Clergy sex crime cases 5th, 6th for COGIC denomination in 2010

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that  Rev. Dr. Laneer Fisher, pastor of the Miracle COGIC in Alquippa, PA  in suburban Pittsburgh was arrested and charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors [source]. Laneer, who was arrested August 31st, allegedly has a history of sexual improprieties with young males.  This is the fifth known case of clergy abuse/misconduct this year for the nation’s largest pentecostal denomination.

The pastor of a church in Aliquippa was arraigned yesterday on charges of molesting two teenage boys.

The Rev. Dr. Laneer Fisher, 38, of Moon, who is the pastor of the Miracle Church of God in Christ on Wilker Street, was charged by Aliquippa police with unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault and corruption of minors. He was charged with those crimes as well as aggravated indecent assault, sexual assault and indecent exposure by Beaver Falls police.

“My client vehemently denies these allegations and will defend himself against them,” said attorney Dirk Allen Goodwald, who wonders why the two young men waited until now to go to police.

“My client understands that these allegations stem from a time when these people were young and came from broken relationships and that they may have misinterpreted, misconstrued, misunderstood and could not accept the nurturing and caring from a pastor and man of God.”

Then on October 13th, Palm Beach, FL police arrested  Michael Charles Campbell pastor of the House of Worship COGIC in Deland, FL [source]. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Campbell devised a scheme to sexually molest a 15 year old girl. He later used the same scheme on a 13 year old girl.

michael_campbell_571745kA former funeral home employee accused of sexually molesting a teenage girl, then photographing another in the nude, is a pastor at a small DeLand church.

The suspect, 46-year-old Michael Charles Campbell, is pastor of the House of Worship Church of God In Christ in the 300 block of South Woodland Boulevard.

Campbell, charged with lewd and lascivious molestation and lewd and lascivious conduct, was also employed by Lohman’s Funeral Home in Daytona Beach, police said.

The day police say he accosted the 15-year-old girl at a beachside motel in Daytona Beach in the spring of 2007, Campbell first picked up the girl at her residence. He was driving a hearse with a body in it, one he was supposed to deliver to Daytona Beach International Airport, a police report shows. Investigators said Campbell told the teenager’s father that he needed the girl to help him do some work at the funeral home. The youngster’s parents agreed and Campbell went to get the child.

The national church’s leadership however continues to deny that the problem of clergy sexual abuse is anything significant.  Enoch Perry,  head of the church’s legal department told a gathering of leaders last year that the denomination had only had about 20-25 cases since it began in 1906. Asked by the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the mounting sexual abuse documented by Report COGIC Abuse, Bishop Charles Blake downplayed  the cases saying too much attention was being given to them. He later admitted that COGIC spends $800,000 a year on sexual abuse cases.


21 thoughts on “Clergy sex crime cases 5th, 6th for COGIC denomination in 2010

  1. Dr. Laneer Fisher and Miracle Church are not affiliated with the Church of God in Christ Incorporated.

    Please verify public records of church charters before associating with a specific denomination. Miracle Church of God in Christ is independent of the Church of God in Christ Inc. They do not and have never affiliated with any Pennsylvania Jurisdiction nor our National Church.

  2. Sorry, Lydia, that’s not true.
    Here’s a screen shot from the current OFFICIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, INC website. And the link that lists Miracle Temple with the Pastor Laneer Fisher.

    Unless there is another Miracle Temple or Laneer Fisher in Alquippa PA, then a mistake has been made. If, as you say Miracle Temple and Fisher have “never” (your word) been associated, then why is COGIC Inc claiming them as a member congregation on its official website?

    2. Miracle Temple’s own website which we put a link to says that is indeed affiliated with the Church of God in Christ (Memphis TN headquarters type). This website was set up by what appears to be the church founder’s wife Rev. Dr. Corelia T. Armstead. So did she make a mistake in linking the church with COGIC Inc?
    QUOTE: Miracle Church of God in Christ is associated with: Church of God in Christ for additional information, see the denomination links.

    Now, where is your proof to the contrary?

    And…who are you? Are you speaking in some official capacity for COGIC Inc or Miracle Temple?

  3. Honestly, I find responses such as Lydia’s disturbing. They demonstrate the insidious need to defend the institutional church at all costs, rather than the vulnerable left ruined by its representatives.

    No where was there any noted concern for the children nor acknowledgement of the stated allegations. It leads me, and I’m sure others, to believe that the institution is more important than the people; an attitude that continues to draw the true saints of God out of these wicked venues.

    Something to think about for anyone else that is looking to otherwise deflect, diminish or de-emphasize the gravity of such situations.

    I pray the DA’s office in these jusridictions act in the best interest of these victims; apparently an activity COGIC has no desire in doing.

  4. NCatina, thanks for pointing that out. Over and over the callousness and cold hearted nature of these people astound me. They do not even so much as mention any compassion or concern for the victims of these monsters.

    All they care about is their “name, image and assets”.

    What wickedness among so called “saints”.

  5. No I am not speaking in regards to any “official capacity” of either. I am a citizen of the same city who knows the history of Miracle Temple and its beginning/establishment, under Jimmy Davis.

    Do your research outside of websites and you will find their independence to be true.

    The old COGIC website allowed anyone to enter their church information, name, address, etc….The new website does not contain this information. It takes more than a name and a website to be affiliated with COGIC, Incorporated!

  6. I know one of the victims and I am appalled at what has been done. To live in this city, to see and know what the families are going through is enough. I chose my initial comment based on the articles title.

    N’Catina your quote: ” It leads me, and I’m sure others, to believe that the institution is more important than the people; an attitude that continues to draw the true saints of God out of these wicked venues” This is where you assume that this only happens within institutions.

    True saints of God do not make assumptions and judgments based on an email.

  7. Lydia, I asked you for proof that Miracle is not associated with COGIC, Inc. Still you provide none.

    Im going to assume on your next comment you will do that.

    Anecdotal generalities dont count.

    And I dont want to assume but are you suggesting Fisher is guilty since you say you know a lot?

  8. Whether he is guilty or not you can decide based on the comment from the defense attorney in our local newspaper from the 10/13 article: “Defense attorney Dirk Goodwald said Fisher’s conduct with the Aliquippa teen may have involved “inappropriate contact, but it is not criminal.” Goodwald said Fisher’s relationship with the Beaver Falls man was consensual.”

    So the defense will argue inappropriate and consensual opposed to criminal. Well in the eyes of GOD the acts are sinful and an abomination regardless of what the attorney argues and the court rules.

    Contact Memphis Headquarters and find out which Jurisdictional Bishop in PA they report to and therein lies your answer, which will be none.

    Churches today have enough of their own problems today with these sexual demons than to erroneously own those who are not associated with them.

  9. COGIC’s weak leadership from the top is affecting its membership. Strong leadership is needed in today’s polluted sinful world, I hope Bishop Blake show some backbone.

  10. Lydia, GCM asked you to provide proof of your assertion. You didn’t. As a sexual assualt victim from childhood myself, I am righteously angry and feverent with my views when it comes to abuse of authority.

    COGIC is able to thrive from the ignorance rampant among the ranks, and your comments prove the point. The “Churches today have enough of their own problems today with these sexual demons than to erroneously own those who are not associated with them.” proves that. Where else are they coming from, and what exactly are they doing to stem the tide within their own doors?! As long as indoctrinated is willing to defend the beast, facts be damned.

    To that extent, there are sources aplenty that GCM––has put forward on the whole (this story specifically) that demonstrates the dearth of discernment and wisdom from the top down in COGIC.

    My earlier statements stand as they are.

  11. Shaking my head at Lydia….more concerned with the “anointed” and the “church image” than doing the right thing. Where has this form of ungodliness come from? This is obviously a form of pride that has taken over the church. We will put God on the back burner to protect a image?

    While those who have been hurt and scarred (the poor and needy) for life by these dude are left to suffer?

    This is not an attrbute of God at all. And the children of Israel were quilty of the same thing……The Bible says:

    6 This is what the Lord says:

    “The people of Israel have sinned again and again,
    and I will not let them go unpunished!
    They sell honorable people for silver
    and poor people for a pair of sandals.
    7 They trample helpless people in the dust
    and shove the oppressed out of the way. Amos 2:6-7

    God is not please…And here was their punishment:

    14 Your fastest runners will not get away.
    The strongest among you will become weak.
    Even mighty warriors will be unable to save themselves.
    15 The archers will not stand their ground.
    The swiftest runners won’t be fast enough to escape.
    Even those riding horses won’t be able to save themselves.
    16 On that day the most courageous of your fighting men
    will drop their weapons and run for their lives,”
    says the Lord. Amos 2:14-16

    God don’t play

  12. Truly it’s sad to see and hear of these men, But we must understand that when we stop abiding in Christ Jesus satan will attack,As a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know I got to abide in Christ Jesus none of us can live this christian life with out Jesus Christ it sad to say but nevertheless there will be more it’s not just COGIC as we have all witness these past days, I thank you GCM for your ministry many would like to defend the Leader of COGIC me being one, I pray that Bishop Blake take a stand cause as we see this will not go away these are truly demons possing these Elder to bring shame on the COGIC. bUT IM DETERMINE GCM TO STAND IM A 4 GENERATION COGIC AND COME FROM A FAMILY OF BISHOP,PASTORS,MISSIONARYS AND WHAT WE ARE SEEING RIGHT NOW IS A WORK OF THE DEVIL, I WILL BE PRAYING FOR THIS MINISTRY AND I ASK THAT YOU PRAY FOR ME THAT THE LORD US ME TO PREACH HIS WORD ABOUT ALL THIS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL THAT ARE LIVING AND ABIDING IN CHRIST JESUS.

  13. Amen Elder AK, if the leader would just take a stand and lead the people in holiness, not postmodernist pentecostalism, most if not all of our posts about him and his inadequate leadership would dissapear.

    He reminds me of Barack Obama. I wont say why but the two occupy the same space, just in two different worlds.

    So stand sir and let us not remove or obfuscate the old landmarks. If we dont stand, we will lose our way following the junk these leaders are putting out today.

  14. One thing that has been proven that no matter how big you get satan will shift you as wheat if you are not abiding in Christ Bishop Blake I pray he’s know this, Bishop Eddie Long has found this out or is finding this out and it’s all to design to bring shame on the Body Of Christ, I here many preach Holiness but never tell the saints about the sanctification to make Holy cause there heart is filled with all uncleanness which God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is bring to light these Last Day GCM don’t get tried posting these false prophets cause there will be many more. And Holiness come’s from abiding in Christ Jesus. Be faithful GCM for you will be rewarded for letting the saints know that there is a real spiritual war going on in this Grand Ol COGIC and PS: We will be back in Memphis were we belong

  15. I find it amazing how we go back and forth and back and forth (note I said we, me included). But a thought came to me as I read all the latest on the scandal surrounding the church and it is clearly, that those who are alledgely following God must have very little faith in Him, to think that God makes the mistake to call pedophiles, sex abusers, pimps, crooks, and more to do His bidding, give me a break! The God I serve knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb, so what are people saying today that God did not know the vile intents and weakness of these men and women? Please. I’ve been a victim of preacher-philes, trying to used their power (which attracts both male and female) to justify their actions and I’ve seen it from all denominations.

    Also, this blaming Satan, I know he’s doing the victory dance, all the press he get’s without having to lift a finger, because my bible tells me for every temptation God gives us an escape.You do what you want to do becasue you can. Every sin I’ve committed, I knowing did it, period. I elected to live a life a fornication for a time, particular with the weak leaders I was under, from non-demoninations to COGIC in Memphis, TN, now in Florida, no difference. The difference is I continued to seek God for myself: I believed in the true and Living God! I thank Him for a personal relationship with Him and experiences that will not allow man’s stupidity to rape me of my belief.

    I welcome God’s hand of correction. I pray that He pulls the wool off of every vicious wolf and turn the lights on high beam so we all see what’s done in the dark. I know myself, it took a true love for Christ and an honest commitment to Him for me to began to realize my self worth and my purpose. It is not self seeking, but Kingdom driven. We are not to be weak and watery, crying about oh it’s me, oh the attack on the church, God has the church. I think of a bible story wherein there was great concern over the falling away, and the Word says God say’s He has 7,000 (a remnant) I want to be in that remnant that I personally beleive He is preparing to heal all the broken during and after all the falling takes place.

    (Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. 1Kings 19: 9-14, 18

    Everyone needs to step away from this institution, holding it so high as if it gives them clout, weak needing to belong to something, forgetting it gets no better than to belong to Christ! What’s truly happening is that they are allowing more victims, and making a man or woman rich beyond what they can reasonabaly spend. When Father sends His son Jesus Christ my Lord to judge, I would like to hear the explanation of these men and women, while many lie wasting away: When God says care for the poor, widow, homeless, etc. Predators, and worse, from greed, physical lust and more is what is driving these people and taking what little they have physically, spirtually, and killing their hope. God is not in it! Not the God I serve.

    Keep being foolish with twisting the word of God saying we are not judge and other weak excuses. How do we know what is right if we are not to judge? Just know how you judge you will be judge by the same standards. I’m good with that. If we can try the Word of God, why can’t we try the Word of man. How are we to know them by their fruit if we don’t examine it? If I’m guilty of these types of offenses and have no backbone to repent (repel and turn away, confessing) then I deserve what I get. As a woman in the ministry, I see too much and I thank God, that I have Him and His word sustaining me.


  16. This problem is non denominational. Not just the COGIC, Apostolic, Catholic all of it is sin. I believe if you make sin a habit you are not a true child of God anyway. When we get back to being the church and preaching holiness, saitification and purging out sin that is in the camp we can then be effective. Just like that preacher said in that link. Get saved or get out.

  17. youre right the problem is universal both religious and nonreligious.
    A poll we opened up last year shows that it is no small matter.
    We hope that COGIC as the self proclaimed “greatest church in the world” will either live up to its reputation or take the sign down.

  18. People of God: God, who is sovereign, can use anything from a jackass to a Pharoah to carry out his will. We need to see realize that in some instances, it is not Satan attacking the church but that God is purging the church. Vast difference. One is done to discredit and defame and the other is done with the ultimate goal of cleansing and renewal and holiness.
    If the affected local churches can discern the difference, it will also indicate their approach to the problem.
    With Satan attacks, you can discern evil for the sake of evil with no long term redeeming value or edification.
    With God, it is to purge and scourge so that the Bride gets ready.
    The church may suffer tribulation but NOT wrath.
    For some churches, it takes a “2×4” upside their proud heads. For some churches, it takes a scandal to re think their thinking and for some churches it may take bankruptcy (Crystal Cathedral for example as a prosperity preaching church) to re-formulate their mission and goals.
    For some churches, it takes just a mere whiff of Godly disapproval for those discerning saints to “get it together”.
    God gives mercy before judgment comes. Normally, when judgment comes, correction has failed and the leadership or people have already rejected a “Moses” and still rush headlong and build their golden calf.
    The true church (God knows those that are his) will continue to follow orthodox Christianity and be a beacon to those around them and preach and teach that there are standards that the Word of God lays out.
    Be not deceived, God is not mocked by the shenanigans of any church body or its leadership.
    Expose error and speak the truth in love and do not be a respecter of any person due to their title or influence or wealth or status.
    Jesus was not…so why should we? Contend for the Faith! (Jude).

  19. Isaiah 58:1 Cry Aloud spare not. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and declare to my people their transgressions and to the house of Jacob(C.O.G.I.C) their sins!!!!!! From the Amplified Bible. Thank you for this ,your ministry is a breath of fresh air and a true testament to nobleness, and valor.

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