abominable.
    I also will post is article in my blog,thanks GCMW

    dunamis2 “May the Lord give us spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear.”Well said also, Amen.

  5. Tonéx was blessed with such a godly woman! I don’t know the specifics of their marriage/divorce, but seeing the way Tonéx is right now, I have a pretty good idea.

    That was a powerful article by Yvette. The “failed heterosexual marriage” argument is one I hear frequently in my discussions with homosexuals also. There’s no excuse of course for their behavior.

    This page will be added to my growing list of pages from you Pastor DL!

    And if you hadn’t got a chance to, stop by my blog and you’ll see a very interesting dialogue between Tonéx, myself and other believers on the VesselVibe online magazine.

  6. Carlotta, I read that exchange. All I can say is that young man is suffering from partial spiritual blindness.
    Like many who have been hurt by the church (I was too) they blame the church and use it as a scapegoat for their sins. The “church” may be dead wrong in its actions, but that is no justification to sin. He seems to know that something about him isnt right, but he wont cross that line into repentance and truly being sorry for HIS PART. That may be attributed to the bad advice of his new set of gay christian friends.

    He should repent and committ himself to helping seed righteousness in the church, rather than joining its enemies and calling it being “real”.

    You did an excellent job defending God’s Word. That should always be our goal is to uphold God and his word.

  7. Thanks Pastor DL!

    I’m just getting back early from what was supposed to be a two day trip. My mother fell ill so I’m back monitoring her stay in the hospital.

    I did want to get back with you and thank you before retiring for the evening.

    I’m exhausted.
    One day of Tonex and one day of Legoland.


  8. There were some folks who foresaw the effects of the no fault divorce laws back in the 1970’s. It most assuredly became a rallying ground for the homosexual movement among other things – the premise being the “consumer’s” needs and wants are Sovereign -and that is what is always right and good.

    It is no coincidence that is Excatly the opposite of what the Gospel taeches and says can never be the case. When the church thinks it’s “customer’s” wants and needs are sovereign and adjusts accordingly – apostacy is in the house. What is at stake is nothing less than Biblical Truth – something the GCM demands be surrendered to their own self centeredness, wants, and desires and their dilusion of thinking they are Sovereign over God and His eternal Word. Indeed, it is this very wordliness that makes sin look and appear normal, and holiness seem too “fundamentalist” or intolerant – thus the world continues to reject and even hate the Truth as Christ said it would.

    Yvette has indeed recognized this awful trend – thanks for bring it to light!

  9. Sorry – a correction
    Indeed, it is this very Worldliness that makes sin look and appear normal, and holiness seem too “fundamentalist” or intolerant – thus the world continues to reject and even hate the Truth as Christ said it would.

  10. I’m so glad we still have people that believe the truth and is standing up for the truth. Some one has to be strong.

  11. I was aghast when upon looking at my profile page on my high school’s web site to see this “ads by Google” link just off to the right side of the page that I’ve cut and pasted just below:

    Tonex And Yvette Divorce
    Find more sources/options for Tonex And Yvette Divorce

    I thought it was a joke, realized it wasn’t and then wanted to know how it got there. If someone knows how it got there enlighten me. Regardless, I was even more shocked when I clicked on the link to find a couple of web sites, editors and owners took enough interest in something I wrote in October 2007 to post it on their sited so long after I’d written it.

    I hope only to enlighten and provoke the Body of Christ to think again and reconsider the way we view marriage and how we handle divorce and the onslaught of same gender loving persons entering into the church demanding equal rights.

    While I agree equal rights are a God-given liberty, those rights are within the context of God-given laws set long before we were the twinkle in our parents eyes; long before we got to the age that we could form words and articulate, ‘I want to live this life the way I want to,’.

    Without regard for the principles and laws God set in motion before the foundation of this world was even established, many walk into a depth of darkness that is filled with outcomes they really, truly wouldn’t be willing to pay or be able to pay for that matter.

    When I wrote this article it was because the Holy Spirit allowed me to see satan’s agenda and hear some of his conversation, if you will…and enough of it to write about it and warm us as the Bride to sober up, stand up, talk up marriage as honorable in the sight of the Lord (between man and woman) and fight for keeping what He establish as the precedence for marriage, not the exception.

    To whomever pulled this article from Gerard’s archives, thank you again for keeping it alive. The Church must rise to its feet and open its mouth and declare what’s right. The wrongs we have allowed must be acknowledged and address and made right (this takes time, effort and patience but can [and must be] done so that change in the right direction results.

    I love the institution of marriage and want to see people do it right, live it right and win!!! Together!!!

    God bless!


  12. God bless you Sis Yvette. What a striking word! It stood out with such conviction and truth that it had to be given a more prominent place.

    As you can see from the comments, it had an awesome impact on all who read it.

    As for the ads by google thing, google ads generate those randomly based on certain information located on the page you are looking at. So because your name was there, it pulled articles associated with your name and generated the ad. That can be a good thing sometimes.

    We are very glad and honored it brought you here!

  13. I am so glad that the discussion has been opened to talk about something that has plague the church for decades. But, recognizes the sin is only the beginning. As Christians, the gay community does not need our finger pointing and names calling. they need the power of the Holy Spirit to break the stronghold of sin in their lives. In order to get that they need a relationship with Christ. How can they get that or why would they want it if the only thing the hear from believers in accusations? Do we hate the sin YES! but we must also love the person because our battle, though it may seem to the contrary is not against flesh and blood. satan is laughing at us fighting each other when we need to be claiming victory over him. Don’t be decieved. Your prayer guidance, counseling and YES frienship is the way that they will see Christ, accept Christ and be change by Christ. Be prayerful and careful that you don’t fall into sin yourself, but be bold and strong. Don’t let fear of what “Church Folk” will say keep you from ministering to people who really need the LORD.

  14. Pastor DL, I had to check this page out again as I am still getting hits from it on my stats page.

    But what a blessing it was to see Yvette’s response! Praise God!

    Your site is definitely working in the hearts of many and I pray for many to turn from sin and to a very strong marriage!

  15. I’m so surprise. Tonex is one guy I really looked up to,i don’t understand why this is happenning. why is it that our leaders ain’t leading us right? so much divorce and the men don’t see anything wrong with it. Tonex has not only join them, he has taken his own to the extreem. pls let’s keep praying for him, i really want him back.
    To Yvette, I salute your courage.

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